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The Baby Doppler: Big Bang Theory: The Big Bear Precipitation

If you’re an expecting mother I’m sure you’d like to hear your child’s heartbeat. That little miracle that you created is right there in your belly, and there is nothing more comforting than listening to his/her heartbeat. You might think that you need to get a doctor’s appointment to be able to do just that, but we at Baby Doppler are here to tell you that there’s an alternative.

We are an online retailer that specializes in fetal dopplers i.e. instruments that you can use to listen to your baby’s heartbeat with.  Isn’t that amazing? They are small handheld devices that are easy to use from the comfort of your home. There are many different types of fetal dopplers, from the most affordable ones to high-end ones that doctors use.

Fetal Doppler or baby heartbeat monitor is a handheld ultrasound device used to detect a baby’s heartbeat in the womb of the mother. It uses the “Doppler Effect” to provide an audible simulation of the heart beat. The Doppler Effect is mainly the change in the frequency of a wave for an observer relative to the frequency of its source. What this means is that the wand of the Fetal Doppler emits sound waves which are amplified and concentrated by the ultrasound gel on the mother’s belly and travel down till they find the beating heart of the fetus.

According to beats of the heart, the sound waves are reflected back with a different frequency than they initially had. This technology allows us not only to hear the heartbeat but also monitor it. It’s surprising how the technology for the Doppler Effect has been invented since 1848 but it took more than a century to actually use it and then improve upon it enough for it to be available for the public.

Fetal dopplers have become very popular among the expecting parents and are available online and over the counter at retail outlets. Fetal dopplers are similar in principle to Ultrasound imaging devices which are used by doctors to capture the image of the baby inside the womb but can only show the image, while the Doppler can allow you to hear the sound. They are also safer than ultrasounds as sounds waves are less intense. This is also why, according to professionals, it is perfectly safe to use the Doppler. Fetal Dopplers have also been deemed safe to use by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

There are two parts of a Fetal Doppler, one part is the main handheld device which has a speaker and can also have an LCD Screen built in to monitor and hear the heartbeat, and the other is the wand which you press against your belly to search for the baby’s heartbeat. On more advanced models you can share the heartbeat via smartphone and even download it onto your computer to listen to it again and again. It is recommended to start using it from around the 12th week of pregnancy but a faint heartbeat can be heard starting from the 6th week.

It often happens that when a mother starts looking for her child’s heartbeat, using the Fetal Doppler, she ends up hearing other sounds and confusing them as the baby’s heartbeat. This means that she could even be hearing her own heartbeat or even sounds from her digestive system. Since the Fetal Doppler converts even the smallest movements into sounds, the turning, and kicking of the fetus will also be heard. This isn’t a problem, though; as with some practice, one is able to differentiate all other noises from the heartbeat. Mothers should also remember that the fetal position, weight gain, and other factors can interfere with the doppler’s effectiveness, so they should not worry if they are unable to hear the heartbeat at times

Baby Doppler was co-founded by Maria Gorobets due to personal needs. She realized the need for an expecting mother to be able to hear her child’s heartbeat and be able to monitor it without having to go to the doctor. It started out as a small online business but quickly bloomed and is now extremely popular in USA and Canada. In fact, it is now even shown in popular TV Series such as the Big Bang Theory: The Big Bear Precipitation.

The Big Bang Theory: The Big Bear Precipitation

Big Bang Theory characters Howard Wolowitz and Bernadette Rostenkowski are expecting a baby so their friend Raj Koothrappali buys them a Fetal Doppler. In the episode, the couple comes home to find the box on the counter but wait for Raj to come home so they can all share the experience. All three of them later sit together and listen to the baby’s heartbeat, when they finally find it Howard and Bernadette sit there, proud of their little miracle.

When this episode aired recently, we at Baby Doppler were extremely happy that Warner Brothers chose our product to showcase. Not only had our product been shown on a mainstream TV series but was also the main prop for about 2 minutes. This also showed that our fetal dopplers are now a very common household item for expecting parents, something that was such a big deal just a few years ago is now within every family’s reach. For people who still didn’t know that such a device existed and was affordable and so easy to use will now know it. With the Big Bang Theory’s large fan base, we are confident that millions of viewers will have seen it , allowing many more pregnant women to finally be able to listen to their child’s heartbeat whenever they want.

It’s such an amazing, and frankly inspiring, thing to think about. The Fetal Doppler, a product that people never even thought of owning is now such a common everyday thing that it is even showed on TV shows. Not only does this product have a great emotional effect on the expecting parents but it also has a great effect on their partners as they have to schedule less doctor’s appointments. For parents who face financial difficulty, we hold small and easy contests to give away 10 free fetal dopplers every few months. This way we wish to share this technology with the world which is also why we will soon start a delivery system to every part of the world.

Baby Doppler: Google Trusted Stores

Baby Doppler has recently joined the Google Trusted Stores program which is a great way to show the world that our products are authentic and efficient. The Google Trusted Stores program is designed to help shoppers connect with online merchants who provide a great shopping experience based on their history of on-time shipping and excellent customer service. When you visit the website, you will see the Google badge and can click on it for more details.

“We believe that a relationship based on trust and great customer service is what matters the most for online retailers in today’s age,” said Maria, the owner of Baby Doppler. “From the moment you make a purchase at our website to the time your package reaches you, we ensure that you get the best possible online experience. That is why we are thrilled to work with Google, a company which shares our passion for helping consumers find the best possible customer service. Together we will continue to provide a more informed and hassle-free shopping experience for consumers. Our past customers already know it and now, with the Google Trusted Stores badge, the first time visitors to will know it too!”

For the shopper’s convenience all transactions are sent to Google, so when they make a purchase at a Google Trusted Store they can get free purchase protection. So in case there is an issue with the transaction, Google will work with Baby Doppler and the customer to solve the problem. Google then offers up to $1,000-lifetime purchase protection for purchases made at Google Trusted Stores.

Google Trusted Stores is entirely free, both for shoppers and for online stores. The program helps online stores like Baby Doppler attract new customers, increase sales and differentiate themselves by showing off their excellent service via the badge on their websites.

At Baby Doppler, we not only sell fetal dopplers but also ensure that our customers are satisfied and get timely delivery. That is why we provide our customers with free shipping, phone support, email support as well as insured shipping and tracking option. To know more about other benefits of buying a fetal doppler from us, please visit our website –

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