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  • Baby Doppler is here to make sure you have the best and most memorable pregnancy journey possible with the right tools at the most important time!

  • As a world leading brand, our product are thoughtfull designed around the needs of new/expecting momsand babies.

  • Enjoy listening to your baby's heartbeat at home and share the experience with friends and family near and for using our App! #BondWithBabyDoppler

When to use Baby Doppler

  • 30 minutes after waking up

  • 60 minutes after eating

  • 30 minutes before bedtime

Where to place the Doppler Wand

  • 1-20 Weeks(Initial Stage)

  • 24-32 Weeks(Mid-term)

  • 32-40 Weeks(Later Stage)


CheckOut Our Dopplers

  1. Gel per la trasmissione degli ultrasuoni 250 ml di Parker Aquasonic-100 per migliorare il suono del doppler fetale BD9910-01
    Gel Di Trasmissione Ad Ultrasuoni Di Miglioramento Del Suono 250Ml
    Regular Price 18,29 EUR € Special Price 12,19 EUR €
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