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4 Reasons Why Fetal Heartbeat Monitors Are Amazing: As Explained By Our Customers


Imagine you could listen to your baby and be reassured that she’s okay—almost anytime you’d like.

Fetal heartbeat monitors allow you to do exactly that.

If you haven’t heard of fetal dopplers before, they are handheld devices that you can use at home to listen to your baby’s heartbeat. If you’ve never used the device, it’s normal to be skeptical. That’s why we’ve put together over two dozen customer reviews that prove the monitor is more than worth a try.

In this post, we list 4 reasons mothers-to-be love our fetal heartbeat monitors and back it up with their customer reviews.


Creates Connection For You & Whole Family

Fetal dopplers have an amazing ability to create bonding experiences. For mothers, it helps them feel more in tune with their fetus.

It’s also a great connection-builder for your partner. Since you’re the one pregnant, he may feel left out of ways to bond with the baby. Since not a lot changes for the partner until birth, the fact that he’s becoming a father may not have “hit” him yet. Many men find that using a doppler gives them a way to connect, especially if they’re unable to make doctor’s appointments.

Similarly, if you already have kids, a fetal heartbeat monitor can also be used to introduce them to the new baby. It can be a great way to ease your kids into having a new family member.


Mothers-to-be say their fetal heartbeat monitor helps them and their family bond with the baby:

“I have loved my baby doppler and have had no problems with it so far! My husband gave it to me as a Mother’s day gift and it has been a wonderful way to connect with the baby. The sound has always been clear and I’ve never had issues finding the heartbeat.” – Lesley.

“Easy to use and helped bring my husband closer to the baby (because he was the one who would ask frequently if he could find our daughters heartbeat). Have been using it since 3 months and often would use daily, especially in the beginning before I could feel her kick.” – Kathleen.

“Very easy to use and my other children love listening to their little sister.” – Chelsea

“Being able to share my baby’s heartbeat from the comfort of my own home with family and friends has been such a wonderful experience.” – Katherine

“I love my doppler. My other children get to listen to the baby heartbeat because they’re in school when I go to my appointments to listen to the baby heartbeat.” – Latoya

“I love the baby Doppler! My husband isn’t able to come to appointments with me, so he loves being able to hear the baby’s heartbeat at home in person!” – Dana

“It is easy to use. My husband gets to feel like he is connecting with our baby when he finds her heartbeat. Also, we get to let family members hear her heartbeat.” – Theresa


Provides Reassurance

You’re a worrier. You have frequent thoughts about whether your baby is okay and you’re eagerly awaiting your next checkup.

If this sounds like you, using a fetal doppler may be a good way to diminish your concerns.

Many first time mothers are nervous because they aren’t sure what’s normal or what to expect.

If you’re high-risk or have had miscarriages or complications before, the anxiety can multiply. Hearing your baby’s heartbeat quickly reassures you that he or she is okay.

Although fetal dopplers do not replace checkups, they are useful to use between appointments to reaffirm that your baby is healthy.


Many mothers find that fetal heartbeat monitors bring reassurance:

“As having had several losses including one at 5 months, I enjoy the reassurance of hearing baby’s heartbeat. This product works well. I had hoped I’d hear the heartbeat earlier as many people stated they did in the reviews. For me it heartbeat wasn’t solidly heard until 13 weeks.” – Danielle

“Bought the doppler for my granddaughter who is expecting her first baby December 1 after 2 miscarriages and a successful IVF transfer. The expectant parents are thrilled to hear the heartbeat each time they listen. The reassurance it gives is priceless. They love the quality of the doppler.” – Linda

“Would recommend to anyone! I found my baby’s heartbeat at 9+4 weeks of 170 beats per minute 🙂 same day I received it in the mail! There is nothing more reassuring then hearing your baby’s heartbeat especially if you are high risk! Love this product!” – Karina

“I love my doppler. I have had problems with previous pregnancies so this has been some comfort in having it and it works great.” – Amberlee

“After 2 miscarriages, this a god sent! I love it.” – Ryann

“With a previous miscarriage, we have more comfort and peace of mind with the baby doppler. When we have our doubts, always hearing that heartbeat makes the day 100% better. Easy to use, sound is good, and even has a light for when the lights are off.” – David

“As long as you know where to position the doppler, this machine is such an anxiety reliever. I suffered a missed miscarriage with my last pregnancy and ordered this for some peace of mind this time around. I started using it at 12 weeks and heard the heartbeat loud and clear and continue to use it now at 17 weeks even though I’m starting to feel movement. It’s also just another nice way to connect with your baby. I would highly recommend this product!” – Amy

“The BabyDoppler was a great investment to make. After having a miscarriage a few years back and doctor telling me the baby had no heartbeat during my first visit, it gave me lots of anxiety and fear during this current pregnancy. I cried not knowing if my baby still had a heartbeat and had to wait three weeks for my next doctor visit. Once I received the BabyDoppler, it gave me so much comfort and now I’m enjoying my pregnancy a lot more and worrying less. Patience is the key in using this at home doppler; sometimes the baby likes to hide or move away. Overall, great buy!” – Jessica


Easy To Use

The name “fetal doppler” or “fetal heartbeat monitor” can sound technical. However, don’t let the name of the device intimidate you.

