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Breastfeeding as Birth Control? The LAM Method in 4 Steps

You may have heard that you can use breastfeeding as birth control instead of another form of contraception. But is that true? And exactly how effective is it? How long does itRead More…


5 Prenatal Vitamin Side Effects Every Expecting Woman Should Know

Prenatal vitamins have many benefits for you and your growing baby, but sometimes they can cause issues. Although usually not extreme, you may experience a set of side effects that can triggerRead More…


What are the Vitamins and Minerals required during Pregnancy?

Whatever you do or don’t do, make sure you get the required vitamins and minerals during pregnancy. If you are undernourished during pregnancy you are likely to face several health risks, notRead More…


The Fun way to Enjoy Eating and get enough Nutrition While you are Pregnant

Getting pregnant is probably the greatest thing that can happen to a woman. And while the pregnancy progresses, it isn’t just your belly that grows big, your appetite gets equally big. IfRead More…


What Medicine Can Pregnant Women Take? 31 Common Questions

One of the annoying things about pregnancy is having to constantly question what you’re putting inside your body. Over-the-counter medications you never thought twice about are now being called into question. WithRead More…

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9 Tips to Prevent Your Baby from Getting the Flu

9 Tips to Prevent Your  Baby from Getting the Flu Can you hear it? The sniffling, coughing and the groaning from aching muscles and headaches. We’re in the middle of winter andRead More…

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Can Pregnant Women Eat or Drink This? 27 Common Questions

Can Pregnant Women Eat or Drink This? 27 Common Questions When you’re pregnant, you’re questioning if almost everything you eat is safe. And we don’t blame you; you want to keep yourRead More…

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Intuitive Eating During Pregnancy: What It Is & Why You Should Do It

Intuitive Eating During Pregnancy: What It Is & Why You Should Do It Eating during pregnancy can be stressful, right? Learning how you should eat is pretty easy. After all, there’s millionsRead More…

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9 Tips to Make Quitting Drinking Before Conception Easier

9 Tips to Make Quitting Drinking Before Conception Easier Almost everyone knows you should stop drinking during pregnancy—but not many talk about how hard it can be. Since alcohol can be fatalRead More…