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How to Announce Pregnancy: 18 Fun Ideas

If you’ve had baby fever for awhile, when you see that positive pregnancy test, you’re excited to tell the whole world!

You can simply tell your partner, parents, friends and family — or you can make it a moment to remember by using one of the 18 fun pregnancy announcement ideas below.


When to Announce Pregnancy

Before you decide how you want to announce your pregnancy, you must decide on the right time. Most women choose to tell their partner as soon as they find out; however, they may wait longer to tell their friends and family.

Some mothers-to-be follow the “12-week rule.” Since miscarriage occurs most commonly in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, some women choose to keep it a secret until past this point. If you tell people before this point, in the unfortunate circumstance of a miscarriage, you’d need to break the bad news only weeks later.

While some women wait to avoid the potential of facing pain publicly, others believe that they should break the silence against miscarriage and seek support from loved ones if it does occur.

Other women choose to announce their pregnancy later on to avoid workplace injustices or unwanted attention and advice.

On the other hand, some expecting mothers genuinely want the help and advice of others, and they want to share their joy with the world right away. You may also choose to tell your friends before they find out themselves. For example, if your friends are used to seeing you have a glass of wine every Saturday night and you start drinking water instead, it won’t take long before they notice.

There’s really no universal “right” or “wrong” time to share the great news. Consider the opinions above and decide with your partner when you both feel the most comfortable revealing your pregnancy.


Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Partner

If you and your partner weren’t planning on getting pregnant and the test result comes as a shock, it’s probably best to sit him down to tell him, rather than announcing it in a fun way. Since it’s unexpected, your partner will need time to process the news and you’ll need to discuss what it means for your relationship.

However, if you’ve been trying to conceive for awhile, you’ll probably waste no time before sharing the exciting news with him.


Father’s Day Card

If you find out you’re pregnant in the month of June, you can wait until father’s day to tell your partner. Simply purchase a card and write a small note inside either revealing you’re pregnant or telling him what a good father he will be.


Mother’s Day Gift to Yourself

If you get the big news near mother’s day, purchase a small box, fill it with tissue paper and write a small note inside saying something simple, such as “I’m pregnant!” Tell your partner you bought a gift for yourself for mother’s day. He may look puzzled at first, but once you ask him to open the box and see the gift for himself, it will all become clear!


Use Your Pet

If you have a cat or dog, tie a note around the collar that says “I’m getting a sibling!” When your partner sees it, he may think you want another pet. Explain to him that you’re expecting something even better.


Bun in the Oven

If your partner likes puns, he’s going to love this one. Stick a bun in the oven and say something to make your partner look inside, such as “Can you check to see if dinner is burning?” or “I think something is wrong with the oven, can you take a look?” He’ll look and probably say something like, “There’s a bun in the oven,” to which your reply would be “Yes, there is a bun in the oven!”


Piece of Clothing

A simple but cute way to tell your partner is to purchase a shirt that implies he’s a father. A “World’s Best Father” shirt or a “Super Dad” shirt will get the message across. You can lay the shirt on your bed, in the closet or anywhere he will see it while getting ready in the morning. You can also plan a date night and say, “But, I get to choose what you wear tonight,” and then show him the shirt.


Set His Phone/Computer Wallpaper

In today’s world, we are either always on our phones or laptops, so this announcement is very fitting. Use either an ultrasound picture or a “Father to Be” wallpaper. Set it as his lock screen on his phone, desktop wallpaper or screensaver.


Beer/Alcohol Labels

If your partner is a beer snob or wine or whisky connoisseur, making him an announcement label and sticking it on the bottle could be the perfect way to tell him. This website allows you to make your own printable beer label. If he’s a fan of Crown Royal whisky, the company’s website allows you to make a label with a special message and have it mailed for free. will design and ship a customized label for any bottle. You can write something like, “We’re Expecting” or “Cheers to the Best Father to Be.”


Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Grandparents

The second person you will share the good news with will likely be your mother and father. Here are a few ideas for telling them that they will become grandparents.


Sign a Card

This idea will work if there’s an occasion coming up, such as a holiday, anniversary or one of your parent’s birthdays. Purchase a card and sign it with your name, your partner’s name and “Grandchild” or “Baby.” Watch your parents’ face light up as they read it.



Next time you have dinner with your parents, order or make a special cake for dessert. Write “Congrats! You’re going to be Grandparents!” on the top. If you’re a creative baker, you can layer the inside with both blue and pink cake.


Ultrasound Photo Frame

Purchase a “Grandma & Grandpa” frame and place your ultrasound picture inside. Wrap it up and watch as your parents open it.


Christmas Stocking

If you find out near Christmas, purchase a tiny stocking and write “Baby” at the top. You can hang it up weeks before Christmas, Christmas eve or Christmas day, depending on when you want your family to know.


Write a Letter

If you’re a sentimental person and good at expressing yourself through writing, this announcement could be the most thoughtful. Write a letter thanking your mother and father for being good parents and for supporting you and making you the person you are today. Nearing the end of your note, talk about how you are confident you will be a good mother to your baby because of how your parents raised you. Explain how lucky your child will be to have amazing grandparents. Be sure to have a few tissues ready!


Fun Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Family and Friends

When you’re ready to tell the rest of your family, friends and the world of social media, here are a few interesting ideas.


Photo Shoot

This is the most common way to announce your pregnancy to friends and on social media. When your bump becomes visible, search for a good photographer for maternity photos. If you want to try something out of the box, there are many photo shoot ideas on Pinterest. If you want your close friends and family to know before everyone on social media, mail them prints beforehand.


Skip the Drink

If you’re a drinker or a partier, this will get the message across very quickly to your friends! When you’re ready, plan a night out with your friends, either at a restaurant or a bar. Instead of ordering your usual alcoholic beverage, ask the server about the mocktail choices. Your friends will likely clue in right away!


Take a Photo of your Pregnancy Test

Pull out your camera phone and take a nice photo of your positive test. When you’re ready to tell the world, set it as your profile picture on Facebook and watch the comments flood in.


Bring out the Fetal Doppler

If you choose to wait until 12 weeks to share the news with friends, using a fetal doppler is a fun way to tell them. When you’re hanging out at your best friend’s house, tell her that you want to show her a cool, new device. Lay down on her sofa, revealing your belly bump and use the doppler. Not only is this a great way to tell her, but she will also remember listening to your baby’s heartbeat forever.



Announcing your pregnancy to your siblings or best friends could be as simple as purchasing a shirt. “Best Aunt/Uncle” and “Best Godmother/Godfather” t-shirts are available on Amazon.


Film the Announcement

When you tell your partner you’re pregnant (using a fun idea above), film his reaction. When you’re ready, you can either share the video with everyone on social media or show your friends and family members in person.


How do you plan on telling the world that you’re pregnant? If you have any new ideas, comment below! Have any pregnant friends or family members? Be sure to share this article with them, too!

P.S. Now that you’re pregnant, we have some awesome news: You can listen to your baby’s heartbeat at home! Our fetal dopplers give you a better bonding experience.

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