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If you’re pregnant in the fall, there’s so many maternity photoshoot ideas that it may be hard to choose.

Since the season lends itself to beautiful colors, take advantage of them by heading outdoors. From pumpkins to cornfields and everything in between, we have an idea that you’ll love on this list.

Keep reading to see 25 fall maternity photoshoot ideas perfect for your pregnancy announcement.

25 Fall Maternity Photoshoot Ideas for Fall Pregnancy Announcements

When you’re looking at options for your fall maternity photoshoot, there are 4 main ingredients to consider:

Location. Take advantage of the beautiful nature fall has to offer. That includes fallen leaves, pumpkin patches, cornfields, or even your backyard or local park. This sets the tone and theme for your maternity photo.

Outfit. Choose an outfit that shows off your belly, whether it’s an open dress or tight shirt. Consider wearing a fall color that contrasts your background.

Lighting. How well your photo turns out largely depends on the lighting. If you’re getting a friend to take the photo, consider choosing a location with the best natural light.

Photographer. Hiring a photographer is the best way to ensure your shots turn out. A professional can shoot in lower-lit locations for magical fall vibes. If you don’t have a photographer, use a tripod with a timer or ask a friend to help out.

#1 Holding Pumpkin

Symbolize your little pumpkin inside your womb by holding a real pumpkin! To keep with the orange theme, consider wearing an orange outfit that shows off your belly. Line the background with a series of pumpkins.

#2 Hill with Long Grass/Weeds

For a fall maternity photoshoot, consider taking your camera to a hilly location where there’s overgrown weeds or grass. Wear a casual, country outfit with fall colors. We love the hat, fitted dress, and cardigan she chose in the photo above.

#3 Grassy Clearing with Partner

Similar to the idea above, find a clearing with tall grass or weeds. Have your partner stand behind you, holding your belly and kissing your shoulder. For his outfit, a light-colored dress shirt and jeans look dressed up yet casual enough for the environment.

#4 Dark Water’s Edge

Fall can have a magical, dark feel. To capture that in your fall maternity photoshoot, head to a location where a body of water meets an edge or bank of rocks. Have your photographer snap a photo as you hold your baby belly, overlooking the sea. The photo will be in a darker tone, so it’s a good idea to choose a dress in a bright, contrasting color.

As she describes in the photo caption, looking over the edge can symbolize staring your new future in the face.

Since this photo is taken as it turns into night, you might need a skilled photographer.

#5 Belly Close Up


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For a faceless fall maternity photoshoot, hold your belly with two hands as your photographer zooms in for a close-up.

To make your belly pop, wear a bra paired with a lace cardigan.

#6 Bright Red


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As we move into the late fall, we start gravitating towards holiday colors, like red. A beautiful option for a fall pregnancy announcement photoshoot is to wear a bright red dress in front of a black background. Choose an open dress to create contrast and make your belly stand out.

Similar to the photo above, you can strike two poses: a standing and sitting one.

#7 Workbench in Nature

This is another idea that allows you to take advantage of the fall colors as summer fades away. If fancy dresses aren’t your thing, try going casual. Bring an old workbench to a clearing in nature and wear simple jeans with a lace bra.

For best results, take it at sunset to increase your maternal glow.

#8 Against Tree Bark

This is a fall pregnancy announcement idea anyone can do as long as they have a tree nearby! Lean against the tree while holding your belly and looking slightly upwards.

The darkness of the tree bark pairs nicely with her orange dress for a fall feel.

#9 Fallen Leaf Path

For this simple idea, you’ll just need a path covered in leaves. If you can, choose a location where trees are draping over with multi-colored leaves. As the sun sets, stand in the middle, holding your baby belly.

#10 Lay in Field

Spread a blanket down in a field and lay on top, peacefully holding your belly. To make it fall-themed, wear an orange outfit and consider placing a straw hat beside you.

#11 Orange Lights


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This is an easy, fun fall pregnancy announcement photo idea if you want to take it yourself. Sit on a blanket and decorate the background with orange or red fairy lights. Use a tripod or lean your phone camera against something and use the timer.

#12 Pumpkin Patch


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Find a pumpkin patch and have your photographer take a picture of you and your partner amongst all the pumpkins.

#13 Dirt Road


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This is another idea that’s perfect for casual parents who live in the county. Throw on a pair of jean shorts (unbuttoned!), a bra, and a jacket. If you have a pair of cowboy boots, they’ll look great in this photo! You can swipe through the photos in the post to get ideas for poses.

#14 Leading Through a Field

Here’s another idea for a photoshoot in a field. Wear a dark fitted dress and snap a picture as you lead your partner through the tall flowers.

#15 Fall Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot Flat Lay


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For a faceless pregnancy announcement idea, spread a dark plaid blanket on the ground and arrange red fallen leaves around it. On it, place your sonogram photo, a pumpkin, and a cute baby onesie.

#17 In Front of Old Building

If you like the spooky, dark vibes of fall, you can achieve that in a pregnancy announcement photoshoot. Choose an old building to use as a mysterious background. For a pregnancy fall outfit, choose a fit, dark red dress.

#18 Jack-O-Lantern Leaf

This is another close-up idea for a fall pregnancy announcement photo. Wear a tight, knit sweater and hold up a few leaves in front of your belly. To make it extra fall-themed, draw a Jack-o-lantern face on the first leaf.

#19 Marsh or Pond Background

If you have a marsh or pond near you, take advantage of its fall colors by posing in front of it.

#20 Fall Maternity Photoshoot in the Forest


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The forest is one of the most beautiful places to be this season, so why not take your fall pregnancy photoshoot there? Pose among the fallen leaves and have your photographer take a picture from behind the branches. Make sure to wear a bright dress so you stand out among all the colored leaves.

#21 On a Dock

Although you can take a maternity photo on a dock in the summer, it has cozier vibes with muted colors in the fall. Sit near the edge and have your partner hold your belly as they kiss you from behind. For a fall pregnancy outfit, wear a dress, cardigan, and sandals or boots. Your partner can wear jeans, a casual button-up, and boots.

#22 Leaf Throw

To inject some energy into your fall maternity photoshoot, stand among the trees as you throw up a handful of fallen leaves. Wear a green panty and bra set with a white cardigan or button-up shirt.

#23 Cornfields


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Cornfields are another location that’s classic for fall. Stand between cornrows and hold your belly. Your outfit can be casual with boots, jeans, and a light yellow shirt.

#24 Standing On a Bridge


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Find a bridge that overlooks trees with varying colored leaves. Have your photographer take a photo from far away so the beautiful background and bridge are captured.

#25 Golden Ray In a Forest

Posing as the sun sets is a good way to get a magic glow in your photos. In fall, the yellow leaves create a golden glow that can make you look like a goddess. For contrast, consider wearing a dark green dress.

Summary: Fall Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot Ideas
Before choosing a theme for your fall maternity photoshoot, consider the skill of your photographer. While professionals can handle darker locations and complex ideas, DIY photoshoots are best done in natural light. If you want to improve a photo you took yourself, consider editing options or using filters.

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