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What do you get the pregnant mom-to-be? While cute baby clothes and supplies are a go-to, they aren’t exactly gifts for her own enjoyment.

At the same time, her sizing and interests may have changed, so it can be difficult to find appropriate presents.

In this guide, we’re providing you with 16 awesome ideas that every expecting mother is sure to love.

16 Christmas Gifts for Expecting Mothers

Whether she’s your partner, friend, daughter, sister or co-worker, we have you covered.

#1 5-Piece Maternity and Nursing Set

Maternity clothes can be expensive for the small amount of time you use them for. If she’s afraid to splurge, get her a set she can feel comfortable in. Each design comes with a top, pants, robe, baby gown and a matching baby hat.

Get the Matching Maternity Set from $68

#2 Sonogram Ornament

For the sentimental mom-to-be, surprise her by putting her sonogram photo on a Christmas ornament, complete with a personalized saying. Unlike most customizable ornaments, this one is double-sided.

Get the Sonogram Ornament for $25

#3 Fetal Heartbeat Monitor

If she doesn’t already have one, guaranteed a fetal doppler will be the most exciting gift she’ll receive this year. Fetal dopplers or fetal heartbeat monitors are handheld deceives that allow you to hear your baby’s heartbeat while she’s still inside your womb! She simply applies some ultrasound gel and glides the probe over her abdomen until a heart rate is displayed on the screen. They work similar to an ultrasound, only you have the choice of hearing it through headphones or the speaker. There’s several things to love about dopplers:

  • Provides reassurance that baby is okay, which is especially anxiety-relieving for couples who have had miscarriages (but it doesn’t replace regular check-ups)
  • Provides a bonding experience for family members that can’t bond with the baby until she’s born (your partner, grandparents, etc.)
  • A fun and gentle way to introduce children to the idea of having a baby sister/brother
  • Can insert a recorder to record heartbeat sound keepsakes or to play back suspected irregularities to the doctor
  • Affordable one-time purchase that can be used for multiple pregnancies

To learn more about fetal dopplers, read our guides:

Get the Fetal Doppler from $49.95

#4 Bump Baby Boxes

If she likes gift baskets but you’re not the type to put one together, getting one already assembled is an alternative. BumpBoxes sell gifts for every trimester, so she can get one curated for where’s she’s at in her journey. To give you an idea, the 1st-trimester box comes with a water bottle, belly stickers, nausea band and an organic bath bomb.

You can get BumpBoxes for $49.99

#5 Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow

This is a great present if she’s having trouble getting comfortable because of her growing baby belly. Although there’s many pregnancy pillows on the market, this one has a new 2019 design that hugs the curves of the entire body.

Get the Full-Length Pregnancy Pillow for $74.99

#6 Automatic Sensor Vitamin Pen

If your partner is a health nut, she’ll be fascinated by the Vitastiq Family + Pregnancy Vitamin and Mineral Tracker. The non-invasive and painless device can detect your levels of over 26 nutrients just by pressing it against the skin. Using the connecting app, she’ll be guided on where to place the pen for which readings. Her results will also be displayed on her phone so she can see how she’s improving and read personalized tips. The device can be used during pregnancy to make sure she’s getting all her essentials. This can be especially important for mothers who aren’t sure what they’re getting through their diet. You’ll get your money’s worth because it can also be used on children and the rest of the family! If you’re wondering how it works, it’s based on electroacupuncture research.

Get the Vitastiq Tracker for $199.95

#7 Baby Milestone Keepsake Storage Box

This adorable storage box opens up like a book to reveal 9 drawers to store everything baby-related. You can store little booties, pacifiers, small first toys or anything else your heart desires. Since it’s a keepsake, it truly is the gift that will keep giving for decades to come.

Get the Drawer Storage Keepsake Box for $15.99

#8 Candles

Even though it’s a traditional gift, if she’s one for scents, she’ll appreciate it. You can choose holiday-specific scents or go with her typical scent. If you’re not sure what types of candles she likes, snoop through her current collection to get some hints.

Get a Large Yankee Candle from $14.88

#9 Heating Pad

If she complains about pain-related pregnancy side effects, a heating pad could be the gift to soothe her aches and provide comfort. As long as they don’t raise her temperature too much, they’re safe to use while expecting.

Get the Highly Rated Pure Enrichment Heating Pad for $34.99

#10 Craving Basket

If she’s going through intense pregnancy cravings, what could be better than a basket designed to cure her appetite? Pay attention to what types of foods she’s reaching for and which she says she’s repulsed by. Then, collect a variety of snacks, packaging them in a nice basket with cellophane wrap.

Get a DIY Gift Basket Kit for $28.99

#11 Back Massager

Another idea to help her relax is to get her a back massager. This Shiatsu massager can roll out the knots in her back and shoulders with varying intensity. It even has a heated setting for increased comfort. With a 4.5 star rating and over 3,000 reviews, it could be one of the expecting mother’s favorite gifts!

Get the Shiatsu Massager for $33.99

#12 Stretch Mark Prevention Products

This one starts with a big caveat: If your partner or friend has never expressed concern over stretch marks, she may be insulted by the gift. But if she’s made comments about how she wants stretch mark products but doesn’t want to splurge or has it on her wish list, it could be the ideal gift. Still, we recommend inserting a note on the gift such as, “Because you asked for this, but trust me, you look beautiful regardless!” Given to the right person, it could even score you some extra brownie points! We recommend MamaDerma products because there’s options whether she wants prevention or treatment products.

  • MamaDerma Stretch Mark Prevention Oil— It’s quick-absorbing, leaving clothes grease-free. The curation of natural ingredients has been clinically proven to reduce the chances of getting stretch marks and, if she does, to reduce their severity.
  • MamaDerma Silicone Stretch Mark Spray— The spray “locks” in the stretch mark area to provide moisture and prevent further stretching. This reduces redness and itching while flattening and softening the scar.
  • MamaDerma Stretch Mark Repair Cream with Roller— If she likes lotions more than oils and sprays, this could be ideal for her. The roller head helps the moisture penetrate the skin and creates micro-injuries, which encourages collagen production, helping to heal the marks.
#13 Non-Contact Baby Thermometer

If the pregnant lady in your life is also a huge tech lover, she’ll love this high-tech version of a baby thermometer. The USB-sized device can be pointed at your baby’s forehead to take their body temperature, or it can be used to make sure milk and bathwater are safe. Simply insert the tiny jack into your smartphone to view the results or share them with your doctor. Since both parts are so small, you can take the thermometer anywhere. If you’ve never used a non-contact thermometer before, they give you accurate results without any baby fussing since you don’t even need to touch them.

Get the Ultra-Portable Smartphone Thermometer for $29.95

#14 Instant Photo Printer

Once the baby arrives, it will probably be photos non-stop. From newborn photoshoots to capturing every cute moment to your child’s firsts, your smartphone will be there for all of it. But how do you get those photos onto your fridge or in frames proudly displayed? This printer connects to Android and Apple smartphones to provide high-quality print outs in one touch. That means no going to the store to print and no low-quality computer prints.

Get the Instant Photo Printer for $139.99

#15 Photoshoot Voucher

On the other hand, if you think she’d prefer professional photos, get her a voucher for a local maternity photographer. Do a quick Google search for professionals in your area or check local classified sites for packages.

#16 I’ve Waited 9 Months Wine Glass

If she’s a big fan of wine and these past 9 months have been killing her, this is the perfect funny gift she can use to drink her first glass.

Get the Funny Post-Pregnancy Wine Glass for $9.99

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