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Prenatal Yoga: Your Ultimate Guide

Prenatal Yoga: Your Ultimate Guide If you’ve heard about yoga but have never done it, you may be wondering what it’s all about. Is it a practice only for the spiritually enlightened?Read More…

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Bleeding During Pregnancy: Is It Dangerous?

Bleeding During Pregnancy: Is It Dangerous? Seeing blood when you’re pregnant can be alarming. You may wonder if you’re okay or if you’re having a miscarriage. But is spotting during pregnancy normal?Read More…

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Acne During Pregnancy: Get Clear Skin Now

Acne During Pregnancy: Get Clear Skin Now If you thought you left acne behind after you were finished puberty, you may be surprised to see a few—or more—pimples appearing. But you’re notRead More…

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Is a Fetal Doppler Safe to Use?

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for the regulation medical devices, such as fetal dopplers and ultrasound imaging devices. Though fetal ultrasound imaging and fetal Dopplers are placed in the same class by the FDA, they are very different from one another.