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You might be used to searching for fakes when it comes to designer items, but what about when you’re buying a fetal doppler?

Fetal dopplers—AKA fetal heartbeat monitors—are becoming increasingly popular for home use. Unfortunately, with this trend comes the knock-offs.

We’ve noticed fake sellers are increasingly selling low-quality fetal dopplers. Often, these devices don’t work or malfunction shortly after you start using them. This is the last thing you want to happen when you’re expecting to hear your baby’s heartbeat. What’s worse is that the seller doesn’t provide any customer service, leaving you stuck with a product that doesn’t work.

Spotting a fake fetal doppler can be difficult because they can be found on a variety of platforms, including Amazon. Knowing what signs to look for can help you avoid the disappointment of a faulty device.

To help you select a quality device, we’ve put together this guide so you can evaluate whether a fetal doppler is trustworthy. Read on to learn 6 tips to spot fake fetal dopplers.

The Problem with Fake Fetal Dopplers


You might think any fetal doppler will work as well as the next, but that’s not the case. As the devices become more popular, more sellers are offering rip-off brands.

At first glance, these can look like the real deal. However, when you try it out, you’re confused and upset: You didn’t get what you paid for. Sometimes, the quality is horrible. Other times, the device doesn’t work at all.

Fake Fetal Dopplers are Everywhere

Unfortunately, fake fetal dopplers are popping up across all marketplaces. You can find them on Amazon, eBay and other online retailers.

Since websites allow these products, some buyers might assume they’re trusted and approved. You might think fake sellers would be banned from the platform. This isn’t always true though.

Despite selling faulty products, retailers like Amazon do not automatically ban or delete listings. And once they do, the sellers simply make a new account and start selling the fake devices again. The never-ending cycle makes it difficult to keep fake products off of multi-seller websites. This is why buying from a trusted company website is a better idea.

Poor Quality

When you receive one of BabyDoppler’s devices, you’ll discover everything you need in your package. With batteries included and a free sample of ultrasound gel, you can get started right away. We want you to have an amazing experience.

With a fake fetal doppler, your experience will be disappointing at best. Since they have low manufacturing standards, it may be difficult to pick up—or know when you’re picking up—your baby’s heartbeat. The sound may be so low-quality that it’s usable.

Device Doesn’t Work

While some devices may have poor quality, others don’t work at all. Since these devices are made as cheap as possible, there is no quality control. That means there’s no way to tell if you’ll get a semi-working doppler or a complete dud. The device may not turn on or it may begin to malfunction shortly after you receive it.

No Customer Service

Over the past few months, BabyDoppler has noticed people reaching out for help with their devices. Upon further discussion, we often learn that the device isn’t the BabyDoppler brand but instead an unknown brand. Since the seller is anonymous, the buyer has no way of contacting customer service and they reach out to us in confusion. We regret to inform them that they’ve purchased an anonymous brand and likely fake fetal doppler.

When a fake fetal doppler inevitably fails or underperforms, there’s no way to get help. The seller purposely doesn’t post an email, phone number or website because they don’t offer any form of customer service. Even if you message them on the buying platform, they’re unlikely to respond or offer a refund.

How to Spot Fake Fetal Dopplers

If you’re on the lookout for a fetal doppler, take some time before choosing one. This is a device you should put some research into. Since you’re using it to hear your baby’s heartbeat, you want it to be accurate and safe.

Consider the points below when selecting a baby heartbeat monitor.

#1 The Device Name

The first thing to look for when buying a device is the device brand name. This is different than the seller name. For example, BabyDoppler sells Sonoline devices. As a brand, Sonline Fetal Dopplers are certified and tested to meet the highest control standards.

Fake fetal doppler brands often have weird and obscure names. If you’ve never heard of the brand, try Googling it. If the brand doesn’t appear, it’s likely fake.

#2 The Seller’s Name

Another thing to check is the seller’s name. Is the seller/company well-known?

For example, you can Google BabyDoppler and find our website and social media accounts, proving that we’re a real business. However, if you Google the names of many Amazon device sellers, nothing relevant comes up. This is another strike against their trustworthiness.

#3 Seller’s Contact Information

Many fake fetal doppler sellers don’t have a website or any contact information. This is done intentionally: When you buy the device and realize it doesn’t work, you have no one to complain to for a refund.

When evaluating a seller, take some time to look through their profile. Do they have a website? If so, does it look reputable? Are their email and phone number easily found? These are signs a company genuinely wants to help and offer customer service. Without these key factors, you can be sure a seller is fake.

#4 Reviews

Before buying a fetal doppler, it’s critical to look at reviews. Are they positive or negative? How many are there?

As mentioned, many fake sellers get banned and reopen under a new name. Because of this, many fake dopplers have little or few reviews. Before they can wrack up a negative score, they’re banned again.

Other fake sellers might be able to accumulate reviews before their account is deleted. This will become obvious by looking at the star rating and reading some of the comments. Do people complain about the quality of the device? Are they unable to reach customer service?

Keep in mind that a seller might write fake, positive reviews for themselves. For this reason, you should also look out for clues that tell whether it’s genuine. On Amazon, you’ll see “Verified Review” beside those whose purchases have been verified.

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#5 Priced Low

Everyone is looking for a good deal, but when you’re buying a fetal doppler, it shouldn’t come at the cost of quality. Fake fetal dopplers are priced lower to entice buyers. Since the dopplers are faulty and made cheaply, sellers can afford to price it low.

Take a look at the costs of other fetal dopplers. If the price of the unknown brand isn’t within range, that can be a sure-fire sign that it’s a rip-off.

Companies like BabyDoppler balance affordability and quality, offering fetal dopplers starting at $49.95.

#6 Quality Assurances

Look through the seller’s website or listing. What makes you sure it’s a quality device? What provides reassurance?

For example, BabyDoppler advertises a 90-day customer satisfaction guarantee. We want to earn your trust, so we give you the option to return the product if you don’t like it.

You can also look at what they say about their manufacturing practices. Most fake sellers and fake brands don’t comment on their quality control because there is none.

Compare this to a trusted brand, such as Sonoline, which BabyDoppler sells. On their website, Sonoline states that all products are tested to ensure they meet the highest control standards. They’re also FDA, Health Canada and CE Approved. Small signs like these tell you that you can have confidence in a brand.

#7 Warranty

Good sellers are confident in their products. This allows them to offer a warranty should things go wrong.

For example, BabyDoppler guarantees all our products for a year. Since our devices are high-quality, we trust you won’t need it, but should something malfunction, we’ll send you a new one.

With fake sellers, you’re stuck with your product. You can’t find any type of warranty in their listing or on their website.

Summary on Fake Fetal Dopplers

If you’re shopping for a fetal heartbeat monitor, be careful before clicking “add to cart.” Without knowing it, you could be buying from a fake brand. Opening your package could lead to disappointment when your product doesn’t work and you can’t hear your baby. Use the tips in this article to select a high-quality device.

P.S. Ready To Hear Your Baby? Try Our Highly-Rated Fetal Dopplers Today!

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