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If you’ve just learned about fetal dopplers, you may be wondering if they’re worth the investment.

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat at home is a magical experience, but what else can you get from the device? As pocket fetal dopplers grow more popular, you might be wondering which brands are worth the cost. The fetal doppler Sonoline B brand is a top choice for new parents for its affordability and ease of use.

In this guide, we’ll cover why you should invest in a pocket fetal doppler Sonoline B.

What Is A Fetal Doppler For Home?

A fetal doppler is a handheld device used to detect a fetus’s heartbeat. You’ll hear your baby’s heartbeat through speakers and see their fetal heart rate displayed on the screen.

Fetal dopplers are used in-office by medical professionals to assess the heartbeat. Affordable fetal dopplers for home can’t be used to diagnose issues. However, they’re becoming a popular tool to use during pregnancy for a few reasons. Many parents use pocket dopplers to bond with their baby or provide a second level of reassurance that everything is okay. For parents that have experienced miscarriages, a fetal doppler can help ease anxiety.

A fetal doppler uses similar technology to ultrasound, but they’re easy to use.

How to Use Fetal Doppler Sonoline B

  1. Add a blob of ultrasound gel to your lower belly
  2. Insert the probe in the gel and turn the device on
  3. Slowly rock the robe over the belly, making sure to cover each part so you don’t miss the heartbeat
  4. Stop when you detect the correct noise (don’t confuse the noise with other noises it may detect)

Tips for Discerning Heartbeat

  • Placenta often sounds like “whooshing” while a baby heartbeat sound is sometimes described as similar to galloping horses
  • A beat of 120 to 180 bpm is most likely your baby (make sure you’re not picking up your own heartbeat!)
  • Watch videosto hear what a fetus heartbeat sounds like to compare
  • A baby heartbeat can echo (you may pick it up in two spots)
  • Read 10 Must-Know Secret Tips for Finding Fetal Heartbeat Monitor

To learn more about fetal dopplers, read our guides:

Order Your Affordable Fetal Doppler Today!

9 Reasons to Invest in Fetal Doppler Sonoline B

The fetal doppler Sonoline B model is an affordable investment you’ll use throughout this and any future pregnancies. Compared to other brands, it combines quality with a low-price point.

Here are the most common reasons people choose fetal doppler Sonoline B.

#1 Creates Prenatal Bonding Experiences

Research shows that in the hours after delivery, about 20% of moms and dads feel no attachment. Since parents haven’t bonded with the baby, it can take time for parental instincts to kick in. Other times, the lack of connection can be a symptom of postpartum depression.

While everyone is different, bonding with your baby starts before birth. If you want to feel a strong connection after delivery, find ways to bond now.

Similar to feeling your baby kick, hearing their heartbeat gives you a way to experience them before birth. Fetal dopplers offer you a special moment to pause and connect with your baby.

#2 Helps Family Bond

Another reason people invest in the fetal doppler Sonoline B model is to create family bonding experiences. Hearing the heartbeat can bring your partner, child or grandparents closer to the baby.

Consider that as a mother, you’re the only one who truly gets to experience the baby before delivery. Since they’re growing inside the womb, some women feel an instant connection. Partners may struggle to connect since nothing has changed for them yet. They often feel most connected during rare ultrasound appointments where they see the baby. Fetal dopplers allow you to bring a similar experience home. Hearing the heartbeat can bring partners closer and make the change feel real. This can help them feel better prepared once the baby arrives.

At home fetal dopplers can also be used to help other family members bond. Let grandparents “meet” the baby before they’re born or create a memorable experience for your child. You can also use your fetal doppler as a tool to introduce your child to their new sibling. For more tips, read 8 Fun Ways: How to Tell Your Kid You’re Pregnant.