Although there is a right and wrong way to use a doppler, they are simple to get the hang of:

  • Lay down
  • Spread ultrasound gel on your lower belly (a sample of gel is included with your doppler)
  • Turn on the device
  • Glide the probe gently over the lower belly, gently rocking side to side, until you detect a heartbeat

Next, you need to determine if the noise it’s detecting is your baby’s heartbeat. Here are a few hints:

  • People often describe their baby’s heartbeat as sounding like galloping horses.
  • A baby’s heartbeat is much faster than yours. The screen will display anywhere from 120 to 180 beats per minute (BPM).
  • Many people find that it’s helpful to watch doppler YouTube videos to get an idea.

To read a full list of instructions, click here.

Although some people are able to detect a heartbeat before, we recommend using a doppler starting at 12 weeks.


Users say fetal dopplers are easier to use than they thought:

“Great product for peace of mind. I was able to find my baby’s heartbeat on the first try.” – Erica

“This was the BEST purchase I’ve ever made. I’m 11 weeks, 5 days today and I found the heartbeat at 11 weeks! It’s loud and clear and a peace of mind. I’ve had friends that tried to talk me out of buying a Doppler because “it’s difficult to find the baby’s heartbeat,” but I watched a YouTube video and I found it the first try! Remember your heartbeat is slower- the baby’s heartbeat is MUCH faster- you will know when you find it!” – Ashley

“The doppler came in the mail within 5 calendar days! I used it right out of the box and heard my baby within a couple mins. It was very clear to hear and easy to use the device. I love it and am happy I bought it. I read many reviews before I decided to buy this one. I am not disappointed.” – Danielle

“Very good product, easy to use, found the heartbeat in seconds. Also, our OBGYN said it was perfectly safe to use.” – Matthew

“The product is intuitive and a crowd pleaser! It arrived on time and in excellent condition. I would recommend this company to anyone!” – Todd

“The best part is how easy it is to use it, you turn it on with an obvious power button, place gel on your tummy and before you know it you’ll hear your bundle of joy’s heartbeat. It’s the best feeling ever! I would get it all over again if I had to. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to hear their little ones heart whether it be due to fear, excitement, or just because. You’ll love it! Oh and even better news! It’s HSA approved!” – Jessica


Order And Shipping Is Easy

If you’re already well into your pregnancy and are learning about fetal dopplers for the first time, this post may have given you the sudden urge to try one. Luckily, if you order today, you won’t need to wait very long.

Although shipping times depend on your location, it arrives within days (and sooner than expected) for many of our customers. We’re also available by phone or email to answer any questions you may have.


From choosing a model up until the package arrives at your doorstep, the process is easy. Our customers agree:

“The doppler came quickly and was exactly as expected. My husband and I were able to use the doppler the same night to hear the baby’s heartbeat.” – Kimberly

“You never know what you’re gonna get when you order things online. However, I womaned up and ordered the baby doppler. Got it for a fair price, it shipped promptly and within days I was listening to my baby’s heartbeat from the comfort of my own home, for as long as I like.” – Alicia

“It was easy to order and it arrived two days before expected, which was awesome. And the machine is a wonderful thing to have with me having a miscarriage before and spotting this time I can be reassured that baby is doing well with this baby doppler.” – Krystin

“It’s amazing! It came to my house in like a day and they were so professional on the phone when I had questions before I purchased it …. great customer service and very fast delivery. I use mine daily! I would recommend the baby doppler to everyone! Buy one 😁” – Candice

“The website was easy to navigate and the product arrived in a timely fashion, exactly as advertised.” – Ambie

“Ordering was easy and my doppler came before the scheduled date! I have already recommended this company to other people!” – Shannon

“The prices of doppler are very competitive on this site, I received my order in just a couple days, product was exactly as pictured and described. I have already referred a friend to this site where she purchased the same doppler as me. Thank you!” – Christina


Have you tried a fetal doppler yet? If so, share your experience in the comments below! If you have any pregnant friends, be sure to share this post with them, too!

P.S. There are different types of fetal dopplers. To see the differences and find which one is best for you, click here. Already know which one you want? Join our satisfied customers.

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