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Pregnancy is a life-altering experience for a woman. Both emotionally as well as physically. As a woman “grows” into her pregnancy, her body undergoes a lot of change over the period of nine months. Some of these changes are quite apparent like growing baby belly. Others are not so apparent. So if you have recently become pregnant, this will be quite an interesting article for you.

Here’s how your body will undergo change-

Enlarged breasts

Most women will be happy with this change. The breasts become more prominent and tender during pregnancy. The nipples become more sensitive to touch.  As the body prepares itself for breastfeeding, breasts start to leak a milky fluid generally during the 3rd trimester.

Oral hygiene

Pregnancy gingivitis is common among pregnant women. The gums swell up and get inflamed. Occasional bleeding is also known to occur. So it is very important to keep a good dental and oral hygiene. Consult your dentist and inform him about your pregnancy. He will advise you on various do’s and don’ts regarding your oral hygiene.


As you must have found out yourself and complimented by others, during pregnancy, our skin begins to “glow”. This is caused by the increased estrogen levels in the body. But the downside to this is that in some cases, dark spots on face, especially on cheeks and nose, come up. These are due to excessive melanin formation due to high levels of estrogen in our body. Don’t worry about these, they will disappear after the delivery.

Stretch marks also appear on the body especially on the belly, around breasts and thighs. As the belly or the breasts increase in size, the collagen fibres in the skin break down due to the rapid growth of the skin. These also tend to itch sometimes. However, these are temporary and after the delivery, they reduce in size and become less noticeable.

Sometimes, in some women, a dark line is formed in the middle of the abdomen starting from the belly button to the pubic bone. This is caused due to the fluctuating hormones in the body and tends to disappear after the delivery.

Due to increased hormonal fluctuations, acne can be more pronounced or appear in some cases. So keep your doctor prescribed acne creams handy.


You will notice that you suddenly have rich and thick beautiful hair on your head. This is again caused by the increased estrogen levels in the body. But, just as they appear, they also shed themselves as much after the baby. Generally after around the 4-6 months, the normal thickness of your hair returns back.

Joint and back pains

As the body prepares itself for the delivery of the baby, it releases hormones which make the joints in the pelvic and hip area loose and the ligaments less stiff. But these hormones also affect other parts of your body and normally you will experience joint pains. Lower back pain is also a common occurrence. Yoga and pre-natal body massage help greatly to deal with these. However, you should consult your doctor before trying them out.

Higher body temperature

Due to increased metabolic rate, your body temperature will remain higher. This will make you sweat a lot. Therefore, you should drink plenty of water, especially during summers.

Swollen feet

You will also experience swelling around your feet which is common during pregnancy. This is due to accumulation of extra fluids being produced by your body.

We at Baby Doppler advise you to consult with your doctor on any issue or concern that you may have. Most of the times, it can due to the changes occurring in your body due to the pregnancy and not to be worried of. Keep regular appointments with your doctor and very soon you will hold your bundle of joy in your hand!

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