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Looking for the best fetal doppler to purchase?

With all the options available, you may have a difficult time choosing which fetal doppler monitor to buy. And with cheap rip-offs on the market, you don’t want to take your chances.

In this guide, we’re discussing fetal doppler’s best and most trusted models.

What is a Fetal Doppler?

Fetal dopplers—AKA fetal doppler monitors—are small, handheld devices that allow you to detect a fetal heart rate. When detected, you’ll see the fetal heart displayed on the screen. You’ll also hear the heartbeat through the device’s speakers. Fetal dopplers typically start working around 12 weeks. However, some people can hear their baby earlier and others may need to wait longer.

Doctors use fetal dopplers in their offices to ensure the baby’s heart is developing normally. You can also use fetal dopplers for home use between appointments. Although they don’t replace check-ups, they provide other benefits.

Fetal dopplers for home are considered a must-have for many parents-to-be. The most-loved benefits Include:

  • Reassurance—Many parents are nervous in the 9 months leading up to labor. Is the baby ok? How can I be sure? Doctors recommend monitoring pregnancy signs, like counting kicks. Along with fetal movement, when used correctly, fetal dopplers can provide another level of reassurance. This is especially helpful for those who’ve experienced prior miscarriages.
  • High-Risk Pregnancies—If you have a high-risk pregnancy, your doctor may ask you to get a fetal doppler for home. When used correctly, you may be able to tell if the heartbeat seems abnormal. If this happens, you can contact your doctor to confirm the problem or seek emergency care.
  • May Help Reduce Postpartum Depression Chances— Recent research shows that prenatal bonding plays a role in reducing the chances of postpartum depression. There’s only a few ways to bond with your baby before she’s born and using a fetal doppler is one of them! Hearing your baby’s heartbeat can make you feel closer to her, helping you feel more connected once she’s born.
  • Family Bonding—A fetal doppler monitor also helps other family members bond. For the non-pregnant partner, it can be difficult to feel connected because nothing has changed for them yet. Hearing the baby’s heartbeat through a fetal doppler for home can make it seem more real. It can also be used to gently introduce children to the idea of having a sibling.

How Do Fetal Dopplers Work?

Fetal doppler monitors are easy to use. All you need is your device, some ultrasound gel, and somewhere to lay down. Here’s how to use a fetal doppler:

  • Recline back on a chair or bed
  • Apply a blob of ultrasound gel to your lower belly
  • Place the probe in the gel blob and turn the device on
  • Slowly and gently rock the probe, covering every area of your stomach
  • Stop when you detect the heartbeat

The biggest part of using a fetal doppler monitor is learning how to discern the heartbeat from other noises. For example, some people mistake the sound of the placenta for their baby’s heartbeat. We’ve compiled the best tips on how to know what you’re hearing. Read: Heartbeat or Another Noise? 8 Tips to Discern Fetal Doppler Noises

Tips to Find Fetal Doppler’s Best Model

When you’re shopping for fetal doppler’s best model, here’s a few tips on what to look for:

  • Brand Name. Check to see if the fetal doppler’s brand name is known and trusted. Unknown brands tend to be cheap knock-offs. On the other hand, Baby Doppler’s Sonoline B is a well-known, industry-trusted brand.
  • Device Reliability. Cheap brands produce too much feedback to reliably detect and hear the fetal heartbeat.
  • Regulatory Approval. Check to see if the device is FDA and Health Canada-approved.
  • The best fetal doppler monitors come with free ultrasound gel and batteries. That way, you can use your device as soon as you receive it.
  • Always check reviews before buying a fetal heartbeat monitor. You’ll learn how reliable the device is and any potential issues people have with the brand.
  • Fetal doppler’s best models will offer product support. For example, you can call or email Baby Doppler about any questions or difficulties you have using your new device.

Fetal Doppler: Best Models

Below are our top recommendations for fetal doppler’s best models.

Fetal Doppler Sonoline B

The fetal doppler Sonoline B is an industry-trusted model. It’s the original fetal doppler for home use and carries with it years of 5-star ratings. If you’re shopping for fetal doppler’s best model, choose Sonoline B.


