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Any mother is easily struck by what is known as fever-phobia. The slightest increase in the baby’s temperature is enough to trigger a panic in her, which is quite understandable. However, there is no need to panic and such fears of mothers are quite unfounded as most fevers are common and will go away by themselves. But you can never be sure, can you?

When the newborn is within 2 months of age, a mother has to be extra cautious as a fever could mean an infection. It is best to visit your doctor and get an assurance that all’s well.

What’s meant by the term ‘fever’?

When an infant’s body temperature hovers at 100.4 degrees F (38 degrees Celsius) or more your baby has a fever. The average body temperature is 98.6 degrees F (37 degrees Celsius), though a fluctuation of a degree this way or that is considered to be normal. In other words, if the temperature falls to 97.0 degrees F (36.11 degrees Celsius) or goes up to 100.3 degrees F (37.94 degrees Celsius), it is no cause for alarm. Remember that just as hyper fever (high temperature) is not good, hypo fever (low temperature) is also not a good sign.

A fever is an indication that there is something wrong with the body. It is the body’s immune system at work, and an increase in the body temperature keeps bacteria and viruses at bay. That is why it is important to treat the cause for the fever, rather than the fever itself.

When should you check your baby’s temperature?

A mother is the best person to sense unusual warmth in her baby’s body. However, how warm is the big question. Unless you check the temperature with a thermometer, you will never know the exact degree. Normally, when a baby is well-fed and looking happy and is not unusually warmer, you need not check the temperature. Whenever there is any increase in the warmth, it is better to check the temperature to decide whether a visit to a doctor is necessary.

Using a regular thermometer can be a challenge for most mothers because it has to be cleaned thoroughly and sterilized after each use. Moreover, the cold feel of the glass on the baby’s warm body can have a normal baby bawling nonstop. Under such circumstances your best bet would be an infrared thermometer, which can be used by any mother with ease. Try Baby Doppler’s handy ‘forehead and ear thermometer’, which is a professional thermometer approved by FDA. What’s more is that since it is handled only by the members of the household it ensures a greater degree of protection for your baby against infections.

Baby Doppler’s infrared thermometer needs to be placed on the baby’s forehead for three seconds to get the correct temperature.  You can also turn on the ‘ear mode’ and get the temperature by placing the thermometer in your baby’s ear. This thermometer is very handy when your baby is under medication and the fever, if any, needs to be monitored at regular intervals as directed by your doctor.

It is practically impossible to be running to your doctor each time your baby shows signs of developing a fever. When you keep Baby Doppler’s easy-to-use thermometer at home you don’t have to panic and can go to your doctor’s only when warranted. Rest assured that more than 85% of the fevers that infants get are mild and harmless. Most fevers are caused by stomach upsets or colds and vanish more often than not by themselves.

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