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Ways To Be Happy During Pregnancy: 10 You-Have-To-Know Tips


Pregnancy truly is a miracle, but sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down by symptoms, worry and overwhelm.

Although mood swings are normal during pregnancy, there are a variety of things you can do to lift your spirits.

In this post, we’ll cover 10 ways you can be happy during pregnancy and enjoy your journey.


#1 Cut Out Negativity

Although it sounds simple, it can be difficult to identify the sources of negativity in your life. Here are a few possibilities:

  • If you have people in your life that have been talking behind your back or haven’t been supportive during your pregnancy, consider cutting them out. You’ll want a strong community to help you through your journey and parenting, so now is the time to make these decisions.
  • Unrealistic social media accounts. If you’re following celebrities or people who are Instagram famous, you’ve probably noticed that many portray perfect lives and perfect pregnancies. If you feel like this is getting you down, simply unfollow them and find real-life moms you can connect with instead.
  • Cut out negative media. There’s so much going on in the news that it can feel overwhelming to keep up. Try taking a break from watching the news, buying tabloids or clicking on negative-but-enticing articles. Even dramatic TV shows or horror movies can affect some people’s moods.


#2 Get Exercise

Some people are worried that exercising may hurt the baby, but the opposite is true. Physical activity may contribute to a healthier pregnancy and easier labor. It also releases endorphins, helping you reduce your stress levels. The best option is often an activity that makes you sweat; however, it’s okay to start small. Here are a few exercises you can try:

  • Dancing (dance class or just turn on the music and start moving!)
  • Yoga
  • Running around with kids or pets
  • Exploring a new park or nature area
  • Taking a hike
  • A fast-paced walk (make it interesting by listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks)
  • Exercise videos on YouTube (there’s even ones specific to each trimester)
  • Pregnancy exercise apps
  • For more ideas, read our Guide on Exercising With a Bump.


#3 Seek Support

Having a strong support system is critical to having an enjoyable pregnancy journey. In fact, pregnant women who have weaker support systems have more depressive symptoms and a reduced life quality, according to a 2007 study. You should reach out and accept help from your family and friends during this time. It’s also a good idea to expand your circle to include women who can relate to what you’re going through. You can do this by:

  • Attending childbirth classes
  • Attending prenatal yoga classes
  • Participating in online forums
  • Finding pregnancy support groups in your area
  • Getting free one-on-one support
  • Meeting other pregnant women over social media
  • Confiding in a midwife or doula

To see a full list of resources, read our Guide on Finding Support During Pregnancy.


#4 Do Something for Yourself

During pregnancy, you’re mainly focused on the health of your baby and on preparing for her. But it’s okay to take a break for yourself. Taking a moment or a day to focus on yourself can help you feel reinvigorated and ready to tackle the rest of your baby to-do list. Regardless of your budget, you can do something enjoyable for yourself. It will look different for everyone, but here are some ideas:

  • Booking a prenatal massage
  • Doing some baking
  • Creating your own spa night at home (invite some friends, if you wish)
  • Catching up on a TV series or a novel
  • Going on a babymoon
  • Going on a date night with your partner (here’s 21 fun pregnancy-date ideas)
  • Doing a craft (making jewelry, attending a paint night, scrapbooking, making and decorating a plaster baby belly, etc.)
  • Take a class (cooking, dancing, exercise, etc.)


#5 Have a Laugh

If you’re taking a break from negative media, you can consider replacing it with something that will make you laugh. A 2008 study investigated how humor affected widowed women and men. Researchers found that laughter was strongly associated with lower depression and grief. Here’s a few ideas to get the laughter started:


#6 Use Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the awareness you have in the present moment. Practicing mindfulness exercises can help us calm our inner chatter and live in the moment. It can lead to positive psychological changes, according to a 2011 review of research. Over time, mindfulness can help you regulate your emotions and help you to relish every part of the pregnancy journey.

You can practice mindfulness almost anywhere by constantly bringing your attention back to the task at hand. Formal practices include sitting, walking and eating meditations. Although it sounds simple, it can be a difficult concept to grasp at first, so we recommend you read:


#7 Use a Fetal Doppler

Using a fetal doppler can be one of the most special moments during your pregnancy. These devices allow you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat while she’s still inside your womb—similar to an ultrasound. Many mothers say it brings them happiness to know that their baby is okay. Your partner or family can also bond with the baby before birth.

Fetal heartbeat monitors are easy to use and affordable, ranging from $20 to $70.

If you’ve never heard about fetal dopplers, you probably want to know a bit more. Here are some articles to get you started:

You can check out our fetal dopplers here.


#8 Fill Your Ears

Another interesting way to add some happiness into your life is to listen to podcasts and audiobooks. Having something in your ears can make doing mundane activities or waiting in line a lot more fun—especially if you’re feeling impatient and irritable. You can also choose to multitask by listening to informative pregnancy audiobooks instead of reading them.

You can try listening to:

There’s many boring but necessary things you’ll probably do during pregnancy. Listen to podcasts or audiobooks when you’re:

  • Waiting in line at the grocery store or while buying baby supplies
  • In the doctor’s waiting room
  • Cleaning or organizing
  • Cooking
  • Driving to work or running errands
  • Taking walks or working out
  • Surfing the internet


#9 Be Bossy

That’s right! During pregnancy, you aren’t expected to do everything yourself—so you shouldn’t be. Instead, do what you can and delegate the rest. You’ll probably be asked several times by your family and friends what you can do to help out. It’s okay to be honest. Consider what the person enjoys and how they can use it to help. For example, if your mother really enjoys cooking, tell her that some freezer meals would be a huge help. If a friend has an eye for design, ask her to come up with some ideas for your nursery.

Remember that even if it feels awkward, accepting help makes the other person feel good, too! If your partner isn’t pitching in much, tell him that you need some help. Tasks you could delegate include:

  • Making meals for now or freezer meals for when the baby comes (you’ll be busy)
  • Babysitting kids while you go to appointments
  • Petsitting
  • Cleaning around the house
  • Helping you compile a baby registry
  • Helping you plan a baby shower
  • Helping you decorate your nursery
  • Helping you set up baby items (ex. cribs)


#10 Seek Professional Help

Emotional changes are normal during pregnancy because your hormones are fluctuating and you’re going through big life changes. However, if you currently have anxiety or depression or have a history of it in your family, you should seek out professional help. Your doctor can refer you to a counselor or psychotherapist who can help you navigate through your emotions.

Although you may feel guilty for being less than happy during pregnancy, you’re not alone. Depression affects 14 to 23% of pregnant women and anxiety and mood disorders affect up to 20%.


How do you stay happy during pregnancy? Comment your ideas below! Be sure to share this post with any pregnant friends to uplift them, too!

P.S. Have you used a heartbeat monitor yet? You can use these amazing devices at home to hear your baby’s heartbeat—reassuring you that she’s okay between checkups. You can check out our fetal heartbeat monitors here.

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