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Maternal Health Track™. Doctor Approved Blood Pressure Program with Reminders, High BP Notifications & Virtual Support Team.

Maternal Health Track™. Doctor Approved Blood Pressure Program with Reminders, High BP Notifications & Virtual Support Team.

Maternal Health Track™. Doctor Approved Blood Pressure Program with Reminders, High BP Notifications & Virtual Support Team.

High blood pressure can be dangerous to you and your baby. It usually doesn't present symptoms. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) states that it increases risk of pre-eclampsia, preterm delivery, and other issues.

The MHT can help you avoid severe complications. This doctor approved virtual program works with a clinical blood pressure cuff to help you monitor your BP. Have peace of mind with notifications of irregular readings. Easily print off or email these vital reports to your doctor. Be supported with direct access to a virtual support team. Clinical blood pressure cuff included. Access to monitoring service and support to 30 days postpartum.

You could be at risk if you're over 35, and/or have a medical history of hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, migraines, auto-immune disease, and/or a high BMI.

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Track your Blood Pressure (BP) throughout your pregnancy with the guided self-care MHT™ by Cloud DX, developed by physicians. ​
Irregular blood pressure is a big problem because you usually don't feel any symptoms. Regular automated vital sign monitoring can identify changes in BP early. ​
If you're over 35, have high blood pressure, migraines, or other health conditions you may be at risk.​
Improve the ease and quality of your care. With MHT™ you can automate tracking your BP, complete with reminders and notifications if your BP hits a pre-set threshold.
MHT™ also includes reports that can be printed or emailed directly to your physician. Have peace of mind as the MHT™ detects any subtle changes in pressure. You also have access to customer care, provided by real people (Mon-Sat).
You’ll have access to the full MHT from sign up until one full month after delivery of your baby. 


  • Clinically validated and trusted by mothers and doctors
  • Easy to use, wireless blood pressure cuff
  • Easily automate and track your blood pressure
  • Reminds you to take your readings
  • Notifies you if you hit a threshold or your vitals show concern
  • Report your vitals to your caregiver, doctor, or family
  • Connect to guides and resources you need
  • Customer support from real people, who are there for you
  • Service for your entire pregnancy and even a month after delivery
  • Integrates with entire Cloud DX Connected Health™ platform
  • Compatible with Apple and Android smartphones or tablets

      More Information
      • Warranty: Limited one year replacement warranty
      • Privacy: Cloud DX privacy policy
      • Blood Pressure Health: The Joint National Committee (JNC-7) standard identifies 'prehypertension' as a Systolic Blood Pressure level of 140 mmHg or higher or Diastolic Blood Pressure of 90mm Hg or higher. Should these blood pressure levels be reached before 20 weeks gestation, the patient's condition is labelled 'chronic hypertension'; after 20 weeks the condition is referred to as 'gestational hypertension'.
      • About Cloud DX: Accelerating virtual healthcare, Cloud DX is on a mission to make healthcare better for everyone. Our Connected Health™ remote patient monitoring platform is used by healthcare enterprises and care teams across North America to virtually manage chronic disease, enable aging in place, and deliver hospital-quality post-surgical care in the home. Our partners achieve better healthcare and patient outcomes, reduce the need for hospitalization or re-admission, and reduce healthcare delivery costs through more efficient use of resources. Cloud DX is the co-winner of the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, a 2021 Edison Award winner, a Fast Company “World Changing Idea” finalist, and one of “Canada’s Ten Most Prominent Telehealth Providers.” 
      • Return Policy: Returns of Cloud DX products and/or programs, such as Maternal Health Track, must be initiated within 30 (thirty) calendar days. After the initial 30-day refund policy has expired, no refunds, full or partial, will be granted. Full Refund Policy
      Brand Cloud DX
      Manufacturer Cloud DX and A&D
      Badge No
      Technical Specifications
      • Measurement accuracy: Pressure ±3 mmHg, Pulse ±5%
      • Measurement range: Pressure 20-280 mmHg, Systolic Pressure 60-279 mmHg, Diastolic Pressure 40-200 mmHg, Pulse 40-180 beats/min
      • Clinical Test: European Society of Hypertension Protocol
      • Unit dimensions (WxDxH) 3.8” x 5.1” x 2.7”
      • Cuff size 8.6-16.5”
      • Weight 1.52 Lbs
      • Power Supply 4 x 1.5V AA batteries
      • Bluetooth Ver. 4.0LE BLP
      What's Included?
      • Quick Start Guide
      • A&D Blood Pressure Cuff and Device
      • Carrying Case
      • 4 – 1.5V AA Batteries
      • MHT™ subscription until 30 days after delivery.