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Pregnant Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 8 Things She’s Hoping You’ll Get

Whether you’re looking to buy a mother’s day gift for your pregnant partner, friend or family member, we’ve got you covered!

While you’re shopping, you might consider purchasing new-mother items. But what about stuff she can actually use before the baby comes?

We’ve rounded up the top 8 Mother’s Day gifts, so you’re sure to find one perfect for the pregnant lady in your life.

If You’re A Mother-To-Be Reading This…

If you’re reading this and you are a pregnant mother, there are a few options to hint to your partner that you’d love something on this list.

  • Leave this page up on your computer or phone.
  • If you’re shopping with your partner and see the gift you want in store, show an interest in it.
  • Add it to your baby shower registry. Your partner may go hunting there for ideas.
  • If your partner isn’t one to pick up on subtle hints, you may consider something more obvious.
  • You can show him the webpage of the product and say something like, “Hey, isn’t this cool. [Explain the cool features].”
  • Get your friend or family member to drop the hint. They could say something like, “Did you get something for Jane for Mother’s Day yet? I saw this really cool thing online I think she might like.”


Heartbeat Monitors

Heartbeat Monitors are the ultimate gift for fetus bonding.

Why It’s A Great Gift

Not only would this be an amazing gift to receive, but it would also be a fitting way to spend Mother’s Day. If you haven’t heard of them, heartbeat monitors are handheld devices that you can use to listen to your baby’s heartbeat—while they’re still inside the womb! These devices can be used starting in the 12th week of pregnancy but sometimes it’s possible to detect a heartbeat before this point.

If your partner is a worrier, this may be an especially good gift for her. While it doesn’t replace checkups, many pregnant women find that hearing a heartbeat can help reassure them that their baby is okay. If she’s had miscarriages or pregnancy complications before, it may decrease her high stress levels even more.

How Does It Work?

Your partner would simply spread some ultrasound gel on her lower belly. Then, she would glide the doppler probe across her stomach until a heartbeat is detected. The heartbeat can be heard through the built-in speaker or through headphones. This means you and anyone else can also get a chance to hear the baby! If you purchase one with an LCD screen, the heart rate will also be displayed.

You can see a few videos of Baby Doppler’s heartbeat monitors being used here.

Where To Buy It

Babydoppler.com— There are several models to choose from. Use this comparison guide to help you decide.

Note: Although our heartbeat monitors come with a free sample of ultrasound gel, you’ll probably need more for continued use. You can purchase a full bottle here.

Cost: $19.95 to $68.98 depending on the model you choose.

Pregnancy Care Package

Have a bunch of small items in mind? Combine them in a pregnancy care package!

Why It’s A Great Gift

Instead of getting one item, your partner is receiving a couple of carefully selected and thoughtful gifts. After you select a few gifts, head to the dollar store and choose a basket that will fit all of your items. Add some crumpled tissue paper or decorative paper shreds to the bottom of the basket, then nicely arrange the gifts.

Small Gift Basket Gift Ideas:

  • Snacks (whatever she’s having cravings for!)

Cost: You can make this gift fit almost any budget!

Pregnancy Subscription Boxes

Pregnancy subscription boxes are the gifts that just keep giving!

Why It’s A Great Gift

If you’re not familiar with subscription boxes, they are similar to magazine subscriptions. Once you sign up, you will get a package each month—or every couple of months—filled with pregnancy-related items. She will always be looking forward to the next box and it will make pregnancy just a little bit easier.

Where To Buy It:

  • Amazon Trimester Box— One for each trimester. You can choose to buy only one box if your partner is in the later stages of pregnancy.
  • Bump Boxes— Choice of monthly subscription or subscription for 3, 6 or 9 months.
  • Ecocentric mom subscription— Make sure you fill out your baby’s birthdate. You can pay for 1-12 months ahead of time.
  • The Stork Bag— Options for semesters 1 through 3. You can also prepay for multiple boxes.

Cost: This is another option that can fit various budgets. Depending on the brand you choose, you may receive a box monthly or one every trimester.

Spa Day

Gifting your partner a service can be a great way to add some relaxation to her pregnancy journey.

Why It’s A Great Gift

You can customize this gift to what your partner likes. Does she enjoy getting her hair and nails done? Or would she just rather relax with a nice prenatal massage? Whatever the choice, a spa gift certificate is a great way to give her a break from all the baby preparation. If you’re not sure what she’d like, you can always just prepay an amount and let her select her own services.

Where To Buy It:

  • Your partner’s favorite spa
  • A local spa

Cost: Dependent on the spa you choose. You can purchase a one-service gift certificate if your budget is lower or a full-day spa package if you can spend more.

U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Finally, she will have a restful sleep!

Why It’s A Great Gift

If your partner is suffering from discomfort or trouble sleeping during pregnancy, purchasing a pregnancy pillow may be the most heavenly gift. The U-shape conforms to the natural shape of her body no matter what position she likes to sleep in. It supports the belly and can help relieve back and other pregnancy-related pains. The pillow can also be leaned against a chair to support a comfortable upright position while watching TV or reading.

Where To Buy It: Amazon

Cost: $55

Pregnancy Compression Socks

Another way to make the day a bit more comfortable!

Why It’s A Great Gift

Socks may seem like an overly simple gift, but if she’s suffering from swelling and pain, she will thank you! These medical-grade graduated compression socks are designed to promote blood flow and circulation—thereby decreasing fatigue, pain and swelling. They’re comfy and fashionable, too!

Where to Buy It: Amazon

Cost: $18

Baby Letters Book

Perfect for the sentimental mother!

Why It’s A Great Gift

This Letters to My Baby book is one of the most fitting gifts to get her on Mother’s Day. It comes with 12 envelopes that you can fill with letters about your hopes and dreams for your baby. You can postdate, seal and save it for your child to open in the future. These time capsules will be memories that he or she can treasure forever. They can also be used throughout your child’s life. If you’re looking for a fun Mother’s Day activity, try filling out your first letter together!

Where To Buy It: Amazon

Cost: $14

Belly Stickers

If she’s a silly and funny mother-to-be, she may appreciate this light-hearted gift.

Why It’s A Great Gift

Pregnancy can be a really stressful time. From preparing for the baby to routine check-ups, it seems like there’s always something to do. Adding a little laughter could be just what she needs. If she’s someone who appreciates a good gag gift or who doesn’t take herself too seriously, she’ll have a good time with belly stickers. Each package comes with 10 randomly selected facial stickers which can be placed on the belly. Each part—such as the mouth and separate eyes—are individual stickers, so they can be placed to fit any belly size. It would be cute to use for a pregnancy photoshoot or even for a funny Instagram photo. And don’t worry, the stickers are non-toxic.

Where To Buy It: Amazon

Cost: $12.99

Are you celebrating Mother’s Day with someone pregnant this year? If you are, comment below your plans! If you know anyone else shopping for pregnancy Mother’s Day gifts, be sure to share this post with them, too!

P.S. As we mentioned above, fetal dopplers are not only a great gift, but they’re a fantastic way to spend Mother’s Day. What could be better than listening to your baby’s heartbeat while celebrating motherhood? Check out our fetal dopplers here.

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