  • High-quality speakers for heartbeat
  • Manufactured to reduce static to detect clear heartbeat
  • Quality control manufacturing to increase heart rate accuracy
  • View heart rate in 3 different modes
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Audio output for headphones or sound recorders
  • 3-MHz doppler probe included
  • Comes in pink, blue and teal colors
  • Comes with free sample of ultrasound gel
  • Comes with free batteries
  • Record the heartbeat using Baby Doppler app
  • FDA & Health Canada-approved

Rave Reviews:

  • “I easily use this product at least once a day! It’s the sweetest sound bonding with my baby girl through her heartbeat between appointments. Highly recommended!” -Adrianna G.
  • “Amazing product that helps ease lots of anxiety after miscarriages. I do advise watching a video first of how to find heartbeat. Helped me a lot!” -Kylee
  • “I love this product! I am so happy to be able to check in on my baby every day! As a woman who has experienced several pregnancy losses, this device gives me so much peace of mind. I am definitely enjoying my pregnancy more since I purchased this baby Doppler!” -Jennifer M.

Where to Buy: Get a Fetal Doppler Sonoline B for $49.95

Water-Resistant Fetal Doppler Sonoline B

The fetal doppler Sonoline B also comes in a water-resistant version. This fetal doppler monitor is perfect for those having water births. It’s also great for midwives who continuously use a fetal doppler during labor to monitor the baby’s heart rate.

If you’re looking for fetal doppler’s best model for long-lasting use, consider this Sonoline B version. Since it’s spill-resistant, it can last multiple pregnancies—even if you’re accident-prone.


  • Resistant to water
  • Great for midwives using dopplers for home births
  • Suitable for water births
  • Protects against liquid spills
  • High-quality speakers for heartbeat
  • Manufactured to reduce static to detect clear heartbeat
  • Quality control manufacturing to increase heart rate accuracy
  • View heart rate in 3 different modes
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Audio output for headphones or sound recorders
  • 3-MHz Doppler Probe included
  • Comes with free sample of ultrasound gel
  • Comes with free batteries
  • Record the heartbeat using Baby Doppler app
  • FDA & Health Canada Approved

Rave Reviews:

  • “Very easy to use and it comes with sonogram gel!! Was very nervous that I forgot to order but winded being okay!” -Antanique G.
  • “It worked great for me. To hear my baby’s heart always gave me some peace. I would definitely recommend it to my pregnant friends.” -Natasha B.
  • “It’s been fun to hear our baby’s heartbeat—and to let other family members (who couldn’t be there for ultrasounds in the doctor’s office) to hear the heartbeat also!” -Adam L.

Where to Buy: Get a Water-Resistant Fetal Doppler Sonoline B for $79.95

2MHz Fetal Doppler Monitor Probe

The fetal doppler Sonoline B models come with 3MHz probes. However, some mothers find better luck with a 2MHz probe.

People with extra weight may have difficulty detecting a heartbeat because the device’s waves need to travel deeper to find the baby. This is when a lower frequency probe comes in handy.

If you’re plus-sized and shopping for fetal doppler’s best model, purchase the device of your choice and get a 2MHz probe to go with it.

If you’ve already purchased a fetal doppler and want to try a 2MHz probe, you don’t need to get a whole new device. Conveniently, the 2MHz probe plugs into all the Sonoline B models for easy use.


  • Ideal for people with extra weight
  • Can make heartbeat detection easier for some people
  • Compatible with Sonoline B fetal dopplers
  • Record the heartbeat using Baby Doppler app

Rave Reviews:

  • “Strongly recommend for plus size women. Could not find heartbeat with 3MHz but as soon as I purchased this one, I have not had a problem since. I wish I had done the research from the beginning, but there are several articles that discuss this. If you’re having trouble finding heartbeat, please try this wand.” -Kelly P.
  • “Love it. Worked better than the 3MHz for me.” -Kelsey M.
  • “Exactly as ordered, made finding baby easier.” -Momtob

Where to Buy: Get the 2MHz Fetal Doppler Probe for $19.95

Summary: Fetal Doppler Best Models

If you’re shopping for the best fetal dopplers, you should consider a few tips before buying. Note the brand name, reviews, device reliability, and support options before making a decision. We recommend Sonoline B devices because they’re industry-trusted and come with free batteries and an ultrasound gel sample, allowing you to hear your baby right away.

Waiting for the Next Check-Up to Hear Baby? Hear Heartbeats Today with a Fetal Doppler!

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