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One of the best things about pregnancy in summer are the maternity photoshoot options.

Bright beaches, celebratory fireworks, colourful flowers—the choices for photo backgrounds are endless. These images can be posted or sent to friends and family to announce your pregnancy.

No matter where you live or the resources available to you, we’ve compiled a wide range of ideas to pick from.

Read on to discover 20 photoshoot summer pregnancy announcement ideas.

Using Your Pregnancy Announcement Photo

There’s plenty of ways you can use your pregnancy announcement photo:

  • Post on social media to announce the pregnancy to your friends
  • Email, message it or put it in a card for family members who don’t know yet
  • Use it in your pregnancy scrapbook
  • Include it in a DIY pregnancy video. You can overlay it with text and audio of your baby’s heartbeat (record the beat using a fetal doppler and the BabyDoppler app).

20 Photoshoot Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Whether you want a photo of yourself, your partner or a faceless announcement, there’s an idea on this list for you.

To ensure the best pictures, here’s a few quick tips:

  • If you can afford it, consider hiring a photographer for the best quality
  • For budget photos, you can search for student photographers on local classified sites
  • If you’re taking the photos yourself or using a friend, get a tripod so that the images are clear and not shaky or blurry. Using your phone camera? Buy a phone tripod mount and clip-on light.
  • Try to shoot where and when there’s the best natural light.
  • If you want a faceless pregnancy announcement photo, try one of the letterboard layouts below.
#1 Stitched Beach Hat with Announcement


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A post shared by Bianca Tyler (@biancaftyler)

For this idea, you’ll need a stitched hat announcing your pregnancy. You can a Baby on Board Floppy Hat on Etsy.

Dress up in your bathing suit and swim trunks and head to the beach. Have your photographer snap a picture of the back of your hat. Our idea: Pose with your partner similar to the image above, but hold up your sonogram photo for the camera.

#2 Summer Pregnancy Announcement Sign By the Pool


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A post shared by Kris (@kalmate)

If you have access to a pool, you can write your baby’s due date on the board and place it by the edge. To jazz it up, add some summer accessories, such as floaty toys. We love the bottle of milk floating inside the inflatable palm tree!

#3 Weeks & Months Family Photoshoot

Will your bundle of joy be welcomed by a sibling? If so, this could be a good summer pregnancy announcement idea for you. Kneel beside your child in a cute summer dress. Place a letterboard in the center that reads your child’s age along with how far along you are. Make sure you use arrows!

#4 Fireworks Backdrop with Sonogram Photo


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A post shared by Christina Alyce (@christinaalyce_)

What summer event first comes to mind? For many, it’s the Fourth of July. Symbolize the essence of summer in your pregnancy announcement photoshoot by having fireworks as your backdrop.

Make sure you have a few additional people who can safely light the fireworks. While the sparks are flying, hold out your sonograph photo for the camera.

#5 Fetal Doppler Photoshoot


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A post shared by BabyDoppler.com (@babydoppler)

Fetal dopplers are at-home devices that you can use to hear your baby’s heartbeat. Similar to an ultrasound, a fetal heart rate will also be displayed on the screen.

To capture a special memory, have someone take a picture while you use your fetal doppler. Make sure to zoom in on the screen to see your baby’s heart rate. To make the photo summer-themed, here’s a few ideas:

  • Lay on a lounger in your backyard while using it
  • Choose a white background and wear a white outfit for a fresh feel
  • Add brightly-colored plants or flowers to your background
  • Wear a flower-crown or summery hat
#6 I Tested Positive… But Not For COVID


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A post shared by Toni W (@officialmisstoni)

This shirt says it all and is relevant for this season and this year. As in the photo above, pair it with a set of cute jeans and accessories.

#7 Take It To the Park

To capture all of what summer has to offer, head to a local park. Try to choose a location that has different shooting spots, such as a river, pathway, trees, etc. You and your partner can take turns posing with the sonogram photo, baby shoes and other accessories.

#8 Here We Grow Again

“Here we grow again” is the perfect saying to use for a summer maternity photoshoot. Gather your family and take the photo in your backyard or garden. If you don’t have access to one, choose a park or public garden as your background.

#9 Rainbow Baby

If you’ve previously lost a baby and are expecting a rainbow baby, you can use that in your photoshoot theme. Use a chalkboard to announce your baby’s due date and/or gender. If you wish, you can also write a rainbow-themed quote. Place the board in a field and take a picture. Later, you can edit a rainbow in the background.

#10 Craft Paper Announcement Background


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A post shared by Leigh Beauchamp (@leighhhanna)

If you’re looking for simple photoshoot pregnancy announcement ideas, try this. Use craft paper as your backdrop and write your baby’s due date, name and current size of your fetus. To bring summer vibes to the photo, shoot it in a naturally lit, bright room with plants by your side.

#11 Sonogram Picnic Summer Pregnancy Announcement Idea


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A post shared by Dallas Videographer (@cassibfilms)

Another summer-themed pregnancy announcement photoshoot idea is to bring your family to the park. Lay down a blanket and sit with your partner and children as you show them your sonogram photo.

#12 Pregnancy Flat Lay with Baby Swim Fins


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A post shared by Amanda Rinke (@amanda.rinke)

Most pregnancy announcement flat lays use accessories to symbolize babies. An adorable alternative to baby shoes is baby swim fins. You can pair this with a message about “diving into the deep end.”

#13 Chalkboard Plant Flat Lay Pregnancy Announcement

For another model-less announcement idea, write “Our Next Adventure” on a chalkboard followed by your due date. Place it on a wooden background with your sonogram photo and some plant leaves.

#14 All-White Positive Pregnancy Test Photo

A classic option for a maternity photoshoot announcement is to snap a picture holding out your positive pregnancy test. To give it a clean, summer feel, find a white background and dress in all white.

#15 Beach Belly Photo


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A post shared by (@_liinaa_)

Another beach idea is to snap a picture as you and your partner stand in the water. Make sure to wear something that shows off your growing belly. Have your significant other hold your stomach or hold up your sonogram photo.

#16 Dog’s Best Brother Guide


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A post shared by Brandi Kealoha (@brandi.ks)

If your dog is a main family member, why not have him make the announcement? Make a fake book cover titled “A Dog’s Guide: How to be the Best Big Brother.” Open the book in front of your dog while he’s laying down. To keep him in place, try placing a treat in the centerfold and saying “stay.”

To add a summer theme to this photo, take it in your backyard, by the pool, or on the beach. Bonus points if you place a summer cocktail by your dog’s side.

#18 The Ride of Our Lives

Summer is carnival season, which can make for a beautiful backdrop. We love the idea above of using a letterboard with the phrase “We’re in for the Ride of our Lives.”

#19 Red, White and Due


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A post shared by Mandy The Momma (@mandythemomma)

This is another option perfect for Independence Day. Dress in a red and white striped shirt that shows off your baby belly. Have your photographer snap a picture as you hold a letterboard with the words “Red, White & Due.”

#20 Hilltop Wind Pregnancy Photo

On a windy day, choose a hill that has a beautiful background. Wear an open maternity dress and take a photo while the wind blows it up, exposing your baby belly.

Summary: Summer Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
If you’re looking for summer pregnancy photoshoot announcement ideas, there’s plenty of options to choose from. Whether you want to stay at home or take advantage of the beautiful weather, there’s many ways to bring summer into your maternity photos.

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