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Amazon Baby Registry Part 1: Amazing Benefits & Secret Set-Up Tips

As the baby shower gets closer, you need to decide if you’ll use a baby registry. Should you list the items you need to prevent surprises? Or should you leave it up to fate and hope you won’t get useless items?

Something to consider: People genuinely want to help you out and they’re going to spend their money anyway. You might as well make the decision easier for them. You’ll be happy you received an item you can use. And they’ll be happy knowing their gift will actually help you.

If you’re on the fence, we recommend trying Amazon Baby Registry because it’s easy to use and you can add any product (even ones not found on Amazon!).

In this post, we’ll outline the benefits of Amazon gift registry as well as teach you how to sign up and add products. You’ll learn the secrets to setting your registry up for success.

Next week, in Part 2, we’ll let you in on the must-have products to add. You’ll also learn tips for promoting your registry without seeming tacky.

Benefits to Using Amazon Gift Registry

Is Amazon the best baby registry option? Let’s take a look:

  • Variety of items makes it a one-stop-shop. Typically, each store that offers a baby registry only carries specific products. A mother may register at Toys”R” Us for a baby stroller but also at Wal-Mart for diapers. On Amazon, you can add everyday practical items such as baby cream or clothes. You can even add larger items such as a crib.


  • Unlimited options. If you set up a gift registry at a retail store, you’re limited to the items they carry. However, on Amazon, you can add products from anywhere. For example, you can even link to that homemade baby bib you found on Etsy.


  • Discounts for leftover items. You’ll receive a 10% discount on items still left on the registry 60 days before your due date. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, that increases to 15%. Although this discount only applies to Amazon baby products, it’s a good deal for items you need to buy anyway.


  • Whether your family lives close or across the country, they can use Amazon. It saves everyone a trip to the store and, for people that live far away, it saves them the hassle of shipping an item themselves.


  • Free shipping. Plenty of items are shipped and sold by Amazon. This means if you have Amazon Prime, these products have quick and free shipping.


  • Free welcome package. If you’ve read our post about Pregnancy Freebies, you’ll know that everyone with Prime who creates an Amazon baby registry receives a generous welcome package. It usually includes samples, full-size products and coupons. The only catch is that you need to reach the $10 threshold before they send it. If you’re in Canada, you’ll instead receive a free set of Fisher Price maracas.


  • If they buy an Amazon item, your friends and family have an option to have it giftwrapped. You even save them the step of wrapping it themselves!


  • Easy thank-you cards. When someone purchases a gift for you on Amazon, their home address will be included (unless they request privacy). No more hunting around to find Aunt Betty’s address. You’re prepared to send the thank-you card as soon as you receive the gift. If you’re writing thank-you cards all at once, you can view or print a single list containing every gift and the purchaser.


  • If you received an Amazon item you were disappointed in, you can return it easily within 90 days. If you download the Amazon app, you can use their “Purchase X-Ray” feature to scan the barcode on an Amazon package, see what the item is and schedule a return if necessary.


How to Set-Up an Amazon Gift Registry

To begin setting up your Amazon Baby Registry, click here.

If you don’t already have an Amazon account, you’ll need to make one.

After signing in, you’ll be asked to fill out your information, including your expected due date. Here are a few tips on filling out the rest of the baby registry.


When you add a co-registrant, they can edit the items in your registry. This way, you don’t have to do all the work yourself. Ask your partner to help research and add products. If you have a friend who is a mother, or your own mother, she may know firsthand which items are useful and can be added to the registry.


You can choose whether you want to make your registry public, shared or private. These settings can be changed later.

If you make the registry public, anyone can see it. You also have the option of including the registry on This way, when people search your name on the site, all of your baby registries (including your Amazon one) will show in the results.

If you make your registry shared, only people who you send the link directly to will be able to see it. It will not show up in search results.

If select private, only you can see your registry. This is a good option if you’re taking time to add items. For example, maybe you’re just conceiving or haven’t announced your pregnancy, but want a head start.

Welcome Message for Baby Registry

You have the option of adding an About Me/Greeting at the top of your registry. Many mothers struggle with what to write in a baby registry welcome message because they don’t want to come off tacky. Although this step can be skipped, we recommend filling it out to maximize what you get out of your registry.

Adding details can help guide people to buy the things you actually need. It will also give the registry a more humble feeling. If you’re someone that feels weird asking for stuff, here is your space to express gratitude. If you’re afraid people will view a registry similar to panhandling, say a friend convinced you to sign up. Amazon gives you 500 characters, but a few sentences will do. Stuck on what to write? Below are a few helpful ideas.

  • A thank you message: “Thank you for visiting our baby registry! Your support means a lot to us. Although we’re very grateful to have such generous people in our lives, please do not feel obligated to purchase anything.”
  • Why you set it up: “Over the past weeks, some very generous friends have asked us what we need for the baby. We thought creating an online registry would be the easiest way to answer that.”
  • Your reluctance: “Jeff and I felt weird about creating a baby registry and asking for stuff at first. But our friend convinced us, so we thought we’d give it a try.”
  • Baby details: “We are so excited to welcome a baby into our lives this coming June. We’re not sure, but we have a feeling it’s a boy.”
  • Nursery details: “Some people have asked us if we have a color scheme or if there are colors we prefer. The baby’s room will be light yellow and white, so any lighter colors will fit perfectly.”
  • Items included: “Some of these items are more ‘needs’ while others are more ‘nice-to-haves.’” OR “Since we have enough newborn clothes for now, we’ve focused this registry more towards the everyday items.”


Adding Products to Amazon Baby Registry

Once you’re signed up, you’re ready to add items. If you click “Registry Checklist” under the baby registry menu, you’ll find a checklist of items you’ll need (divided into 9 categories). If you click on the item link, items in that category will load. You can also check off these must-haves as you buy them. Under “ideas and inspiration” you’ll find several gift-guides made of Amazon top-sellers.

Once you find an item you like, simply click “Add to Registry.” Remember to select the correct size and style if applicable. If you forget to select an option, you may be gifted something you can’t use.


Adding Products From Other Sites on Amazon Baby Registry

As we mentioned, Amazon baby registry is a universal registry. To add products from other websites, you’ll need to download Amazon Assistant. Once downloaded, you can find a product from another store, click the Amazon Assistant in your browser, then click “Add to Baby Registry.”

Now that you know how to add products, next week we’ll cover the must-haves that will help you get the most bang out of your registry.


Have you set-up an Amazon Baby Registry yet? If so, what did you write in your registry welcome message? Comment below! If you have any pregnant friends, be sure to share this article to help them too!

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