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Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal as you grow new life. Your body naturally accommodates the changes brought about by pregnancy, and much of the extra weight is to keep you and your baby healthy throughout the process. Although women are not under pressure to lose weight postpartum, most new moms struggle with their body image. This prompts a deep desire to shed the extra weight as soon as possible, which can present health risks since a new mom’s health is still delicate. On top of everything, taking care of a newborn demands a lot of time and energy that rapid weight loss can affect. As such, it is important to approach weight loss in a healthy and sustainable way. In line with this, here are a few tips to help speed up your weight loss journey without compromising your health

Prioritize breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the most natural way of feeding a baby, even though it can be daunting for new moms. Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for newborns as it includes vital factors like colostrum, which protects them from most diseases while supporting their overall growth and development. Interestingly, some research suggests that breastfeeding is also beneficial for moms looking to lose weight. This is because it helps manage their metabolism. As a result, this can prompt weight loss during the postpartum period. So with regular breastfeeding, you’re hitting two birds with one stone for you and your baby!

Find support from a like-minded community

While weight loss may feel like a solo journey, just like raising a child, it’s better to do it with a support system. After all, finding a community of people in the same boat is one of the most effective ways to increase your motivation for weight loss. In fact, research proves that being in a like-minded group helps you maintain you stick to your fitness plans and ensures more long-term results. This is because being in a community connects you with people who can empathize, encourage, and hold you accountable. Specifically for new moms, belonging to a community of like-minded people can also provide you with valuable advice from postpartum exercise tips, healthy recipes, and ways to balance life with your baby. Thankfully, there are lots of online communities on websites and social media that have made it easier to connect with people who share your goals to form an uplifting and encouraging fitness support system.

Establish the right exercise routine

Workout and exercise plans are not one size fits all, and they should be designed to fit your body’s abilities and be compatible with your personal goals. As such, it’s important to find the right postpartum workouts that motivate you to move, fit your demands as a mom, and help you stay on track with your weight loss goals. Postpartum women are recommended to incorporate physical activity within the moderate-intensity range. Exercises such as brisk walking, light yoga, and bike riding are a few examples that can help you lose postpartum weight while also reducing the risk of further weight gain. Since exercise also aids in the release of endorphins, embracing a postpartum workout routine can even address some symptoms of postpartum depression.

Celebrate small victories

As much as we all want weight loss to be an easy and linear journey, the truth is that it can be a struggle to stay consistent. You may find yourself demotivated to exercise or be too busy with mom duties to prepare yourself a healthy meal. Celebrating small victories, whether it’s squeezing in a 30-minute walk while your baby naps or eating fruit for three days straight, gives you reasons to keep going. Life isn’t perfect, so expecting your weight loss journey to not have any setbacks only sets you up for failure. The important thing is learning how to get back on track when you are able to and giving your best where it counts.

Losing weight certainly presents a challenge, and trying to balance it with life as a mom can be difficult. But reminding yourself of the reasons for wanting to lose weight can help you stay consistent and speed up your postpartum weight loss. By keeping a steady pace, you will be reaching your goals in no time!

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Rian Jenkins is a part-time writer and a full-time mother of two sons. When she’s not researching for her pieces on parenthood, you can find her playing catch with her boys in their backyard garden.

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