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There’s a being, live and kicking within you and it is natural for you to be curious to hear your baby’s heartbeat. Simply because it can be very reassuring and comforting for a mom to hear her baby’s heartbeat. Whenever you visit your doctor for a regular checkup he or she probably lets you listen to your baby’s heartbeat with the help of a fetal heartbeat monitor. However, did you know that you can do this sitting right at home? Thanks to Baby Doppler’s Sonoline B Baby Heartbeat Monitor you can now listen to the ticking of your baby’s tiny heart whenever you feel like it.

What’s a Baby Heart Monitor?

A baby heart monitor, more popularly known as a fetal heart monitor is a hand-held device that helps you listen to your baby’s heartbeat through sound waves. Also known as Doppler in medical parlance, they are easy to carry and can be used by any mom just to enjoy hearing the sound of her baby’s heartbeat.

The Doppler is more popular as the sound of the heartbeat can be heard by the entire family. The other device, known as a fetoscope, is more like a stethoscope and let’s only one person hear the sound.

How much should a normal baby’s heart rate be?

The normal fetal heart rate ranges from 120 to 160 beats per minute, unlike that of an adult which is around 72 beats per minute. A slight variation in your baby’s heartbeat is no cause for alarm, though any abnormal change needs immediate medical attention. A fetal heartbeat can be detected right from the 6th week of pregnancy and varies throughout the course, peaking at 170 per minute during the 10th week and stabilizing at 120 per minute during the term.

How does a Baby Heart Monitor Work?

Sonoline B Baby Heartbeat Monitor comes with a probe and works on ultrasound technology that helps translate the movement of the beating fetal heart into an audible sound. The probe transmits the ultrasound waves through its transducer, which on detecting movement, the waves bounce back and the device lets you hear the sound as a fetal heartbeat. There is a system in the monitor that amplifies the sound for all in the room to hear. It is safer to by an FDA listed baby monitor like the Sonoline B Baby Heartbeat Monitor, which is 100% safe to use.

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