Sonoline Fetal Doppler Comparison

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When I first became pregnant, I remember the excitement I felt when my doctor did my ultrasound and I heard my baby’s heartbeat the very first time in that room! It was such an amazing feeling for me as a mother to hear that fast, galloping, but a rhythmic sound of my baby growing inside of me. I just could not wait for the next appointment to hear it again! Maybe it’s the hormones during this time that drives us crazy but I felt that I connected better with my baby at a deeper level by listening to her heartbeat. Then I stumbled upon these wonderful devices called fetal dopplers also called baby heart beat monitors or baby fetal doppler which enabled me to listen to my baby’s heartbeat whenever and wherever I want it, in the comfort of my home. Since that day, I have used fetal dopplers in my subsequent pregnancies and it kind of helped me feel relaxed and comforted.

Sonoline B was the first fetal doppler I used during my pregnancy. In fact, there are 3 fetal dopplers from Sonoline stable- Sonoline A, B, and C.

sonoline A fetal doppler

Sonoline A is the entry level fetal heart rate monitor. It comes equipped with an inbuilt speaker from where you can hear a loud audible sound of your baby’s heartbeat. Also, you can plug in a pair of headphones in the headphone output. This doppler comes with a high sensitive 3Mhz probe that can easily detect the baby’s heartbeat. Using the doppler is pretty simple as well. Just apply a generous amount of ultrasound gel on the probe and move it across your belly until you start hearing a rapid heartbeat. The baby’s heart beats at a very rapid rate exceeding 140 beats per minute. It takes some practice to be able to detect it correctly. Normally you can start detecting the heartbeat from as early as 12 weeks. In some cases, this might take a little bit longer.


Sonoline B also comes with a high sensitive 3 Mhz probe. It employs the latest technology in fetal heart rate monitoring and is equipped with a clear, backlit LCD screen. You can hear the heart beat through the inbuilt speaker or by connecting a pair of headphones and can see the heart rate on the LCD screen. It is quite portable and extremely lightweight. I did not have any issues in using it the first time. It worked pretty well for me. This is the most popular fetal doppler across the USA with more than 50,000 in annual sales.

sonoline c fetal doppler

Sonoline C is the top of the line unit, most advanced doppler and comes with a clear backlit screen, inbuilt loudspeaker and built-in digital heart rate curve displays the baby’s heart rate on the LCD color screen. It comes with advanced features like Real-time Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) display mode, Averaged FHR display mode, and a manual mode. It also shows the battery status indicator and an Auto shut-off feature to conserve the battery when not in use.

All the 3 Sonoline fetal dopplers are very handy and easy to use products. These are used by doctors, midwives and expecting parents alike.  Depending upon your needs, you can go for any product you want without any concerns.

If you want a detailed comparison between these 3 fetal dopplers as well as others,  click here

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