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Pregnancy is the perfect time to make crafts.

Even if you’re not a creative person, your nesting urges may get you in the mood. Plus, more time at home may lead you to seek out new hobbies.

Whether you want to make something practical, a keepsake or something for your baby, this list is full of ideas for any expecting parent.

Keep reading for our full guide on DIY pregnancy crafts.

21 DIY Pregnancy Crafts

If you’re in the mood to get creative, scroll through our list of ideas, perfect for when you’re expecting. From DIY pregnancy pillows, DIY pregnancy belly casts to DIY pregnancy journals, there’s options geared toward your crafting level.

DIY Flower Mobile


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For a baby mobile with a feminine touch, create one using ribbons and a selection of fake flowers.

DIY Baby Box


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This box can be crafted using fun and random items you have laying around. For more ideas, check out a thrift store. Paint a box with a fun color and hot glue gun items on top.

Think about interactive elements a baby would love to touch, hear or play with. Different textures and objects that create noise are great ideas. Although you should always supervise your future baby while they play with the box, avoid using small items since they can break off and become a choking hazard.

DIY Beaded Baby Mobile


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This baby mobile only requires colorful beads, string, wooden pieces and a hoop to tie them onto.

DIY Pregnancy Pillow


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Pregnancy pillows provide support in all the right places. They can ease discomfort, making you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Although you can purchase one, if you’re good at sewing, you can try making one for a fraction of the cost. Here’s the full instructions for making a DIY pregnancy pillow.

DIY Pregnancy Birthing Flags

You can make birthing flags by attaching cut fabric to tassels. Have fun playing around with color combinations. Display the flags on a table at your baby shower and allow guests to write inspiring messages for you and your baby.

DIY Pregnancy Photo Frame Display

This DIY pregnancy keepsake is one cute enough to keep forever. Paint a wooden frame and drill holes in the side for string. Using tiny clothes hanger clips, hang sonogram photos.

DIY Pregnancy Support Belt


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If you don’t want to buy a wrap, you can make a DIY pregnancy support belt. While the purchased version might provide more support, select a fabric that’s comfortable yet can hold your belly.

DIY Pregnancy Journal


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Sure, you can buy a keepsake pregnancy notebooks to fill out with pre-selected prompts. But you can also make your own. Whether you’re on a budget or want to customize it yourself consider a DIY pregnancy journal. To get ideas on what to include and how to decorate it, read How to DIY Pregnancy Journal Prompts and 15 Ideas: Keepsake Guide.

DIY Pregnancy Announcement Pacifier Holder


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Looking for a unique way to announce your pregnancy? Rather than sending your parents a card or photo, send them this small gift. Choose a cute, small box and insert a note inside reading, “In case mommy and daddy forget this when we come visit!” Place a pacifier inside the box with a note reading “Coming Soon!” and your baby’s due date.

DIY Baby Bows


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These baby bows are adorable and customizable to your style. There’s several ways you can do this. Here’s how to make a DIY no sew baby flower handband. You can also check out this video on how to make baby bows headwraps.

Practical DIY Pregnancy Survival Kit


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If you’re reading this list because one of your friends or family members is pregnant, consider making them a pregnancy survival kit.

Decorate the front of a box with the words “Pregnancy Survival Kit.” Then load it with items that your pregnant friend would find practical. Here’s some ideas:

DIY Pregnancy Survival Kit for Self-Care

This is another version of the DIY pregnancy survival kit, but it focus more on relaxation and mental well-being. Fill a box with items that you know your friend would find calming:

  • Sleep mask
  • Lotions and creams
  • Face masks
  • Online movie rental gift cards
  • Food delivery gift cards
  • Candles
  • Pregnancy tea

DIY Pregnancy Belly Cast

Belly casts are exactly what they sound like: casts for your stomach. After the form dries, you can take it off and decorate it with whatever you like. Picture collages, paint, glitter, messages to your baby and stickers are just some ideas. They make for a great pregnancy keepsake you can keep forever.

You can buy belly cast kits on Amazon, but you can also make your own cast if you have a few materials. You’ll need paster cloth wrap, petroleum jelly, newspaper and a few other things to get started. See the full directions for a DIY pregnant belly cast here.

DIY Pregnant Belly Cast Bowl


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If you’re making a DIY pregnant belly cast, here’s another option for your finished product: make it into a decorative bowl. You can paint it as you’d like and include a special design on the inside. Use the directions in the craft above to create the cast.

DIY Pregnancy Pant Extender


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Depending on how much weight you gain, you probably won’t be able to use this hack for your entire pregnancy. But it can help prolong the use of your regular clothes before you need looser pants or maternity wear. Put a hair tie around your pants button and loop it around the hole. If the gap becomes too noticeable, pair your pants with longer, flowy tops that cover it.

DIY Pregnancy Photoshoot Shirt

There’s so many choices for what to wear for a DIY pregnancy photoshoot. If you want to keep it simple and low-cost, purchase a fitted pink or blue tank top. Have your partner (or yourself for a solo photoshoot) dip their hands into a paint a few shades darker than the shirt. Place the hands on your baby belly and have your photographer snap the photo after the hands are lifted.

DIY Baby Toy: Picture Dice


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If you want to make a baby toy, these picture dice/blocks are easy and customizable. Find wooden blocks at your local craft store and paint them whatever colors you’d like. When the set is dry, select photos or pictures to glue to each side. These can be pictures of family members, characters, etc.

DIY Baby Block Mobile


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This cute baby mobile can be made with wooden blocks you already have or ones you find at a thrift store. If you get blank blocks, you can paint them into a design that fits the theme of your nursery. Drill holes into the blocks and attach them using string.

DIY Belly Butter


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You can make moisturizing belly butter with just a couple ingredients. @herbalbirthkeeping guides you to warm raw shea or cocoa butter and then add your favorite pregnancy-safe essential oils. Transfer to a jar and apply to your belly as needed. Read the full description for details.

P.S. If you’re looking for a cream with added ingredients to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, check out our MamaDerma line. The Stretch Mark Prevention Oil contains a curated blend of ingredients, including Gotu Kola, an extract said to reduce stretch marks.

DIY Pregnancy Laddoos (Healthy Snack)


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When the hunger pains hit and you want to reach for a processed energy bar, turn to one of these nutritious snacks instead. Deeksha says they’re perfect for midnight cravings. Click through for her step-by-step photo instructions.

DIY Padsciles


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A padsicle is what it sounds like—a frozen pad. Many women use them after labor to relieve pain. You can stick them in your underwear to reduce any bruising, swelling or discomfort. It’s best to make these during pregnancy so they’re ready by the time you go into labor. You’ll need night pads, witch hazel and aloe vera gel. Get the full directions on Pregnant Chicken.

Summary: DIY Pregnancy Crafts

Whether you’re staying home more during pregnancy or you’re crafting as part of your nesting phase, there’s many Pregnancy DIYs to choose from. The ideas on this list are affordable and many can be customized to what you have at home.

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