#3 Use During Virtual Prenatal Appointments

Fetal dopplers are used during routine in-office prenatal appointments. Since doctors are trained, they can use their medical device to detect and diagnose fetal heartbeat problems. While virtual appointments, like phone and video checkups, are becoming more common, your doctor won’t be able to use their fetal doppler. If you have a home fetal doppler, your doctor can make sure you’re using the device correctly and interpret it during virtual appointments.

You can also record the heartbeat using the BabyDoppler app and show it to your doctor or midwife. If you have any questions or concerns, they’ll be able to address them.

#4 Create Heartbeat Keepsake Recording

Fetal heartbeat monitors can help you have an amazing pregnancy, but they can also create memories for a lifetime.

Consider that you’ll never hear your baby’s first heartbeats again. Before they’re born, capture their first moments using your fetal doppler and the BabyDoppler app. Here’s how:

  1. Download app and make account
  2. Tap the “Record” icon at the bottom
  3. Detect fetal heartbeat using fetal doppler
  4. Tap “Tap to record”
  5. Select “Submit” to save to your device

Store your recording somewhere safe, like an external hard drive. If you’d like, take a progression of keepsake heartbeat recordings, such as one every month.

Heartbeat keepsake recordings can also be used in creative ways:

  • As a pregnancy announcement
  • As part of a gender reveal announcement
  • Heartbeat video (more details below)

#5 Create Heartbeat Video

Another fun way to use your fetal doppler Sonoline B is to create a heartbeat video. Using your heartbeat recording, combine several other elements to create a keepsake to cherish forever.

Use your baby’s heartbeat as the soundtrack and overlay sonogram photos, family photos, due date text, messages to your baby, etc. Play your heartbeat video as a pregnancy announcement or share it on social media.

For step-by-step directions and more ideas, read DIY Heartbeat Video Keepsake with Fetal Doppler Sonoline B.

#6 Use For Future Pregnancies

The fetal doppler Sonoline B model is manufactured to last. After you’ve got your use out of the device, it can be tucked away for future pregnancies. Simply insert batteries and the device is ready to use when you’re expecting again.

To ensure the best quality, make sure to wipe the device’s probe after every use. Gel can dry and build up, worsening the quality for future uses. To fully rid the probe of gel, use rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and let air dry.

#7 Pass On To Pregnant Friend

If you don’t plan on having another baby, you can pass down your pocket fetal doppler. Simply make sure your device is clean and gift the device to a pregnant friend or family member. They can read the instructions online and order more ultrasound gel.

Since fetal dopplers create memorable bonding experiences, friends will be forever thankful for the gift.

#8 Sonoline B is a Reliable Pocket Fetal Doppler Brand

Many fetal doppler brands sold online are cheap quality and provide too much feedback to reliably and clearly detect a heartbeat. On top of that, these merchants don’t provide support for faulty products, leaving you with a broken device.

Sonoline is a trusted brand among parents and midwives. Their products are tested to meet the highest quality control standards. Fetal doppler Sonoline B models are FDA, Health Canada and CE approved.

BabyDoppler also provides a 90-day customer satisfaction guarantee if you’re unhappy with your purchase.

Cautions with Pocket Fetal Dopplers

Fetal Doppler Sonoline B is a high-quality brand that you can trust to reliably detect your baby. However, like any fetal doppler for home, it’s not a medical device. While a person may think they hear an abnormality on the device, only a trained doctor can diagnose problems.

Similarly, only a doctor can truly let you know for sure whether your baby is okay. With or without a fetal doppler, any loss of pregnancy symptoms should always be reported to your doctor immediately.

Fetal dopplers also do not replace regular prenatal checkups. You must attend appointments so your doctor can check your baby using their own in-office fetal doppler.

Summary: Investing In A Fetal Doppler Sonoline B

Investing in a fetal doppler Sonoline B is a good choice during pregnancy. The high-quality device is easy to use and can create memorable bonding experiences for the family. The recording option makes it convenient to share the heartbeat with your healthcare provider too.

Record Your Baby’s Heartbeat for Forever Memories. Get a Fetal Doppler Today!



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