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If you’re expecting during COVID-19, it’s likely already posed a few challenges.

It may be one of the “worst” times in recent history to be pregnant. With fewer in-person appointments, fewer hangouts with family and friends and anxiety about going out anywhere in public, it can be tough.

Oh, and then there’s the celebrations around your pregnancy, such as a baby shower.

In months prior, you’d throw a party, set up games and invite anyone and everyone you like. However, COVID-19 safety recommendations may put a pause on that.

For one, you may only feel comfortable holding it outside with a small number of people. And, what about those games? Since we’re trying to avoid spreading germs, touching the same objects or surfaces likely isn’t a good idea.

Other moms-to-be may want to kybosh the baby shower altogether. Since they’re worried about their own and their baby’s health, they may wish to see no one but immediate family until a vaccine is created.

No matter how anxious you feel about COVID-19, there are safe ways to have a baby shower without putting yourself or your baby at risk. These options include outdoor gatherings, online parties and drive-by celebrations.

In this post, we’re discussing creative ideas you can use for your socially distanced baby shower!

4 Ways to Throw a Socially Distanced Baby Shower During COVID-19

Don’t let COVID-19 get in the way of celebrating the most precious gift of life. Try these ideas instead!

Note: Each state has their own COVID-19 recommendations and restrictions. Before planning anything, make sure it’s aligned with guidelines. If you choose to have a small gathering, set up “rules” beforehand (such as wearing a mask) and make sure guests are extra careful around the mom-to-be.

#1 Virtual or Online Baby Shower

The safest option when it comes to baby showers during coronavirus is to host it online. Although you can use different websites, the most popular is Zoom (and everyone’s probably used to it already from their virtual work meetings).

When you send invitations, make sure to be specific with login instruction (especially for those who have never used Zoom!). Give them the link in advance and tell them how to join. You can also give tips on how to get ready for the baby shower. For example, finding a quiet place so other guests can hear them speak, or having on hand any props they may need to use for games.

It’s also a good idea to assign a host who can “manage” the party. To make it feel like a real baby shower, you can also decorate your background area. If someone else is hosting your party, they can drop off a box of supplies to make it easier for you.

Ideas for a Virtual Baby Shower:
  • Drop off goodies.If you planned on providing snacks and refreshments, another option is to have your host drop off a small box of goodies to every guest on the day of your virtual party. That way, everyone can enjoy it alongside each other.
  • Cut the cake.If you were planning on having a gender reveal cake, you can still do that! Simply cut your cake on camera instead (make sure it’s in view so everyone sees the surprise!).
  • Kahoot!Kahoot is a fun, interactive game option that everyone can play if they have a smartphone. You can choose from a variety of games or search for baby shower specific games.
  • Guessing games.Guessing games are easy ones to be played on camera because the guests can simply say their answer and the host can record it. If the game involves items, hold them in front of the camera so everyone can see. Options include “guess mom’s weight” or “guess the price/Baby Price Is Right” or “guess how many jelly beans in the jar.”
  • Baby Showers often include baby-themed quizzes and with Google Forms, you can do that virtually too. Simply create or find a quiz for inspiration and input the questions and answers into a Google Form. Your host can tell everyone when it’s time to take the quiz and have them share their results.
  • Similar to above, you can use Google Forms for written answers too. You can write a set of trivia questions and give your guests a set amount of time to fill it out. After everyone is finished, the host can look at their version to see who got the most right answers.
#2 Porch or Balcony Baby Shower

The porch or balcony shower is like a hybrid between a virtual and in-person visit. Although you’ll see your guests in-person, you’ll be so far away that there’s no risk (besides possible surface contamination).

The host of the baby shower can pick a time slot for people to stop by (ex. an entire afternoon). To ensure everyone doesn’t come at once and can maintain distance, a large timeframe can be a good idea. You can also advise guests to wait in their cars if they arrive before another guest leaves.

Set up a table outside where guests can leave their gifts. When you see people arriving, you can shout a few messages and thank-yous.

Balcony Baby Shower Ideas:
  • Set up another table for to-go refreshments and snacks for your guests.
  • Leave a book or baby bump castso guests can each write a message on it.
  • Leave a guessing game (ex. jelly bean jar) that guests can participate in. Email the winner a gift certificate code or send them an Amazon gift.
  • Play a quick “instant prize” game when someone stops by. For example, play a nursery rhyme and have them shout the song title. If they get it right, you can tell them to take a prize from the table or email them a gift certificate code later.
  • Tip-off an ice cream truck driver that your house/apartment would be a lucrative place to park in front of for a few hours. Now, you have snacks for everyone!
#3 Drive-By Baby Shower

As opposed to the balcony baby shower, a drive-by party provides more contact with your guests while still remaining safe. However, since you’ll be closer to your guests, you should enforce more rules in your invitation, such as mask-wearing and socially distancing with 6 ft. between others.

Set out a time period where people can stop by individually. You can wait outside and greet them, asking them to take a party favor as they leave their gift. If you have a large enough front yard, you may set aside a chair for individuals to sit and chat until the next person arrives. (Just make sure the chair is spaced further than 6 ft. apart!). If you’re looking for more tips, read the “ideas” list in the section above.

#4 Small Gathering COVID-19 Safe Baby Shower

Out of all the options on this list, this one is the most risky. If you want to have a small gathering for your baby shower, it’s best to choose a day with good weather so you can do it outside. Make sure all the chairs are spaced at least 6 feet apart and lay out clear rules in your invitations.

Similar to any baby shower party, decorate as usual outside with balloons or a balloon arch and banners and colorful table cloths. Like usual, you can set up a table for gifts and serve refreshments.

Although it’s the most unsafe of all options, if you choose to hold a baby shower indoors, make sure you’ve planned for safety and alerted guests of the “rules” beforehand. Since it’s harder to maintain distance indoors, it’s wise to only invite those you’re confident will respect your guidelines.

Ideas for COVID-19 Small Baby Shower:
  • Have hand sanitizer at the entrance (whether indoor or outdoor) and on every table.
  • Have extra masks ready in case a guest forgets theirs.
  • Choose food/refreshment options that don’t require people to keep touching the same thing (ex. picking pizza slices, use individually packaged drinks instead of a jug, etc.).
  • Choose games that don’t require guests to touch the same object. Games like Bingo or Pictionary (with designated pens) can be good alternatives.
  • Having a gender reveal cake? Use individually wrapped cupcakes instead of cake slices (stops people from picking their own slices and potentially contaminating others).
  • Keep it short. The longer people are there, the more likely germ spread is and the more likely they’ll stop listening to the safety rules.
Summary on Having a Baby Showering During COVID-19

While you’ll get over most of the plans you had to cancel because of COVID-19, your baby shower is a tough one to miss. Luckily, you don’t have to. There’s several ways you can still celebrate your baby without risking you or your baby’s health. Depending on your comfort level, you can choose to host your party virtually, via balcony party, drive-by party or by having a small, in-person, outdoor gathering. We’ve outlined creative and fun ideas for each in the sections above.

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