Can’t Find Heartbeat with Fetal Doppler? 8 Things to Do

If you’ve used a fetal doppler before, you know how rewarding the process can be. A warm feeling washes over your body as you hear the sound of life and with eachRead More…


Pregnancy Nesting: What It Is + 17 Activities to Fulfill Your Urge

You’ve probably heard that expecting women hit a point in pregnancy where they just want to clean and organize. That desire is known as nesting and there’s some science to back itRead More…


Remote Pregnancy Care During COVID-19

Here’s a quick guide to how you can use a baby doppler for remote pregnancy health monitoring with your doctor, especially when all your appointments are at risk for cancellation during thisRead More…


3 Ways Fetal Dopplers Make Pregnancy More Enjoyable

Other than actually giving birth, your most memorable pregnancy experience is probably hearing your baby for the first time. Luckily, there’s a device you can use at home that allows you toRead More…


8 Must-Know Tips for Going Through Pregnancy Single

Pregnancy can have a lot of ups and downs—but if you’re single, it can feel like even more of a roller coaster. It may seem like you have fewer people to helpRead More…


How to Mentally Prepare for a Baby: 6 Secrets for Moms-To-Be

When you’re preparing for a baby, you think about supplies, information, work and finances. But what about preparing emotionally? Since pregnancy is probably the biggest event in your life, it’s a littleRead More…

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How to Use FSA and HSA Card

How to Use FSA and HSA Card   If you or your partner has FSA or HSA coverage, you’ll be happy to know that BabyDoppler.com now accepts it as a payment option!Read More…

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When Is Your Baby’s First Heartbeat? (+ Hear It From Home)

When Is Your Baby’s First Heartbeat? (+ Hear It From Home) If you’re reading this post, it’s probably because you recently found out you’re pregnant, so congrats! One of the first andRead More…

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How To Choose The Right Fetal Heartbeat Monitor For You

How To Choose The Right Fetal Heartbeat Monitor For You   If you’re shopping for a fetal doppler, you’re probably wondering, what’s the difference? They’re all designed to listen to your baby’sRead More…