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If you’re looking for ideas for gifts to a pregnant friend, you’ve come to the right spot!

No matter what your budget, we have a large variety of ideas for you in this post. We’ve broken down them down into 3 categories:

  • Pregnancy-related gifts
  • Self-care pregnancy gifts
  • DIY pregnancy gifts

We guarantee you’ll find a few great ideas for your friend, so read on!

27 Ideas: Pregnancy-Related Gifts to Pregnant Friend

These gifts are all related to your friend’s pregnancy!

#1 Pregnancy Journal

A pregnancy journal or memory book helps your friend track their pregnancy. Many offer prompts to guide the mother-to-be to share their experiences.

#2 Morning Sickness Lozenges

Anticipate your friend’s needs before she does with nausea candies.

#3 Morning Sickness Tea

Another helpful pregnancy gift to combat morning sickness is tea. You can buy a morning sickness brand or a good peppermint or ginger tea may help too.

#4 Pregnancy Pillow

A good pregnancy pillow can be one of the best gifts for a pregnant friend to help them sleep better.

#5 Fetal Dopplers

Fetal dopplers are at-home devices you can use to hear your baby’s heartbeat. Similar to an ultrasound, your friend can apply gel and glide the probe until they detect a heartbeat. They’re great for worried mothers and for creating bonding experiences.

Give the Most Magical Gift: A Fetal Doppler!

#6 Certificate for Maternity Clothes

If your friend is having a hard time fitting into thing, a gift certificate for a maternity wear outlet could be really helpful.

#7 Pregnancy Photoshoot Certificate

If your friend is struggling to pay for a pregnancy photoshoot and you can help out, it would be a gift to cherish forever.

#8 Babymoon Hotel Stay

If you have the money to splurge on a pregnant gift for a friend, consider getting them a room at a hotel for a night. This could serve at their babymoon—a celebration before the baby arrives. Read Should I Have a Babymoon? What to Consider & Where to Go

#9 Pregnancy Cocktail Recipe Book

If your friend is a cocktail lover, she’ll appreciate a recipe book especially for pregnancy cocktails.

#10 Pregnancy Activity Book

This funny novelty book includes quizzes, journaling pages and more. Great for friends with a sense of humor.

#11 Baby Headphones Gift to Pregnant Friend

Baby headphones are headphones your friend can stick to her belly. When she plays music, her baby can faintly hear it.

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#12 Maternity Belt

A maternity belt can provide relief to sore back and hips.

#13 Hospital Bag

A new travel bag can serve as your friend’s hospital bag. So that it can be used for the baby afterwards, choose one with a lot of pockets.

#14 Compression Socks

If your friend is suffering from swelling, compression socks are a great gift idea.

#15 Mama T-Shirt

Check Amazon and Etsy for a mama t-shirt style that suits your friend.

#16 Bump Box Subscription

Bump Boxes are pregnancy-themed boxes that show up at your friend’s door. They contain multiple items, like lotion, sleep masks, tea, etc.

#17 Letters To My Baby

The Letters To My Baby book features spaces for parents to write letters to their baby. They can tear them out, seal them in an envelope and give them to their child later.

#18 Belly Cast Kit

Belly casts are fun keepsake, making it one of the best gift ideas to a pregnant friend. Kits contain plaster and after it dries, your friend can decorate their belly how they wish.

#19 Bump Stickers

If your friend loves taking photos, get her a set of belly stickers, which are perfect for documenting the pregnancy via photoshoots.

#20 “Mom” Jewelry

A piece of jewellery, such as a necklace, saying “mom” can be a beautiful but meaningful addition to her wardrobe.

#21 Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow will provide comfort now but will be even more helpful for breastfeeding.

#22 Baby Keepsake Box

A baby keepsake box is filled with several spots to store your memento like letters, photos and small tokens.

#23 Birthing Ball

A birthing ball can be used for exercise or to provide relief to sore hips and backs.

#24 Pregnancy Energy Boost Drink Mix

An energy mix is a unique gift for pregnant friends who love to try new health drinks.

#25 Harmony Ball Necklace

A harmony ball necklace is said to create a soothing noise for the baby.

#26 New Mom Mug

A new mom mug is a simple gift that anyone can use.

#27 Personalized Nursery Décor

If your friend is decorating her nursery, consider getting her some personated pieces. Etsy can be a good place to search for custom artwork or wall hangings.

