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If you are one of those lucky moms who is well-endowed, good for you. You are blessed when compared to other moms who just can’t breastfeed their babies directly. If you belong to the second category, don’t despair yet, because there is a solution at hand.

You should know that breastfeeding is a privilege as it lets you bond with your baby. However, if you are unable to breastfeed and need the help of a breast pump, all the more reason why you should bond with your baby. A baby needs the cuddling of its mother as it makes it feel safe and secure. There are several mothers who face an ordeal when it comes to nursing, though switching to a breast pump does solve the problem and more importantly ensures that the baby is not denied what is rightfully theirs.

You may have problems lactating or your baby could have problems latching. In some cases moms are lucky to be blessed with twins, though twin breasts are not enough for feeding two mouths. Society no longer thinks that only breastfeeding moms are good and those who don’t aren’t. This is just bosh and nonsense and an outdated notion. Whether the baby latches onto your breast and feeds or is fed the milk that’s been pumped out, it makes no difference. But bonding with your baby is very important even while you have to pump breastmilk each time you feed.

Countless moms who’ve been unable to breastfeed directly have taken to the pumping route and don’t have an iota of guilt in their minds. They simply make it up by bonding more furiously, and the baby in such cases ends up with enough breastmilk and a lot of deserved love and bonding. The myth that only breastfeeding moms can bond with their babies has long been exploded.

Choosing the best pump can be quite a challenge, what with the market offering so many brands and models. Your best choice is SERENITY ELECTRIC breast pump which is listed with FDA and is BPA free. It has several useful features and is quite affordable. The features include auto power-off and automatic storage of last used settings. What’s more it is compatible with 4 X AA batteries, allowing you to use the breast pump while you are on the go. Depending on your state law and policy, SERENITY ELECTRIC breast pump qualifies for Medicare coverage as well.

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