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This spring, as the flowers grow, so is your baby! And what better way to experience that growth than using a fetal doppler!

Fetal dopplers allow you to hear your baby’s heartbeat during pregnancy. While the experience is magical year-round, it’s especially symbolic during spring.

In this guide, we’re sharing 10 ways you can use your fetal doppler during spring.

What is Fetal Doppler Sonoline B?

A fetal doppler is a handheld device you use to listen to your baby’s heartbeat before she’s born. While doctors use these in office to monitor your baby’s development, you can use the device at home between appointments. Many parents say owning a fetal doppler helps them bond with their baby. Alongside feeling movement, it also provides another layer of reassurance that your baby is healthy.

When purchasing a fetal doppler heartbeat monitor, the brand you choose is important. Fetal dopplers on Amazon tend to be cheaply made with tons of feedback and little product support. In contrast, fetal doppler Sonoline B is an industry-trusted brand that’s been recommended by parents and midwives for years. Sonoline B fetal dopplers offer:

  • Reduced static
  • High-accuracy probe
  • MedHD speakers for optimal playback
  • Connecting app to track, record, and share heartbeat
  • Free ultrasound gel sample and batteries

10 Ways to Use Your Fetal Doppler During Spring

Learn several ways you can use your Sonoline B fetal doppler during the spring season.

Outdoor Announcement

Want to make your pregnancy announcement into a mini celebration? Set up your backyard with balloons and baby accessories. Have something to sit or lay on, like a patio swing, chair, or chaise lounger.

Ask your family to come over for a normal visit. While your partner welcomes guests into your home, set up your fetal doppler outside, reclining back and finding the heartbeat. Have your partner lead your guests to the backyard to discover the fetal heartbeat in action.

Family members will love getting to hear your baby as soon as they receive the good news.

Spring Maternity Photoshoot with Fetal Doppler

Spring is a wonderful season for a maternity shoot. You can enjoy the nature before it gets too hot, making it uncomfortable to stand for longer periods.

First, choose a nature-inspired location, like a:

  • Farm
  • Park
  • Garden
  • Orchard
  • Beach

Next, you’ll need something to sit or lay on so that you can use your fetal doppler for the photo. You can bring a portable stool or rustic chair. Or you could choose a location like a park bench.

Then pick an ideal outfit for using your fetal doppler. As the weather warms up, it makes way for beautiful maternity dresses with split fronts. Wear a pair of shorts or underwear underneath and leave your belly bare.

Before it’s time to snap the photo, use your fetal doppler to find your baby’s heartbeat. When you’ve found it, direct your photographer to take the photo. Have them take a few full-body photos and then a closeup of the fetal doppler screen in front of your split dress. This way, you’ll have a photo of the fetal heart rate you can cherish forever.

Fetal Doppler Outdoor Baby Shower

Spring is the perfect time to hold a baby shower outdoors! Whether in your backyard or a park, sprouting flowers symbolize the beginning of life and your growing baby.

The typical baby shower involves snacks, baby-themed games, and, of course, the gender reveal. Spice up your baby shower by using a fetal doppler. The device creates a memorable experience that elevates your celebration and makes the baby feel more “real.”

Get creative and turn your fetal doppler into a game called “Guess the Heart Rate.” Have your guests guess your baby’s heartbeat and write it on a piece of paper. Then use your fetal doppler to detect the heart rate. The closest wins a prize!

Spring Social Media Post

If you’re looking for a unique way to reveal your pregnancy on the internet, consider a spring social media post using your fetal doppler.

Sitting in your backyard or another outdoor location, pull out your fetal doppler and use it to detect your baby’s heartbeat. Have your partner film the experience. Upload it to social media with the caption “we’re expecting!”

Easter Celebration

Use your fetal doppler during your Easter family gathering. Family members who you don’t see often will appreciate the rare opportunity to experience your pregnancy.

After egg hunting or dinner, sneak away to a different room to use your fetal doppler. To make it eggs-tra special, decorate the space with eggs and cute phrases like, “an egg will hatch soon!” Recline back on a chair or bed and detect your baby’s heartbeat. Once you’ve found the correct noise, call your family in to hear.

Easter is also a great time to announce your pregnancy. For more ideas on that, read 19 Best Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Easter Season

Spring Prenatal Picnic with Fetal Doppler

Plan a spring picnic with your family and bring along the fetal doppler for a magical touch.

Pack a picnic blanket, some cushions, and some light snacks, like sandwiches or your favorite pregnancy craving staples. After your lunch, lean back and use your fetal doppler. Have a meditative moment with your partner. Listen to the sound of her heartbeat alongside the sounds of spring. Envision your baby growing big and strong as life blooms around you.

Document Your Baby’s Growth Alongside Nature’s Growth

If you’re feeling creative, document your baby’s heartbeat and pair it alongside the growth of nature. Here’s how:

  1. Choose a week to start and plant a flower. This will symbolize your baby’s visual growth.
  2. Each week, make an audio recording of your baby’s heartbeat using the BabyDoppler app.
  3. Each week, also take a photo of your flower’s growth.
  4. Continue this for 4-8 weeks.

When you’re finished, combine the flower photos and heartbeat audio using a video editing app like InShot. Here’s how:

  1. Create title “[Name’s] Growth from [date] to [date]”
  2. Create title “Week 1”
  3. Insert photo of flower/sprout at week 1.
  4. Insert week 1 heartbeat audio to play over flower photo.
  5. Continue for all weeks

Spring Date Night with Fetal Doppler

Plan a spring date night using your fetal doppler.

Select a location, such as a nearby park or your backyard. Instead of making a meal, save yourself some energy by ordering a date night dinner (BBQ food is perfect for spring!). Set up your outdoor space with cozy blankets for when the sun sets and it cools off. Add some fairy lights and relaxing music for a magical touch.

After enjoying your dinner together, use your fetal doppler. This time, ask your partner to find the heartbeat. Have them apply the ultrasound gel and move the probe around until they detect the baby. While your partner may have heard the heartbeat before, getting them involved by using the device makes it even more special. When they’ve detected the right noise, share a romantic moment, envisioning your future family.

Celebrate Mother’s Day

Even if this is your first pregnancy, you’re already nurturing a baby inside your belly—so you have permission to celebrate!

Whether it’s going out for a nice dinner or cozying up at home with your partner, do something you enjoy and find meaningful. To cap off the celebration, enjoy a fetal doppler session with your partner. Once you’ve found the heartbeat, take a moment to relish the fact that you’re already a mother. By this time next year, you’ll have a baby in your arms or crawling all around.

Take a Babymoon

A babymoon is your last chance to vacation before the baby arrives. Spring is a great time to take a babymoon too! The snow has melted and you don’t need to worry about being too cold. And the weather is warm but not too hot yet to trigger your pregnancy hot flashes. This widens your options for babymoon locations!

Whether you drive to the next state or hop on a plane, traveling while pregnant can be worrisome. Even though you’re away from your doctor, a fetal doppler can bring comfort. If you suspect anything is wrong, you can record your baby’s heartbeat and send it to your doctor back home. They can determine whether it’s a false alarm or if you should go to a local hospital.

Since fetal dopplers are small, lightweight, and portable, you can bring them anywhere you are. Simply stick it in your purse and go. Whether at home, in the office, or on a vacation—your fetal doppler can be there with you.

Don’t Have a Fetal Doppler Yet?

If you don’t have a fetal doppler yet, get one now while our spring sale is still on! Parents say Sonoline B fetal dopplers are an easy-to-use, comforting tool during pregnancy.

See Why Parents Love Fetal Dopplers! Get Your Affordable Device Today!

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