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Babydoppler’s Menu and Holiday Guide to Alcohol!

Here at Babydoppler, we sometimes get questions from our customers with whom we’ve built a great relationship in the past. It not only makes us feel special that we are able to forge a relationship with them but also motivates us to continue doing the good work in the best way possible.

Recently, one of our customers wrote a message to us- “Lately I’ve had alcohol cravings and I know my family will be having Christmas Parties. Do you know how safe it is to have a drink to cure my craving or just enjoy the get-together? TIA!!!”

We thought of taking this opportunity to share our thoughts with all our customers and everyone following us on social media as this is an important topic and most of us can relate with it. With holidays fast approaching and New Year around the corner, being pregnant is hard. Especially for moms that used to drink alcohol only on special occasions. Some facts show that in America one in 10 pregnant women continue to drink throughout their pregnancy. Some women based on the sex of their baby even crave beer throughout their whole pregnancy. As any pregnant mother is well aware of that drinking alcohol is not only harmful to her health but is also harmful to the baby’s health with serious consequences. Alcohol is to be completely avoided during your pregnancy.

But don’t suffer in silence either. There’s no shame to let your partner or friends know that you have a craving especially when you have indulged in the past. Pregnancy is demanding and sometimes the parents have to completely alter their lifestyle at least for the next 9 months! So Babydoppler is here to help you get through this holiday season!

There are tons of ways to binge drink without alcohol! Our team here at Babydoppler wants to share their experience with you all as there’s nothing like collective wisdom! Here are some of the healthier options than Alcohol for you:-

1) Alcohol-free beer – found at your local grocery stores

2) The “NO more Sex On the Beach”– (you knew this one would make the list)- Mix equal parts of orange juice and cranberry juice, add peach nectar and pour over ice. Garnish with a pineapple wedge and enjoy!

3) The Babydoppler Festive Fizz – want to toast off that New Year with your loved ones – Try the Babydoppler Festive Fizz!!- Get a champagne glass and mix seltzer water with orange juice and cranberry juice. Then drop a cherry in the glass to add some flare!

We want to wish all of you Happy holidays and a very Happy New Year! And if you do happen to feel stressed out about your baby – you can always have your fetal heart rate monitor or fetal doppler with you to check on the little one to ease your mind.

Thanks for all your questions!!

Babydoppler and The Team wish you all the best!!


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