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Getting pregnant is probably the greatest thing that can happen to a woman. And while the pregnancy progresses, it isn’t just your belly that grows big, your appetite gets equally big. If you can try eating healthier stuff like protein-rich food, it’s good for you and the baby too.

Did you know that there are certain foods that enhance your baby’s memory and increase its learning capacity?  Here are some quick tips:

Get enough Vitamins

Increase the intake of foods rich in prenatal vitamins and maintain the correct balance of nutrition that is essential for your baby. Eat foods like fortified cereal, Tuna, Trout, Sardines, beef, nutritional yeast etc. This help increase the RBC count.

When you include foods like broccoli, sprouts, spinach, cabbage etc., the vitamin C intake is fulfilled. Also include foods like soy milk, orange juice and dairy products to ensure you and the baby get enough vitamin D. However, if you find eating all these foods boring and uninteresting, you can go for a kosher alternative like MAMANURTURE premium prenatal vitamin supplement, which fulfills all the vitamin requirements of your body.

Watch out for the mercury

While fish is one of the best foods a pregnant woman can eat, a bit of caution needs to be exercised while choosing the types of fish. The FDA advises pregnant women to keep away from shark, king mackerel, tilefish and swordfish as they contain concentrated levels of mercury and can cause mercury contamination. The types of fish that are OK include salmon, whitefish and shrimp.

Fruits and Vegetables

Nutritionists advise eating a variety of fruits like ripe papayas, blueberries, bananas etc., which are loaded with antioxidants and enough potassium. Also, include dark leafy vegetables and salad plates. Remember that antioxidants help protect the baby’s brain tissue against any damage. Moreover, fruits and vegetables are fiber-rich and help keep your stomach and intestines healthy.

Alcohol is Taboo

You may be a social drinker but it is advisable to give up alcohol altogether for the sake of your baby. Even a moderate intake of alcohol (even a mild beer) can cause harm to your baby’s brain. You certainly don’t want your kid to end up with learning difficulties or have memory issues. It is better to keep off all types of liquor until the baby arrives.

Watch your weight

While a pregnant woman is allowed to indulge when it comes to food, moderation is still the key. It is a fact that you need to eat for two, however putting on too much weight can lead to unnecessary complications during delivery.

If your current weight is normal, it is OK to gain a few pounds (15 to 25 pounds)

However, if you are underweight, make sure that you gain quite a few pounds (20 to 35 pounds)

If you are overweight already, watch your weight and see that it doesn’t increase too much.

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