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Why Babywearing is Great for Both Baby And Parents

Snuggle away with your little one, have spare hands to tackle those million and one errands that have piled up and enjoy beautiful moments with your content, non-fussy baby. Sounds too good to be true?

If you’ve never tried babywearing, I highly recommend you try it! There are so many great benefits of doing it, for both you and your little one, and these are 7 of them:

Sling babies are happy babies

Many parents worry that carrying their baby for long periods might spoil them or make them extra clingy. Research, however, shows that the exact opposite is true. When you carry your baby, it helps him feel safe, content and more confident in navigating the new world he is in.

Studies reveal that long bouts of crying are practically unheard of in cultures where baby carrying is a common practice. The close proximity your baby shares with you allows you to be more in tune with her needs and respond quickly, dispelling any need for your baby to fuss.

Free up those hands

After having a baby, most of us would agree on one thing: there never seems to be enough time! Babywearing allows you the wondrous joy of smooth multitasking; your bundle of joy can be happily snuggled away next to you while you tackle that pile of dirty laundry.

Going outdoors becomes easier too – no more hauling a heavy stroller in your car or maneuvering it through crowds of people to enjoy a jog in the park or a trip to the grocery shop. Most carriers/slings can easily be folded up and stuffed into a diaper bag, ready to be used.

Enhance your baby’s learning.

Babies that are carried use up less time crying and more time learning. Because they feel safe, they can calmly observe the world around them.

While being carried, they get a chance to be intimately involved in your world. For example, if you’re washing dishes, your baby will see what you see and hear what you hear; he will be able to experience the real adult world in depth, enhancing his understanding.

Nursing made easier

If you’re a breastfeeding mother who frequently uses a baby carrier, you’ll find it easier to feed your baby more often. This can help your baby gain weight faster as shorter intervals between feeding time results in greater fat content in your milk.

There might be times you feel awkward nursing your baby in public, especially if she is crying at the top of her lungs while you’re trying to get through dinner at a restaurant.

Having your baby in a sling means that because your baby is close to you, you can catch her hunger cues early on; you can adjust the baby’s position and your clothing and start feeding without attracting any unwanted attention.

It’s bonding time

Baby carriers are a great way for you to interact and truly bond with your baby. Enjoyable interactions happen when you feel confident as a parent. The more you carry your baby, the more in tune you will be to his needs.

Being able to respond to your baby’s needs without him having to resort to crying, greatly increases his trust in you. It is these positive interactions where you can really relax as a parent and fully enjoy your baby.

Sling babies are smart babies

Babywearing doesn’t just make your baby feel happy and safe, it also contributes greatly to her brain development.

Because she is seeing the world from your perspective, she is exposed to a greater variety of experiences than a baby who may be sitting in her cot or playpen. It is these very experiences that lead to her brain developing and growing.

Research also shows that baby carrying contributes to speech development. Because the baby is at voice level, he is able to recognize and contribute to conversations as if he were actually a part of them.

Enjoy the best of both worlds

Thanks to baby carriers, you no longer need to choose between looking after your little one or having a life. The warmth and comfort a sling provides means your baby will be less anxious in situations where all your attention is not on them.

Because they are tucked away close to you, new faces and places will not intimidate them as much; you can attend social gatherings, go to your workplace and complete every-day tasks quickly and confidently without worrying that your baby feels neglected.

This post was written by our friend Jennifer Taylor from Mom Tricks blog. For more info about babywearing and baby carrier, check this out: Mom Tricks

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