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Pregnancy Freebies 2017: U.S. and Canada

As soon as you find out you’re expecting, the expenses begin to stack up. From prenatal vitamins to diapers and the 18 years of costs that follow, you’re probably looking to save money any way you can during pregnancy.

Luckily, we’ve rounded up a big list of pregnancy freebies (some even worth $400!). Next time you’re on the sofa relaxing, pull out your laptop and sign up for these samples, magazines, coupons and more. Whether you live in Canada or the U.S., we guarantee you’ll find some amazing freebies in this post!


Pregnancy Freebies


Baby Welcome Box | Amazon Baby Registry

Baby registries save you money: You get only the gifts you need and no duplicates. If you haven’t started a registry yet, think about choosing If you’re a Prime member, you are eligible for limited time offers, such as a parenting eBook or baby welcome box (including baby foods, lotions, shampoos, a pacifier, breast pads, wipes and more). You may also receive discounts and maternity savings down the road. After you or someone else makes a $10 purchase off your registry, click the “Claim Now” button to receive your free gift. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can sign up for a free trial.

If you start a Canadian baby registry on Amazon, you’ll instead receive a free set of Fisher Price maracas. After you create your registry, add the Fisher Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas Musical Toy to your registry and then to your cart. When you checkout, use the code “REGISTRYTOY.” You will also receive a 10% discount on items sold from Amazon in the baby, grocery, drugstore and toy departments.


Baby Welcome Gift | Target Baby Registry

Another baby registry option is Target. Sign up to create your registry here, confirm your email, and then go to the Guest Services desk in a Target store to claim your free gift. The welcome kit includes coupons and samples valued at $50. You’ll also get a 15% discount on everything left in your registry after you’ve had your bundle of joy.


Up to $400 in Baby & Mom Gifts | Enfamil Family Beginnings

Enfamil, a company that makes baby formula, is offering up to $400 in freebies when you join the Enfamil Family Beginnings. You’ll get free formula, samples, belly badge stickers, coupons and more. You’ll need to make an account, enter your information and confirm your email to be eligible.

If you are a Canadian resident, you can also sign up to receive up to $160 in free samples, coupons and special offers. You will also receive a subscription to Your New Baby magazine. When you sign up, you can choose between two free sample kits: An “earth friendly” package and a “regular mail” package.


Up to $130 Baby Package | Nestle Baby Club

Once you join the Nestle Baby Program, you will receive an infant formula sample, infant nutrition samples, a feeding guide and coupons. Click here to sign up. This offer is only available to Canadians.


Up to $400 Similac Offers

The baby formula company Similac offers up to $400 in sample baby formula, personalized gifts, coupons and advice. You can sign up here.


Baby Box Canada

If you live in Canada, you may feel a little left out when it comes to samples — but this box will make up for it! Baby Box Canada is a non-profit organization that sends expecting mothers pregnancy goodies completely free of charge. This year, they are even rolling out milestone boxes to send when your baby has outgrown the items in the box. Simply enter your address and answer a few questions and your box will be on its way.


Premama Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix

If you’re someone who has trouble swallowing pills, a vitamin drink mix is a good option. You can receive a free sample and a $5 coupon here. This offer is only available to U.S. citizens.


Free Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins can be expensive! Luckily, Meijer launched a free prenatal program in 2008. Whether you’re already pregnant or trying to conceive, if your physician writes you a prescription, you can visit a Meijer location and get the vitamins for free.

If you’re in Canada, you can sign up for Sobey’s Baby Be Healthy program, which will also give you prenatal vitamins for the duration of your pregnancy.


Subscription Diaper Sample

Aeroflow Diaper Club is a subscription service that delivers all the diapers you’ll need for $32/month. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill out the form, you can receive a free sample.


Breastfeeding Supplies

If you plan on breastfeeding, email Lansinoh and write that you’re breastfeeding and ask if any samples are available. They will send you nursing pads, milk storage bags, nipple cream and wipes.


Baby Music

Did you know that a fetus can start hearing around 24 weeks? So turn on that relaxing children’s music and bond with your baby! Amazon offers a list of over 40 songs you can download free of charge.


Pregnancy Music App

If you want even more music selection for your baby, check out this free Music for Pregnancy app. It features hand-picked tracks that are said to increase health, decrease stress and improve fetal development. You can choose from several categories: Meditation, relaxation, walks, restful sleep and more.


Kindle Children’s Book

Since your baby starts to hear in the second trimester, why not read him or her a story? First-time subscribers receive a Kindle children’s book for free. There are three options to choose from. If you or your partner love reading to your baby, you can also check out:


Fit Pregnancy and Baby Magazine

If you’re someone who splurges on pregnancy and parenting magazines and books, you’ll love this free offer! Fit Pregnancy and Baby magazine are offering a free subscription with no fees or strings attached! You can sign up here. Unfortunately, this offer is only available in the U.S.


Parents Magazine

Looking for some advice on how to parent once your baby has grown up? Parents magazine can help with their free one-year subscription for American residents.


Babytalk Magazine

Babytalk magazine offers information to expectant moms and new parents. If you live in the U.S., you can sign up for a free subscription here.


American Baby Magazine

If the above magazines weren’t enough, you can also sign up for a free subscription to American Baby magazine. Sorry Canadians, this freebie is only available in the U.S.


Breastfeeding Basics Course

Thinking of breastfeeding? If you are, consider taking this 3-part mini course designed by two lactation consultants. If taking a physical class near you is out of budget, this may be a good option. It covers the benefits of breastfeeding, breastfeeding myths and steps you can take right now to make breastfeeding easier during the first weeks.


Free Lactation/Nutrition Consultation

If you’re considering breastfeeding, you can schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with one of Gerber’s lactation consultants. If you’ve never breastfed before, getting professional help during the first few weeks can be very helpful.

You can also schedule a call with a nutritionist for information regarding prenatal or childhood nutrition. Select the service you want from the dropdown menu on the left-hand side. Next, you will be prompted to select a date and time and input your phone number.


Birth Plan offers a free customized birth plan that will help you speak to your birth team about your desires during labor. After filling out the form, you can present it to your doctor, nurse, midwife or family so they understand your wishes in terms of pain relief, medical intervention, labor, newborn procedures and hospital stay.


Free Pregnancy Printables

You can also find many free pregnancy printables online. Why spend money on invitations, games and journals when all you need is a printer?



Looking for more free stuff? We’ve complied a list of no-cost pregnancy help resources including hotlines, chats, text and more. Next time you need pregnancy advice, check out our free guide.


What are your favorite pregnancy freebies? If you know of freebies not included here, comment them below! We’d love to add to our list. If you have any expecting friends or family members, share this post so that they can save money, too!

P.S. Want to take bonding with your baby to the next level? Try out our fetal dopplers. These amazing at-home devices allow you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat while in the womb — similar to an ultrasound!

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