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If you’re shopping for fetal dopplers, there are a few brands to choose from. So how do you know which one to pick?

When it comes to detecting your baby’s heartbeat, you want something that works. But how do you ensure you’re getting a good deal if you don’t know a lot about fetal doppler device reputation?

In this article, we’re sharing the benefits of the fetal doppler Sonoline B brand sold by BabyDoppler.

What Are Fetal Dopplers?

Fetal dopplers are small, pocket-sized devices that allow you to detect your baby’s heartbeat. Once detected, you can hear their heartbeat and see their fetal heart rate (FHR) on the display screen.

Doctors use professional fetal dopplers during prenatal appointments to check on your baby’s heart. At-home versions aren’t a replacement for appointments and they can’t be used to diagnose issues unless you’re an expert.

With that being said, many parents find fetal heartbeat monitors to be a bonding experience. Instead of waiting until birth, it gives other family members a chance to experience the new baby. This is a great idea for partners who can’t make ultrasound appointments. It’s also a good way to ease a child into the idea of having a sibling.

Fetal dopplers are also known to provide reassurance to worried parents. For example, couples who have experienced prior miscarriages may feel paranoid about their current baby. Detecting your baby can ease your concerns.

If you’ve just discovered fetal dopplers, you’re probably wondering the best brand to buy. One of the popular brands you’ll come across in your research is Sonoline B, which we’ll discuss in this article.

If you’re interested in learning more about fetal dopplers before buying one, read our guides:

12 Benefits of Fetal Doppler Sonoline B

Sonoline B is a trusted brand for home and professional fetal dopplers. Here’s the advantages the brand holds over others.

#1 Sonoline Is a Known Brand

Knock-off fetal dopplers are becoming an increasing problem, especially in marketplaces like Amazon.

Even though buyers complain about the faulty devices, the seller may get shut down and start selling under a new account. This can mean it’s difficult to know which buyers or websites to trust.

You can spot a fake fetal doppler using these tips:

  • Check device name
  • Check seller name
  • Check seller’s contact information
  • Read reviews
  • Is it priced too cheap?
  • No quality assurances, like a money-back guarantee
  • No warranties in case the product is faulty

To get more details on these buyer beware tips, read 6 Tips to Spot Fake Fetal Dopplers.

Sonoline is a known fetal doppler brand that has proven its ability to manufacture high-quality products for years. It’s a leader of fetal heart rate monitors that offers a range of medical devices.

To ensure you get a device that works, is accurate and has great customer service, stick with known brands.

#2 Sonoline is Used by Healthcare Professionals

Along with being a known brand that’s produced products for years, Sonoline is also used by healthcare professionals. Doctors and midwives buy devices from BabyDoppler to use with their pregnant patients.

Although Sonoline B is great for home use, some healthcare professionals choose the advanced version, Sonoline C.

#3 FDA and Health Canada Approved

Some products sold online are made by unknown retailers who do not test or guarantee their product. Because there’s no quality control, you can’t be sure what you’re getting and whether it’s safe to use.The Sonoline B fetal doppler is FDA, Health Canada and CE approved. They also go through rigorous quality control to ensure devices perform to expectations.

#4 High-Quality

Many retailers sell cheap or even fake fetal dopplers.

Although you may think you’re getting a good deal, these devices are cheap for a reason. Since they’re manufactured with low-quality materials, they tend to provide a lot of feedback. This makes it difficult to hear your baby, even if you’ve correctly detected her.

Because of Sonoline’s manufacturing processes, the devices are reliable. From the day you can detect a heartbeat until labor, you can expect it to provide a high-quality sound with minimal feedback.

#5 Easy To Use

BabyDoppler makes it easy to use your Sonoline B device. We provide clear instructions with a video guide to ensure your first time goes smoothly.

#7 Affordable

Sonoline B fetal dopplers are a brand that balances quality and affordability. It’s a basic device you can rely on without breaking the bank. It’s also an affordable investment to make for future pregnancies.

#8 Warranty & Money-Back Guarantee

BabyDoppler offers a money-back guarantee. We’re so confident you’ll love your Sonoline B fetal doppler that we’ll give you your money back if you don’t.

If something goes wrong with your device, our warranty has you covered for one year.

#9 Quick and Free Shipping

BabyDoppler’s Sonoline fetal dopplers come with free shipping on all US orders. There’s also options for next business day or expedited shipping.

#10 Comes With Ultrasound Gel

Our Sonoline B devices come with a free sample of ultrasound gel so you can get started right away. We also sell full bottles to make sure you’re stocked up for your entire pregnancy.

#11 Support

BabyDoppler offers support on all our Sonoline products. If you have questions, we’re there to answer them. If you need help using your device, we’re here to troubleshoot. Since BabyDoppler was founded on a need to help mothers, we ensure we’re there to walk with you along your heartbeat journey.

#12 Fetal Doppler Sonoline B Resources

We want to make sure you’re using your fetal doppler correctly, so we also provide a variety of resources to help you. From picking up an accurate beat to recording any suspected abnormalities, we tailor content to help you use your device.

For guides on using your Sonoline B fetal doppler, read:

#13 Great Reviews

Another great way to build trust with the fetal doppler you choose to buy is by reading reviews. Fetal doppler Sonoline B has great reviews from moms, parents and gift givers.

Here’s what BabyDoppler customers had to say about their Sonoline B:

“I am using it from 18 weeks. I am very happy about the quality, it helps to reduce the stress when baby is not active. The measurements are very accurate. Many times, I have compared with the hospital measurements. I would recommend it for all new mums.”


“When I tell you I freak out! I freak out DAILY about my baby. We’ve had so many losses and having this monitor for our TRIPLE Rainbow baby is truly a blessing. Whenever I have anxiety that something could be wrong or I haven’t felt her, using the monitor to hear that sweet heartbeat and her movements eases all that fear. I LOVE that it came with the batteries and gel too! So I was able to use it right AWAY! After I finished the gel provided, I just used aloe vera and have the same results. If you’re here looking… just get it. You won’t regret it.”


“I bought it for my daughter and we love it. She listens to her son’s heartbeat every night. It’s a beautiful sight watching her tear up hearing his strong lil heartbeat.”

Mary Harlie

“The wife and I love using the Doppler to hear baby’s heartbeat. It really gives my wife peace of mind when she is feeling anxious.”

T Vilio

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Where To Buy Fetal Doppler Sonline B

BabyDoppler sells Sonoline fetal dopplers in a variety of models.

Sololine B fetal dopplers come in colors:

Our advanced model, Sonoline C fetal doppler, allows you to visually see the heartbeat using a digital heart rate curve. Although you can use this for home use, it’s ideal for healthcare practitioners who need more detailed heart rate information.

Summary: Fetal Doppler Sonoline B Benefits

When searching for a fetal doppler, it’s a good idea to research the brand before making a purchase. With many faulty and cheap knock-offs on the market, you need to be a savvy shopper if you want a device that’s accurate and reliable.

Sonoline B is a trusted industry brand with years of high-quality manufacturing to back up its devices. When you purchase a Sonoline product from BabyDoppler, you’ll receive quality guarantees, top-notch customer support and quick shipping. You can’t go wrong with a Sonoline device!

Get Your Affordable Fetal Doppler Today for $49.95!

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