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Most mothers are eager to know a lot of things about their unborn child like the color of the eyes, hair etc. How would it be if you can actually calculate the weight of your yet-to-be born baby? Sounds far out and quite exciting, doesn’t it. This isn’t mere conjecture or guesswork. It is based on a formula that has been tried and tested.

Who would want to know the weight of an unborn baby? Your obstetrician is one, for sure, because if he or she can predict the baby’s weight at birth, it makes the delivery a lot easier. Normally, an obstetrician would rely on an ultrasound to predict the baby’s weight. However, new research in the area indicates that a mathematic equation serves well for predicting the birth weight better than an ultrasound.

Doctors at the Duke University have tested the accuracy of such an equation which is accurate to within 8% of the actual weight at birth. The results of the formula have been published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), which is a part of the United States National Library of Medicine. The center claims that the formula is easy to use and gives a reliable fetal weight estimation.

With researchers claiming that the equation is easier to use when compared to a sonogram, most mothers are thrilled with the prospect of being able to calculate the weight of the baby in their womb. Whatever data is required as inputs for the formula can be got by scanning the medical records of the mother, which can be computed by doctors in a couple of minutes or so.

The formula does have some limitations as only Caucasian non-smokers with no history of hypertension (high blood pressure) or diabetes were included. Another requisite is knowing the exact date of the last period of the subject, based on which the duration of the pregnancy is calculated. The formula, published in webmd is also published in the website of NCBI.

If you are eager as a mother-to-be to find out the actual weight of your new born there’s no better way than using the Baby Doppler MINIMAX BABY SCALE KIT, which is a precision baby scale that gives you the accurate weight of your little one. Thrown in are a measuring tape, Growth Chart and batteries, which are all included.

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