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Many people plan for their pregnancy announcements but what about birth announcements?

After you’ve successfully delivered a healthy baby, consider how you’ll tell the world. Whether in a photo or card, we have many birth announcement ideas for you on this list.

In this guide, we’re sharing free birth announcement templates to make your own cards. You’ll also find photoshoot birth announcement ideas and caption suggestions.

Birth Announcements

Birth announcements are fun ways of telling the world you’ve delivered a beautiful baby. You can share these with family, friends and on social media. Birth announcements usually take one of two forms:
1.Birth announcement cards (private announcement)
2.Photo posted on social media (public announcement)

What you include in a birth announcement is up to you. Parents usually share:

  • Baby’s name
  • Baby’s birth date
  • Baby’s gender
  • Baby’s birth weight and length
  • Baby’s birth location
  • How parents feel about the birth (ex. “We’re grateful and overjoyed to welcome baby Emily into the world”)

Most people send or post birth announcements within the first few weeks. Others share a private announcement with close family and later post a public announcement to their friends on social media.

Whether you want to share the good news with the world or just a few, you’ll find unique birth announcement ideas on this list.

Card Birth Announcement Ideas

If you’re looking for private birth announcement ideas, consider making a card to mail or give family members.

Printable Birth Announcement Templates
If you’re making your cards at home, it’s helpful to have a birth announcement template. These premade designs are easy to customize and can be easily printed out. Here’s a few options for free birth announcement templates:

Greetings Island. Greetings Island has dozens of birth announcement templates that you can customize on their website, download and print. Easily add your photo, baby details and change the color of the card. There’s also premium designs available to buy.

Canva. Canva is a free design platform with paid options that allows you to customize almost anything. Take a look at their birth announcements section for simple one-sided designs. These can be printed out on cardstock and displayed on the fridge.

MyNameArt. MyNameArt also has a variety of birth announcement templates. After customizing the design on the site, download and print it.

Word Templates. If you have Microsoft Word, Temploola offers free birth announcement templates. Simply edit the text in word, print and cut out.

Photo Birth Announcement Ideas

Many parents also share their birth announcement via social media. Take a creative photo to share the great news with your friends and followers.

Baby In Basket


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If you’re looking for natural aesthetic birth announcement ideas, consider a baby basket photoshoot. Place your baby in a padded basket with a sign nearby with their name and birth weight.

Couple Photo

A couple photoshoot featuring the new baby is perfect if you’re looking for classic birth announcement ideas. Have your photographer snap a photo as you hold your bundle of joy with your partner leaning in.

Birth Announcement Sign


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A birth announcement sign allows you to share all your baby’s details in one photo. Write your baby’s name, birth date, birth weight and length. Place the birth announcement sign near your baby and take a photo. You can find wooden signs or plaques on Amazon.

Baby in Nature

For another natural-aesthetic birth announcement photo, take your baby outdoors. Find an area where you can use trees as your background and wrap your baby in a neutral-colored swaddle blanket. Hold them up as your photographer or partner takes a photo.

Scars of Love


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Labor is what brings your miracle to life, but it’s not without pain. If you want to be open about the difficulty of childbirth, show your scars of love in a black and white photo with your baby laying between your legs.

Sibling Photo


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For the sweetest birth announcement photo, take a photo while your child holds their new sibling.

A Photo of Photos


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To add a different look to your birth announcement, consider laying out a few hardcopy photographs and taking a digital picture to post on social media.

Tiny Feet


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Another cute option among birth announcement ideas is taking a photo of your baby’s feet. Adorable tiny feet will make everyone stop scrolling their feed to see the good news!

Tiny Fist

Baby photos often zoom in on the feet, but fists can be just as adorable! Snap a picture of your baby making a fist. Since fists are a symbol of power, your birth announcement photo can symbolize a strong, powerful baby.

Holding Baby Head


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This is a great photo idea if you want to announce your birth publicly but you don’t want to show your baby’s face. Have your photographer position the frame from your baby’s skull downwards. As seen above, this is a top choice for twin birth announcement ideas.

In Your Arms

Show the world that the baby you’ve been growing for the past 9 months is finally in your arms. Lay your baby in your partner’s arms and snap a photo with your hands on top.

Holding Hands


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This is another top choice for birth announcement ideas if you don’t want to show your baby’s face. Snap a photo of your baby holding onto one of your fingers. Edit the photo to black and white for a classical, sentimental feel.

Baby At Home

For a homey feel, lay your baby in your bed and capture a shot as you lovingly gaze at them. This is a great photo idea to involve your partner or other family members.

Baby Kiss

Nothing says love more than a sweet kiss to your baby. Hold your baby with their face toward the camera. Set a timer or have your partner take a picture as you kiss their opposite cheek.

Family Hospital Photo


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The moments after birth are filled with emotion that can be beautifully captured in a photo. Whether you have a home or hospital birth, take a photo with your newborn on your chest and family surrounding. Editing the photo to black and white can help emphasize the emotion on everyone’s face.

Breastfeeding Bonding

Breastfeeding is one of the ultimate ways to connect with your baby. Not only does it have a variety of health benefits for mom and child, but it can also help you bond with them. Help erode the stigma of breastfeeding in public by sharing the love in a birth announcement photo. Wear jeans and add a retro filter to the photo for a casual feel.

Playing On The Carpet

Another good choice for photo birth announcement ideas: Bring the family to the floor. Lay on the carpet or place mats down for baby playtime. As you and your partner look into your baby’s eyes, have your photographer snap a picture.

Card & Caption Birth Announcement Ideas

What should you write on your birth announcement card or photo caption?

Whether in a card or caption, you can share your baby’s details, like their name and birth weight. Consider also adding a cute caption like:

  • We’ve received a gift from god
  • We’ve added to the zoo!
  • After 9 months, the bun is out of the oven!
  • The snuggle is real
  • She’s a big miracle in a tiny body
  • We’re excited to announce the arrival of [baby name]
  • Welcome the newest addition to the family
  • Say hello to our little princess/prince charming
  • Introducing our new baby girl/boy
  • Oh baby! We’re so excited to share the news
  • We made this!
  • We’ve waited 9 months for this delivery
  • Our heart just got a little bigger
  • On [date], we had the best day of our life
  • And just like that, our world changed forever
  • Meet the newest member to the family
  • We put in the work and labor to create someone beautiful
  • We learned the true meaning of love
  • We’ve been blessed with a miracle

Summary: Birth Announcement Ideas
If you’re looking for birth announcement ideas, you have two main options: give out cards or post a photo on social media. In this guide, we’ve shared free birth announcement templates that you can customize and print. To share the great news publicly, consider one of the many photoshoot birth announcement ideas above.

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