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We know you’re excited to use our #1 Fetal Doppler.

Select one of the buttons below to access the step-by-step guides to get the best experience with Baby Doppler.


How to use

Baby Doppler "Sonoline B"

Baby Heartbeat Tracker


Sonoline B Heartbeat Monitor

Sound Enhancing Gel, Doppler Probe and 2 x AA Batteries (comes with the Heartbeat Monitor)

A comfortable place to lie flat

Tissues or towel to wipe off the gel

Optional: Download the free Baby Doppler App to share your experience


Best time to use Baby Doppler

30 minutes after waking up
60 minutes after eating
30 minutes before bedtime

Step 1

  • Place the 2 x AA Batteries inside the Sonoline B - #Baby Heartbeat Tracker.
  • Connect the doppler probe wire to the main device.
  • Lie down comfortably with your back down on a flat surface.
  • Expose your abdomen like you would during a regular ultrasound.
  • Using the Baby Doppler while you have a full bladder can #make the heart-beat easier to hear.

Step 2

  • Switch on the device from the power button located right #on the center of the doppler.
  • Use the doppler probe to move around your lower belly until you#find a strong sound of your babyʼs heartbeat.
  • Since the gel will reduce static, use a generous amount.

Step 3

  • Starting from your pubic bone, gently glide the probe upwards towards your belly button. Slowly rock the probe, covering every#part of your stomach so that you find the heartbeat.
  • If after a few minutes you cannot find your baby, shut the #device off and try another time. You may need to wait for the #baby to grow bigger or switch posi-tions.
  • You can read the heart rate at the display monitor with the #heartbeat sound.
  • You can increase/ decrease the volume from the volume #controller given on side of Heartbeat Tracker

Step 4

  • After you've finished, clean off the probe to avoid any build-up.
  • You may choose to wipe it with 70% ethanol and then let it #air dry or simply wipe it with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Do not submerge the device in water (except waterproof models) #or apply cleaning chemicals.

Bond with your baby using Baby Doppler and Share the experience with us @BabyDoppler