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There are a plethora of fetal dopplers out there in the market readily available to expecting parents. Fetal dopplers are great devices which help you connect with your baby at a deeper level by helping you to listen to his/her heartbeat. I am a mother and having used the product myself during my pregnancies, I know what it means listening to your child’s heartbeat. Just by listening to that fast, galloping and rhythmic sound, in the comfort of my home, it used to make me feel so relaxed and relieved at the same time. The experience really helped my husband and me to connect to our babies.

But with such great number of choices for fetal dopplers available in the market, which ones should you go for? This is a daunting question because there are many products available in the market which are not FDA approved. So in this article I will highlight a great and affordable product- Baby Sound fetal dopplers which are FDA approved and safe to use.

Baby sound come in two versions- Baby Sound A and Baby sound B.

baby-sound-a_1Baby Sound A is the entry level product with most basic functions required to listen to your baby’s heartbeat. It is a small handheld device, very easy to use and comes with a built-in speaker as well as a pair of headphones with which you can listen to your baby’s heartbeat. You just need to apply a generous amount of the ultrasound gel onto the probe and rub it gently over your belly. Normally you can start detecting your baby’s heartbeat from as early as 10-12 weeks but in some cases it might take a bit longer.

baby-sound-b_1Baby sound B is a more advanced device which comes with an LCD screen where you can see the heart rate of your baby. It also comes with an inbuilt speaker as well as a pair of headphones. Both Baby Sound A and B are very handy and affordable FDA-approved devices that are in the market. So if you are looking for one, you can go ahead and buy them without having any concerns.

At Baby Doppler, we not only sell fetal dopplers but also ensure that our customers are satisfied and get timely delivery. That is why we provide our customers with free shipping, phone support, email support as well as insured shipping and tracking option. To know more about other benefits of shopping fetal dopplers from us, please visit our website-


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