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When buying a fetal doppler, the most important thing is to purchase from a trusted retailer.

That’s because the quality of the device you receive can greatly affect your experience.

Many unknown brands provide too much feedback, making it hard to hear your baby’s heartbeat. There could also be issues with accuracy, making you question if the heart rate you detected is actually healthy.

One way to tell the quality of a brand is to read their reviews.

Fetal Doppler Reviews

Take a look at some of BabyDoppler’s Fetal Doppler Reviews that have earned us a 4.8/5 rating on Trustpilot!

The Wife and I Love Using the Doppler…

The wife and I love using the Doppler to hear baby’s heartbeat. It really gives my wife peace of mind when she is feeling anxious.

T Vilio


This is my first pregnancy and I am always super paranoid!!! I found my baby’s heartbeat at 9 weeks on the dot! Definitely took 10-15 minutes but patience is key! I was so relieved and happy when I heard it!


I Recommend It For All New Mums

I am using it from 18 weeks. I am very happy about the quality, it helps to reduce the stress when baby is not active. The measurements are very accurate. Many times, I have compared with the hospital measurements. I would recommend it for all new mums


Great Product!

This worked so well! Especially during COVID when my husband couldn’t make it to appointments 🙂 Thanks!


Worth Every Penny

Works great! It has been a comfort to us to be able to listen to our baby. My husband especially since COVID restrictions prevent him from attending our appointments

– Tara Dusseault

Midwife Approved

The Doppler came quickly and is great quality for the price, especially with the waterproof probe, added bonus for me. I’m a midwife and wanted a cheap backup and I think this will do! Thank you!


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Great Purchase

I purchased the fetal Doppler to give my wife comfort on days when our baby wasn’t moving around as much. This gave her peace of mind to hear his heartbeat. It was worth every dollar!


Love My Baby Doppler

My baby doppler came very quickly, within 2 days. I was able to hear my baby’s heartbeat at 8 weeks! It was such a relief to finally know that baby was doing OK when I was having trouble getting into the Dr. because of COVID. I still use my doppler about once a week to check on baby and I even use it for my telehealth prenatal visits! My midwife was so impressed with how easily I was able to find baby’s heartbeat.

Tiffanie H.

Love This Product

This is our 3rd pregnancy but first time we’ve made it to the second trimester, it’s been so comforting to hear the baby’s heartbeat when feeling uneasy. Would recommend!

Melanie Bulcao

Access to a Reliable Fetal Doppler

Having access to a reliable fetal Doppler made me feel better as a first time mom to know my baby was doing well. The shipping was fast and the product was great.

Victoria Brown

Great Doppler For The Price

Great doppler for the price. I used it quite a bit before I could feel my babe moving (prior to 18 weeks), but not so much now that she flails everywhere lol. I can feel that she’s ok now. I’d recommend this doppler to any worried momma.


I LOVE My Baby Doppler

Due to the pandemic, my husband is unable to go to the visits. This doppler has allowed him to feel more involved in the baby’s growth and development. It also allows him to bond more. In addition, I have felt SO much more comfortable and less anxious between appointments getting to hear our little girl’s heartbeat.


Awesome Product and Absolutely Fast Shipping

Awesome product and absolutely amazingly fast shipping!! Got it in two days exactly like they said and the Doppler is out of this world. Me and hubby enjoy listening to our baby’s heartbeat together and it’s just magical. Thank you baby Doppler!!

Ashley W.

It Was Great From The Start ��� 

All the way to the end. I don’t have any complaints. The website was very helpful and easy to use. The baby doppler was very affordable. It works great, very easy to use, the shipping was fast. So I only have great things to say about this experience. So thank you for that.

Patrice McDaniel

 Eases My Anxiety

When I tell you I freak out! I freak out DAILY about my baby. We’ve had so many losses and having this monitor for our TRIPLE Rainbow baby is truly a blessing. Whenever I have anxiety that something could be wrong or I haven’t felt her, using the monitor to hear that sweet heartbeat and her movements eases all that fear. I LOVE that it came with the batteries and gel too! So I was able to use it right AWAY! After I finished the gel provided, I just used aloe vera and have the same results. If you’re here looking… just get it. You won’t regret it.

