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How To Make Pregnancy Much Easier On Your Partner (Or Friend)

Although growing a baby inside you is miraculous, it’s not easy!

Throughout pregnancy, women experience many physical and psychological symptoms that can make the journey challenging at times. Luckily, there are multiple things you can do that will make your partner’s or friend’s pregnancy more enjoyable.

Whether you’re trying to help your pregnant wife, girlfriend, friend or family member, the helpful surprises below are sure to bring a smile to her face.


Cleaning Duties

One of the most common pregnancy symptoms is feeling fatigued quickly. Because of this, your partner may have a more difficult time holding up her end of the chores. You can help her out by trying to do her share as well. Examples include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Wiping down surfaces
  • Dishes
  • Laundry & folding

If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can set a day aside to do a deep clean. It’s likely she’ll want to have the home completely clean before the baby comes. You won’t have much time with a newborn and having everything ready ahead of time will help alleviate some stress. A deep clean includes the often forgotten areas: appliances, shower, stove, mirrors, baseboards, cupboards, etc.

If you both don’t have much time as it is, you can surprise her by hiring someone to do a detailed clean.



Another household duty that will really help her out is planning and cooking meals. If she works full-time, it will probably get increasingly hard for her to come home and cook.

You don’t need to be a gourmet chef. Even if you don’t know how to cook, try a few simple beginner recipes. Another tip is to use a slow cooker. You can add all of the ingredients in the morning before you go to work, leave it on low and come home to a ready meal.

If you’re really lost in the kitchen, consider purchasing a meal subscription box. Each box comes with a recipe and all the necessary ingredients you need to make it. With everything ready, all you need to do is simply follow the directions.

If possible, try to prepare meals ahead of time for when the baby comes. Both of you will have even less time when tending to a newborn and you don’t want to constantly be wasting money on takeout. There are two main ways you can prepare meals ahead of time:

  • Cook meals ahead of time and freeze them. Here are a few freezer-friendly recipes.
  • Prepare ingredients ahead of time, freeze them in a bag, and simply cook the meal when you’re ready. For example, here are 7 slow cooker meals that you can prep and freeze.



Everyone is different, but most women like compliments even if it makes them blush. Your partner’s body is going through a lot of changes that can make her feel uncomfortable and less-than-beautiful. Weight gain, swollen ankles, pregnancy acne and mood swings are just a few symptoms that can affect how she feels about herself.

It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to feel self-conscious in front of their partner when these changes occur. Reminding her of how beautiful she is may make her feel a bit better. Good compliments could include:

  • “Being pregnant suits you.”
  • “You look amazing.”
  • “You’re glowing.”
  • “That [article of clothing] looks so great on you.”
  • “You’re going to be such a great mother.”
  • “You’re so smart.”
  • “Go easy on yourself. Being pregnant is hard work.” (If she cuts herself down).
  • “I love you.”


Pamper Her

Giving her a little pampering will make her feel taken care of and give her body a break from all of the changes it’s going through. There are a variety of things you can do to help her relax:

  • Give her a massage
  • Rub her feet
  • Run a hot bath for her (with bath oils, bubbles or candles if she likes them)
  • Send her flowers at home or at work
  • Make her a tea
  • Purchase a gift certificate for a prenatal massage (or a couples massage)
  • Purchase a gift certificate for a mani-pedi or splurge on a full spa day if your budget allows

Apart from pampering, you can encourage her to get some rest and take naps when she’s fatigued. If she doesn’t already have one, buy her a pregnancy pillow to help with comfort.


Go Easy On Her

Mood swings may be hard on you, but they’re even harder on her. If you feel like she’s getting irritable or you can feel an argument coming on, take a moment before responding. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that she’s going through a lot. Besides all of the pregnancy symptoms she’s dealing with, her hormones are also changing, which may be causing her to feel out of sorts.

Try to speak in a calm voice to de-escalate the situation. Have patience and make an effort to be extra kind to her during these months.

If she’s feeling sad, give her a hug and try to talk to her about her feelings.

Patience also comes into play as she needs to stop for frequent washroom breaks. A woman’s body produces more urine during pregnancy, so don’t roll your eyes if she asks you to pull over to use the washroom.

If she doesn’t feel well, it’s okay to simply ask her what she needs. For example, when experiencing morning sickness, some women like their back rubbed while others like to be left alone. You can also show her you care by doing research on ways to alleviate her pregnancy symptoms. Here are some posts to get you started:


Be There for Appointments

If you work full-time, it may be difficult to attend every checkup. However, try to make it a priority. If you can, ask her to schedule appointments after work or on lunch breaks. If that’s not possible, try to take some time off for just a few checkups.

Having someone to go with to appointments can make her feel more comfortable. It can also help to have a second ear to listen in on any advice the doctor may give. Knowing what’s happening with your baby can be a bonding experience between both you and the baby and you and your partner.


Surprise Her With A Fetal Heartbeat Monitor

If your partner is a worrier, pregnancy may be a little harder on her than most. Many women have constant thoughts about whether the baby is okay in between checkups. If you’ve had trouble conceiving or have experienced a pregnancy loss in the past, her anxiety is likely multiplied.

Luckily, there’s a device that many pregnant women say calms their nerves: a fetal heartbeat monitor. Although it can’t replace doctor’s checkups, it can provide the reassurance you both need that your baby is okay. The device is easy to use. After she spreads ultrasound gel on her belly, she moves the probe around until she can hear the baby’s heartbeat. The pocket-sized doppler can be used past 12 weeks.

If you haven’t heard about fetal heartbeat monitors until now, you may find these posts helpful:


Do Your Research

When your partner knows that you’re preparing for the baby, she will feel more prepared herself. Taking an interest by reading pregnancy and parenting books reassures her that you’re ready to be a dad and that may help calm her nerves. If you find reading about the topic boring, you can purchase a book written specifically for the dad in mind:

If you’re not a reader, you can also find parenting books on Audible:

Lastly, if your partner attends a prenatal class, offer to go with her. If you’re informed about the labor process, she’s less likely to feel nervous about the big day knowing you’ll be there.


If you’re a pregnant woman reading this, comment below what others can do to make life easier for you. If you know anyone pregnant, share this post with their partner (or your own!)

P.S. Have you checked out our fetal dopplers yet? These amazing at-home devices allow you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat while she’s still inside the womb. Pretty amazing, right?

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