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If you’re egg-specting this Easter, use the holiday to share the good news!

Easter pregnancy announcements are memorable, colorful, and fun for the whole family.

In this guide, we’re sharing 19 unique pregnancy announcement ideas for easter.

19 Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Easter

Searching for fun pregnancy announcement ideas for easter? Scroll through the list below to find the best ideas for your family!

#1 Egg Timer

Set an egg timer somewhere for your family to find. Beside it, leave a note with a phrase like:

  • The time is right to have a baby!
  • We finally got the timing right—we’re pregnant!
  • It’s an eggs-tra special day! I’m pregnant!
  • No eggs-aggeration—I’m pregnant!
  • The egg will be ready to hatch in X months
  • We have egg-cellent news. We’re pregnant!

#2 Basket of Eggs

Place a few eggs in a decorative Easter basket. On the front of one egg, write your announcement. You could simply write “I’m pregnant!”

#3 Bun In The Oven

If you’re having family or friends over for Easter dinner, this is a fun idea. When everyone is sitting down and ready to eat, announce that you’re “having trouble with the bun in the oven.”

When everyone asks you to clarify, call them over to check it out.

When they open the oven, have them discover a baking sheet with parchment paper on top, reading “there’s a bun in the oven.” Use a marker to write your announcement on the parchment paper. If your family loves a good joke, out of all the pregnancy announcement ideas for easter, this one will be memorable!

#4 Extra Bunny Ears

Searching for photo pregnancy announcement ideas for easter? Take a shot of you and your partner wearing Easter bunny ears while holding baby-sized bunny ears toward the camera. Write a caption like “a little bunny is on their way.”

#5 Pregnant Easter Shirt

For a simple announcement, wear a pregnant Easter shirt. Search Etsy and Amazon for your favorite designs. You’ll find creative sayings like:

  • “Egg-cited to say, a bunny is on the way”
  • “Mama bunny”
  • “Egg-specting”
  • “Hatching soon!”

#6 Easter Pregnant Belly Painting

If you’ve been waiting to announce your pregnancy and you already have a belly, use it to your advantage. Use belly paints to create an easter pregnant belly painting. Paint an egg shape around your belly and decorate it with different colors.

When you’re ready to share the big news, lift your shirt up for all to see. If you wish, add your due date to your artwork. These also make amazing social media announcement photos.

#7 Easter Egg Belly Cast

Another announcement idea if you already have a belly is to create a belly cast. Belly cast kits come with plaster tape that you can arrange over your belly and let dry into a cast. After it’s fully dry, paint an Easter egg on the belly cast and add your due date. This would also make a great Easter gift for grandparents.

#8 Easter Egg Surprise: Easter Pregnancy Announcement with Siblings

If you’re looking for pregnancy announcement ideas for your kids, here’s a good one. Place a note inside a special easter egg, like “you’re getting a new sibling!” Hide the egg and wait for your children to find it. This would also make a great surprise if grandparents are there for the egg hunt.

#9 Chalk Board

Looking for simple pregnancy announcement ideas for easter? Write your announcement on a small chalkboard and surround it with colorful easter eggs. Display it at your front entrance. As guests enter your home, they’ll immediately learn the good news.

#10 Easter Dinner Cards

Set the table for Easter dinner and place a card on each plate announcing the good news. Choose Easter-themed phrases like, “We’re adding a new bunny to the family” or “We’re so egg-cited to become parents!”

#11 No Wine at Easter Dinner

If you normally serve alcoholic drinks at Easter dinner, this year will look a bit different, so why not use it to your advantage? While everyone is sitting down, have your partner go around the table and pour everyone a glass of wine. When it reaches you, cover your glass and announce the good news.