(I started using it when I was over 15weeks and had no issues finding the heartbeat. I suggest watching YouTube videos to help you out at 1st)


Super Fast Shipping

Super fast shipping, easy to purchase with our HSA account. Overall great experience.


Works Very Well

I received my doppler within a few days of ordering. It works perfectly. Being that we experienced a loss last year, we were anxious to hear our baby’s heartbeat. The doppler allowed us peace of mind being able to hear the heartbeat clearly and was easy to use as well.

D. Butler


Overall, very good baby Doppler & a great deal! Easy to use & like that the ultrasound gel is included. It is very sensitive to movement & takes a little bit for Doppler to catch up with baby heartbeat once you find it. Overall, very satisfied with this purchase!


This is Amazing ��� We Love It So Much

This is amazing ��� we love it so much! My sister-in-law is pregnant and we tested it out! It’s beautiful to hear my nephew’s heartbeat ��� we got the heartbeat monitor.

Whitney Gwen

Works Really Well

Works really well! I personally started to hear my baby’s heartbeat at 9 weeks!! After several miscarriages, it’s helping me to reassure myself throughout the pregnancy 🙂

I Bought It For My Daughter

I bought it for my daughter and we love it. She listens to her son’s heartbeat every night. It’s a beautiful sight watching her tear up hearing his strong lil heartbeat.

��� very good service

Marie harlie

Hear Your Baby’s Heartbeat From Home. Buy Now!

Why Buy From Us?

When selecting a fetal doppler, it’s important to choose a good retailer.

REAL Fetal Doppler Reviews

Some sites use fake and paid reviews to entice customers, but Baby Doppler doesn’t need to. We feature real reviews from people who have bought our fetal dopplers.

We use Trustpilot, a reliable consumer review system. Unlike other systems, businesses aren’t allowed to remove negative reviews to increase their score. All of our honest reviews have earned us a 4.8 star (AKA “Excellent”) rating on Trustpilot!

Another sign of real reviews: Most have a verified “invited” checkmark beside them. When you see this symbol, you know it’s a customer who’s actually bought the item.

Since Baby Doppler has been collecting reviews for years, we have nearly 6,000 for you to scroll through and gain a sense of our customer experience. Many other sites have limited reviews, making you question if you’re buying a good product.

Official, Trusted Retailer

Some websites are selling fetal dopplers from unknown brands. These are NOT official retailers of the device.

BabyDoppler is the official retailer of Sonoline B Fetal Heartbeat Monitors. Since we’ve been #1 in North America for the past 5 years, you can trust the integrity of our devices.


Being the official Sonoline B Fetal Doppler retailer, our devices are certified and tested to ensure they meet the highest quality control standards possible.

They’re FDA and Health Canada Approved as well as CE Approved.

If that’s not enough, a quick read through our fetal doppler reviews will show that heartbeats are easy and clear to detect.


With our instructions and BabyDoppler App, most people have an easy time learning how to use the device. But if you have any issues, we’re here to walk you through them and answer your questions.

We also offer quick shipping so you can hear your baby ASAP. In many locations, we offer next business day delivery.

We Actually Care

Baby Doppler isn’t just another pregnancy company, it was built off of a real need and passion to help others. During her second pregnancy, founder Maria Gorobets felt something was wrong and called her midwife, who used a fetal doppler.

The device detected an abnormality and Maria realized how valuable the tool was. She thought every pregnant woman should have access to one. Since fetal dopplers weren’t readily available, she started to sell them on online classified sites.

Maria was right; women found the device useful and re-assuring. Realizing how many couples were helped, Baby Doppler was birthed to continue providing care during pregnancy.

Ready To Hear Your Baby’s Heart? Get a Fetal Doppler Today!

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