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Whatever you do or don’t do, make sure you get the required vitamins and minerals during pregnancy. If you are undernourished during pregnancy you are likely to face several health risks, not to mention putting your unborn child at risk as well. Did you know that if you remain undernourished during your pregnancy you are likely to give birth to a baby that is underweight? This will plague the baby throughout its childhood growth and development. What’s worse is your child could end up with chronic health issues.

However, no mother would willingly put herself in such a position. The problem is that some pregnant women are averse to food, the very thought of which can cause nausea. Then there is the question of eating healthy food that contains nutrients and vitamins? Not to worry, MAMANURTURE PREMIUM PRENATAL VITAMINS comes as the perfect boon for pregnant women looking for nourishment for themselves and the fetus.

The only way to beat poor nutrition is to have more micronutrients like proteins and carbohydrates, which can be readily converted into energy that is much needed during pregnancy.   Foods like cereals, legumes and grains are rich in micronutrients, as also meat. Micronutrients are essential for proper fetal growth and development. Hence, if you are unable to get enough nourishment through normal food intake, it is better to go for supplements like MAMANURTURE, which is easy to consume and provides the extra nutrition required during this crucial period.

Risks a mother and baby run being undernourished

Being undernourished is not good for anybody, more so for a pregnant woman with a growing fetus within.  Malnourishment leads to low birth weight in babies which leads to several complications. In severe cases it could lead to infant mortality, God forbid. Low birth weight is one of the major reasons leading to illness in babies. Apart from that, malnourishment can cause development disorders and poor mental development. Medical opinion is that low birth weight can also lead to long term chronic health conditions like diabetes.

Why a pregnant mom needs extra nourishment

Make it a habit to take your daily dose of prenatal vitamin supplements which will encourage a healthy and hassle-free pregnancy. Remember that you need to back this up with a well-balanced diet as you can’t live on vitamins alone. A pregnant woman’s nutritional requirements are quite different from that of a normal person. MAMANURTURE is loaded with essentials like iron, vitamins, calcium, multivitamins and folate. Pregnant women need to get sufficient quantities of folate as it helps prevent birth defects.

Planning a well-balanced diet during pregnancy is essential. However, you need to back it up with prenatal vitamin supplements, only then do you and the baby get enough nutrients to help sustain during this period. It is important to keep your doctor informed about the diet you are on and the supplements you are taking during your pregnancy. Don’t exceed the recommended dose as too much of anything, however good, is never good.

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