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Other than actually giving birth, your most memorable pregnancy experience is probably hearing your baby for the first time.

Luckily, there’s a device you can use at home that allows you to hear that magical sound almost anytime you’d like. And, one of the best parts is that you can share it with family members who weren’t able to go to your appointments.

In this post, we’re explaining what fetal heartbeat monitors are and 3 reasons why they make pregnancy more enjoyable. But if you don’t believe us, we’re following that up with some raving testimonials from our customers.

What is a Fetal Doppler?

Fetal dopplers or fetal heartbeat monitors are devices used to hear a baby’s heartbeat while she’s still inside the womb. If you’ve already had a few pregnancy check-ups, you’ve probably already seen your doctor use one. These devices can actually be purchased online so you can hear your baby from home on your own schedule. Although used by doctors, they’re not meant to diagnose medical problems at home.

Fetal dopplers are easy to use. Simply apply a blob of ultrasound gel to your lower belly, turn the device on and slowly glide the probe until you detect a heartbeat. When you find it, you can hear it through speakers or headphones.

To make sure you’re detecting your baby’s heartbeat and not another noise, you’ll want to read a bit of information first:

You’ll also want to watch a couple of videos so you know what exact sound you’re looking out for. You can search YouTube or check out our video page.

All of our models come with batteries and sample ultrasound gel, so you can get started as soon as you receive it. If you plan to use it throughout your pregnancy, you’ll want to pick up a full gel bottle for a few extra bucks, too. We also accept HSA/FSA (depending on your policy). If you’re unsure which model to buy, check out this guide.

Get a fetal doppler for as low as $38.95!

#1 Hearing the Sound of Life

Most mothers remember the first time they see and hear their baby during an ultrasound. The baby you knew was growing inside you all along now feels physically in front of you and is more real than before. Now, imagine reliving that moment from home whenever you’d like.

Fetal dopplers allow you to hear the sound of life through headphones or a speaker. The LCD screen will also display the fetal heartrate (FHR). Some advanced models will show a heartrate curve. Every time you use the device, it’s like meeting your baby before she’s even born. Although they aren’t a replacement for appointments, they allow you to experience the magic in between check-ups. Even though pregnancy can have some pretty awful symptoms attached to it, vividly reminding yourself why you’re going through it makes it worthwhile.

I bought this doppler for my daughter, who was only 7.5 weeks pregnant at the time. She was able to find and record the baby’s heartbeat! I didn’t believe it at first, but she went to her OB MD and they used their ultrasound machine and got virtually the same exact heart rate and rhythm. I am very impressed!” —Ivy F.

I LOVE having this at home! I found my baby’s heartbeat the other day (at 8 weeks and 4 days) and it was such a wonderful feeling. Worth the money and came in fast!” —Sydney H.

I have to say that I was not sure about this product at the beginning, since it is sold directly by their own website. But, I’m glad I decided to buy. This is a serious company and the product is EXCELLENT! It arrived super fast, and works amazingly. I use it a lot, and it has given me confidence that everything is ok every time I heard the heartbeat of my baby. I love this product!! It relieved me from a lot of stress. I totally recommend it, and read well the instructions before using it.” —Lily

I’m an ER nurse, and this is the same quality Doppler we use everyday in the emergency setting to find difficult pulses and fetal heart tones. I didn’t expect this to be of such high quality, but the BabyDoppler has far exceeded my expectations.” Jeffrey B.

#2 Decreased Anxiety

To be clear, dopplers can’t diagnose issues unless they’re used by medical professionals who are trained to do so. With that being said, if you’ve had a previous miscarriage or have a high-risk pregnancy, the device may bring some reassurance. If your anxiety seems to grow between each doctor’s appointment because you’re unsure if the baby is okay, hearing the heartbeat can allow you to relax. We recommend first trying the doppler at 12 weeks. Although you may be able to detect a heartrate before then, if the baby is too small, it may cause you unnecessary anxiety.

Conversely, if you’re used to finding the baby’s heartbeat and all of the sudden you can’t and you’ve also had a loss of some pregnancy symptoms, it can signal a problem. From there, you can see your doctor or midwife, who can diagnose the issue. Another option is to record any irregularities you hear. Simply plug a recorder into the device and show your healthcare provider. However, you should remember to keep calm if you don’t hear a beat. There’s non-medical reasons this could happen, such as the baby moving to a different position.

Brought the doppler as I felt in limbo. My morning sickness was stopping but I had no bump. Great to hear baby heartbeat if I feel lost. However will not use it in replacement for checking baby is OK. We only use it to hear baby every now and again just to feel that bit closer to her.” —Kay

Love, love, LOVE it! I had a miscarriage not long before this pregnancy so it totally puts my mind at ease hearing my baby’s heart beat whenever I want!”—Jessica F.

The BabyDoppler continues to bring me reassurance that everything is fine. I had some trouble finding the heartbeat before I was about 10 weeks, but since then I haven’t had any trouble at all. My 20 week scan is in two weeks, and I think that will finally ease my mind. Until then I listen a couple times a week so I know that my baby is still growing strong.” —Sarah

#3 Increased Family Bonding

Since you’re the mom-to-be, you get the full pregnancy experience—from the feeling of a growing bump to the more unpleasant symptoms. However, other family members are limited in their ways to bond with the baby.

Your partner may not feel it’s “real” until you actually give birth. Allowing them to hear their baby’s heartbeat before that point can give them a sense of reality setting in. Most partners feel amazed when they hear the beat for the first time, especially if they’re unable to attend appointments.

Fetal dopplers can also be a great gift for first-time grandparents who can’t wait to meet your bundle of joy. Some couples even choose to announce their pregnancy to family members or Godparents by using the device.

You can also use a fetal heartbeat monitor to introduce kids to their new baby brother or sister. Instead of placing their hand on mom’s belly, they can actually hear their new family member growing. For children who are sensitive to having a new addition, it can be a great way to slowly ease them into the idea.

I love it. It helps me with hearing my son and my 3 other kids love listening to him.” —Victoria K.

I love this doppler. My daughter is pregnant for the first time and we love hearing the babies at home… btw twins!!!” —Vera W.

Love it!! Being able to hear my grandchild’s heartbeat is priceless. Plus was so easy to use. Recommended 100%” —Magaly

I am happy to have it. I always feel great and get emotional whenever I hear my baby’s heartbeat. So, I wanted that my husband should feel same thing and decided to buy the doppler to try at home. We feel and love our baby together when we hear our baby’s noise!” —Mishka

Have you tried a fetal doppler yet? If so, comment your experience below. If you have any pregnant friends, share this post to help them enjoy the journey, too!

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