#12 DIY Pregnancy Announcement Easter Scratch Cards

Get creative and make your own announcement scratch cards. You only need a few supplies:

  • Cardstock paper
  • Clear tape
  • Dish soap
  • Paint

You can draw your card or design it online and print it out. First, write a phrase on top like, “This Easter is eggs-tra special! Scratch to find out why.” Create an egg shape scratching area. Inside it, write your announcement like, “I’m pregnant.” Cover the scratching area with tape. Then paint on your dish soap and paint scratching solution. Click here for the full recipe and instructions.

#13 Ultrasound Photo In Basket Easter Pregnancy Reveal

Before family arrives at your home, make a cute Easter basket to display near the front door. Add filling, colored eggs, and your ultrasound photo. Another option is to make everyone an Easter basket filled with candy and chocolates. Before you hand them out, slip an ultrasound photo into each one.

#14 Halloween Egg

If you’re announcing pregnancy on Easter, you’ll likely have your baby in the Halloween season. Paint an egg orange and draw a jack o’lantern face on the front. Display it in your home with a message beside it reading, “Hatching this Halloween season!”

#15 Egg in a Box

For a keepsake they’ll cherish forever, place a decorative egg inside a gift box. Slip a note inside that says “Hatching on [due date].” Hand one out to all your family and friends as an Easter announcement gift.

#16 Easter Egg Wreath

For crafty parents, create a DIY Easter egg wreath using plastic eggs and other supplies from the dollar store. Using string and cardboard, hang a note in the center of the wreath announcing your pregnancy. Ideas include:

  • “One more bunny coming this [due date month]”
  • “An egg is hatching on [due date]”
  • “We’re egg-specting”

Hang the wreath on your front door or anywhere guests will gather. Learn how to make an Easy Easter Wreath here.

#17 Nest with Egg

Instead of a wreath, hang a nest on your door. Write your baby’s due date on an Easter egg and use a glue gun to attach it to the nest. Above the hanging nest, make a sign that reads “our nest is blessed.”

 #18 Easter Bunny Delivery: Easter Pregnancy Announcement with Siblings

If your kids already know you’re pregnant, ask them if they’d like to participate in the announcement. When your family has arrived, have your child put on bunny ears and hop toward the guests. Your child can announce, “I’m the Easter bunny and I have a special delivery!” Have them hand over an easter egg with a message inside reading, “we’re egg-spanding the family!”

#19 Pocket Fetal Doppler Easter Announcement

If you’re looking for pregnancy announcement ideas for easter, try a fetal doppler! Pocket fetal dopplers are handheld devices that allow you to hear your baby’s heartbeat from home. They’re easy to use and work similarly to an ultrasound. Parents love fetal heartbeat monitors because they provide reassurance and help the family bond. And what better way to bond than on Easter when you announce your pregnancy?

Fetal dopplers start working around 12 weeks of pregnancy; when many women decide to announce the big news. Although the device may work earlier, the baby may be too small to reliably detect.

Here’s a quick rundown of how the device works:

  1. Apply a blob of ultrasound gel to your lower abdomen
  2. Place the probe in the gel and turn the device on
  3. Slowly rock the probe, covering every area of your belly
  4. Stop when you detect a heartbeat—hear the beat and see the fetal heart rate on the screen
  5. For tips on discerning a heartbeat vs. other noises, read 10 Must-Know Secret Tips for Finding Fetal Heartbeat with Doppler

When you’re ready to announce the news on Easter, gather your family around and let them hear the heartbeat for the first time. Consider sneaking off into a private room to set up your device. When you’ve detected the baby, call your family or friends in to make the announcement.

If you have long-distance family or friends, you can take a video of the fetal doppler working and send it on Easter day! To make it Easter-themed, decorate the background and add a message to the video, like “an egg is about to hatch.”

Summary: Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Easter

When you’re pregnant during spring, consider announcing the great news on Easter when family and friends are gathered. You can also take Easter-themed announcement photos to share with long-distance family or social media friends. Use the list above to find the best pregnancy announcement ideas for easter.

Hear Your Baby’s Heartbeat From Home. Get a Pocket Fetal Doppler Today!

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