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Starting a family and getting pregnant is a very important and a personal decision. You may think that you are not ready and need to achieve a lot both personally and professionally before having kids. But trust me no one ever thinks they are ready!

Nowadays, many women are choosing to wait to have kids without realizing how quickly their fertility can drop. Even the fertility treatments cannot make up for the decline.

It is really important for women and their partners to understand the impacts of age on fertility, pregnancy and childbirth. An unborn woman has 6 to 7 million eggs. At birth, there are anywhere between 1-2 million eggs. By menopause, only a few hundred remain. With age, the eggs also age diminishing in quantity and quality.

With age, women take longer to conceive and risk of miscarriage increases. At the age of 32, women’s chances of conceiving decrease gradually but significantly. After 35, the fertility decline speeds up and by 40, fertility has fallen by 50%. At 30, the chances of getting pregnant per cycle are about 20% whereas, at 40, they are just 5%. Also, as you approach menopause, your periods become irregular and so does ovulation.

Not only the mother’s age but father’s age also affects the chances of conception, time to get pregnant and risk of miscarriage and health of the child. As men age, the quality of their sperm decreases and it takes a longer time for his partner to get pregnant.

What are the risks involved for older mothers to get pregnant?

There are various risks involved for older mothers to give birth such as-

  • Risk of pregnancy, birth complications and chances of C-section increase with age
  • The risk of Preeclampsia becomes significant.
  • Older mothers are at a high risk to suffer from gestational diabetes and placental complications.
  • Babies are more likely to be born with low birth weight, birth defects and genetic abnormalities
  • IVF success rate also declines with age

Therefore, it is always advised to consult with your doctor first when you decide to get pregnant. He will not only get you started with Pre-natal vitamins but also screen for any issues which can be prevented or treated in advance. However if you have any of the below problems, then you should get in touch with your doctor as early as possible-

  • A history of irregular periods in case of the mother
  • Mother suffering from PCOS
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Your partner has a known fertility problem

Therefore, it is imperative to decide when to have a baby in advance to ensure his well-being and good health.

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