21 Self-Care Related Gifts to Pregnant Friend

Sometimes self-care gifts are more valuable for a pregnant friend.

#1 Spa Gift Basket

There’s plenty of spa gift baskets to choose from, so be sure to pick scents she loves.

#2 Contoured Sleep Mask

Good eye masks keep away all of the light, making it easier for the mom-to-be to sleep before the baby arrives.

#3 Epsom Salts

Bath salts or even plain Epsom salts can be a practical gift for pregnant friends who love to relax in the bath.

#4 Face Masks

Face masks are another great addition for the pregnant mom’s self-care package.

#5 Prenatal Massage Gift Certificate

Help your friend relax by getting her a coupon for a prenatal massage at a local clinic.

#6 Manicure or Pedicure Gift Certificate

If she likes getting their nails done, get your friend a certificate at her regular nail salon.

#7 Facial Certificate

Get your friend a certificate for a session with a local esthetician. Make sure you choose a facial that’s safe for pregnancy!

#8 Box of Chocolates

Hard to go wrong with chocolates for any occasion!

#9 Soft Blanket

A new soft throw blanket can make naps easier for your pregnant friend.

#10 Candles

If you know your friend find candles soothing, find the perfect one to gift her.

#11 Robe

A cozy new robe can help your friend relax during her nesting period.

#12 Pajamas

Keeping with the theme of relaxation, consider getting your friend a new maternity PJ set.

#13 Slippers

A new pair of slippers can make pregnancy more comfortable.

#14 Food Delivery Gift Certificate

Sometimes pregnancy is busy and there’s no time to cook! Your friend would appreciate a gift certificate to a local restaurant or food delivery service.

#15 Foot Spa Bath

Those tired, achy pregnancy feet can be eased with a foot bath.

#16 High Quality Bed Sheets

With a baby on the way, it might be unlikely your friend will splurge on herself anytime soon. Get her prepared for a good night’s rest with a new set of high quality sheets.

#17 Snack Subscription Box

Pick a category of food your friend loves or is craving during pregnancy. Then find a subscription box for it. Examples include candies, cheeses, chips, etc.

#18 Heating Pad

A heating pad can helpful to provide comfort and relief during pregnancy.

#19 Streaming Subscription

If she’s spending more time at home lately, a subscription or money for a streaming service is one of the most perfect gifts for a pregnant friend.

#20 A Date Night Out

Get a gift certificate to the movies or a local venue for a date night out for your friend and their partner. Since there will be less time after the baby arrives, they’ll really appreciate bonding time now.

#21 Foot Massager

Without seeing a massage therapist, your friend can relax with daily foot massages.

8 DIY Pregnancy Gifts: Gifts to Pregnant Friend

Whether you have a tight budget or just want to personalize your present, check out these DIY pregnancy gift ideas.

#1 DIY Pregnancy Journal

Using a scrapbook or journal, create a DIY personalized pregnancy journal. Fill it with prompts for journaling and pockets for storing mementos, like a sonogram photo.

#2 DIY Pregnancy Gift Basket

Choose any of the items or smaller gifts on this list to create your own personalized DIY pregnancy gift basket.

#3 DIY Spa Package

Select a few recipes to make a set of spa products. Wrap them together for a spa gift basket.

#4 Homemade Coupons

The cheapest and sometimes most helpful gifts to pregnant friends involve your time. Make homemade coupons they can cash in once they baby arrives. Ideas include:

  • Dinner brought over
  • Week of freezer dinners
  • Babysitting
  • Running errands
  • Help cleaning

#5 Pregnancy Mocktail Kit

If your friend misses drinking, get them the ingredients to make a delicious mocktail you think they’d love. Package it together with the recipe and glass for a complete kit.

#6 Quote Wall Art

Print or make your own quote wall art. Purchase an affordable frame and gift it. Try to find a pregnancy related quote or image.

#7 Cravings Gift Basket

Make a gift basket customized towards your friend’s cravings. For example, if you know they’re craving pickles, craft a basket with specialty pickle brands.

#8 Knit or Crochet Pieces

From blankets to baby slippers, the options are endless if you know how to knit or crochet.

Summary: Best Gifts to Pregnant Friends

When searching for the best gift for your pregnant friend, consider their personality. Would they like comfort? Something baby-related? Something practical or helpful? Scroll the lists above to find something within you budget.

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