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Although stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed about, they still annoy many women.

Stretch marks form when you gain weight quickly, such as during pregnancy. They usually begin as a purplish color and fade over time.

Despite using oils and moisturizers, the discolored indentations can be hard to get rid of. 

But, there’s another tool you can try out: Skin rollers. In this guide, we’re teaching you everything you need to know about how to use a skin roller for pregnancy problems such as stretch marks, swelling and stress.

What’s a Skin Roller?

If you don’t have a skin roller, you’ve probably seen them because they’ve gained popularity recently. A skin roller is a handheld object that you can roll over the skin for a variety of benefits. There are a few major categories these fit into:

  • Derma roller (micro-needling)
  • Stone roller (rose quartz, amethyst, etc.)
  • Metal roller

Stone and metal rollers can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. For example, stone rollers usually consist of a horizontal oblong stone fit on top of a wand you can use to maneuver it. The roller that comes with the MamaDerma Stretch Mark Repair Cream is a head with 3 individual roller balls.

Whichever product you use, it’s meant to be rolled over the skin, giving you a sort of “massage”. People usually do this on their face since that’s often a “problem area.” However, you can use the device on any area that needs help, such as stretch marks on the thighs, stomach or arms.

Besides their skin benefits, other people use rollers because it simply helps them distribute product. Many times, we simply pat lotion or cream onto our skin and leave it. However, taking the time to rub the product in can do wonders. Although this can also be done with your fingers, rollers can help creams penetrate to deeper skin levels. This is ideal for any lotion, but especially ones aimed at repair, such as stretch mark creams.

Benefits of Skin Rollers

Massage is known to have a wide variety of benefits, and since skin rollers massage too, some of those advantages carry over.

  • Penetrates product. Rollers are typically used with a moisturizer or oil. After applying the product, you can use the tool to help spread it over the skin. The added weight, motions and pressure help the product to shrink in, ensuring you’re making the most out of your moisturizer. 
  • Promotes circulation. One of the benefits of traditional massage is improved blood flow, and the same goes for massaging skin rollers. The movement promotes blood flow, possibly causing your skin to have a renewed sense of brightness. A 2018 study found that using a skin roller daily for just 5 minutes increased cheek blood flow. 
  • Firmness. Another benefit of increased blood flow is that it can make skin firmer. Many people desire this look for their face, but it can also be helpful in other areas. For example, using the roller on stretch mark areas may also give it a tighter appearance. 
  • Reduces puffy appearance. If you’re using a skin roller on your face, it can help minimize any puffiness. Since there’s extra fluids in your body during pregnancy, you have an increased likelihood of swelling. And, if a baby belly is preventing you from getting comfortable enough to stay asleep, a lack of rest could lead to puffiness, too. Using a roller on these areas can help decompress the water retention. 
  • Cooling effect. Many skin tools, like a jade roller or metal roller, can be stored in the fridge. This way, when you’re ready to use them, it cools the skin, possibly helping to depuff and tighten pores. If you’re buying one for this purpose, remember that some materials, such as metal, will retain coldness a lot longer than other varieties. 
  • Detoxifying effects. The movement of the roller helps lymph fluids in the immune system move around the body. In turn, this removes waste and toxins. Poor drainage can result in bloating, swelling and poor circulation. 
  • Relaxation. Just like a massage can put you into a state of calm, so can a skin massager. This can happen for a few reasons. First, the sensations of the tool deeply rolling are relaxing. Whether you’re using it on your face or another area for stretch marks, you get into a pattern of motion. The act of it can put you into an almost meditative state. Some people use a roller at the end of every day as a part of a self-care routine that helps them destress. Finally, the added benefit of cooling (if you store it in the fridge) can add another layer of relaxation, especially on a hot night. Interestingly enough, there’s some science to support using a roller for anxiety. In a 2008 study, researchers found that facial massage significantly reduced anxiety scores. They concluded that the practice may “refresh” people by reducing their psychological distress and activating their sympathetic nervous system.
Skin Roller for Stretch Marks: Do They Work?

To answer whether skin rollers work for stretch marks, we need to narrow in on what “works” looks like. If you think these tools will completely eliminate stretch marks, that isn’t the case. And if you think it will “roll out” excess fat and make the area slimmer, you’d be wrong too.

It’s also important to keep our expectations realistic. Stretch marks are known to fade in time, but they’re also stubborn. No cream or tool will banish them immediately. And, even some cosmetic procedures only work to varying degrees. 

However, skin rollers are massagers, and with that, they have some benefits related to massage. While these advantages won’t quickly restore skin, they can work over time. Since using cream and a roller for stretch marks is a non-invasive treatment, it’s safe and often recommended before cosmetic procedures. 

Possible stretch mark benefits from a skin roller include:

  • Break down tissue. The massaging motions of a roller can help to break down scar tissue, which is what a stretch mark is.
  • Promotes tissue growth. Another benefit of good circulation: when the tissue has more blood available, there’s better cellular nutrient delivery. It’s possible that this can help new tissue growth, which will make stretch marks less noticeable.
  • Reduce look of stretch marks. The act of applying deep pressure can stimulate blood flow and circulation. One benefit of this is that it can reduce the appearance of marks, making them less noticeable.
  • Distributes product. To get the maximum benefit from almost any skin product, it needs to be rubbed in well. That becomes even more important with stretch mark creams. Since the goal isn’t just to moisturize the area, you should put extra care into making sure the ingredients absorb as deep as possible. A roller makes this easier by pressing the product into the skin.
How to Use a Skin Roller for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

The first step is selecting a stretch mark cream and an accompanying roller. We suggest the MamaDerma Stretch Mark Repair Cream because it comes with a Free Skin Roller. The product is specially formulated with the mom-to-be in mind, making it safe during and after pregnancy. 

The unique formulation combines two main effective ingredients: darutoside & regestril. These are known to address the redness and indentation of stretch marks. It’s also quick-absorbing and non-oily, meaning that you don’t need to worry about staining your clothing.

The roller head is made with 3 small spheres. As opposed to one big roller, the design can more specifically target areas, making sure each spot is massaged. Since it’s a metal roller, you can store it in the fridge and use it when you’re ready. This can cool skin on contact and give it extra depuffing powers (if you’re using it on your face with a separate cream). 

How to Use a Skin Roller for Pregnancy Stretch Marks
  1. Store roller head in the fridge if you want a “cooling” effect on your skin.
  2. Using your hands, apply stretch mark cream on the area.
  3. Use the roller head to gently glide over the area.
  4. First, pay attention to areas where the cream hasn’t been rubbed in. Then, work in sections to fully penetrate the moisturizer.
  5. How long you use the roller is up to you. A few minutes a day may work, but 5 to 10 minutes may lead to best results.
  6. Most stretch mark creams should be used daily. Consistency is key. For the most effective results, apply the MamaDerma cream once in the morning and once at night.
Summary of Rollers for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Skin rollers can be used to distribute moisturizer and increase blood flow. Since the tools massage skin, it has similar massage benefits, such as improving circulation and stress relief. These advantages can lead to a restored look and can improve stretch marks when combined with a cream.

P.S. Want a Free Stretch Mark Skin Roller? Get the MamaDerma Repair Cream Today!

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