DIY Pregnancy Time Capsule 20 Baby Keepsake Box Ideas

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A pregnancy time capsule paints the picture of your journey. It illustrates your baby’s beginnings and is a wonderful way to preserve memories.

Time capsules also make a heartfelt gift to give your child as they grow into an adult.

If you’re interested in making this fun keepsake, keep reading!

What is a Pregnancy Time Capsule?

A pregnancy time capsule helps persevere your memories. It tells the story of your pregnancy and how your baby developed. It’s a craft that lasts a lifetime and will be cherished by many.

Not only can you look back at your keepsake, but your baby can too. Once your child grows up, they can reflect on their very beginning. Unlike a pregnancy journal, a pregnancy time capsule encourages you to save memories, showing your journey from a variety of angles.

Consider gifting the time capsule to your baby on their 18th birthday.

How to: DIY Time Capsule Baby Keepsake


  • A container to keep your time capsule items in
  • Time capsule items (suggestions in the next section)
  • Letter to your baby


Step one

First, write a letter to your baby. Keep in mind when you envision them opening the time capsule. If it’s on their 18th birthday, address them as becoming an adult when you write your letter. Make sure to include all your wishes and hopes for them.

Step two

Next, choose a container to store your keepsake items in. Make sure your container is large enough to fit everything you plan on including. If you plan on storing your keepsake somewhere where moisture levels fluctuate (e.g. garage, basement or attic), choose an airtight plastic container. This will prevent your items from getting damp or moldy. If you’re storing your capsule inside your home—like in a closet—you can use a decorative box, like a wooden box.

Step three

Add your letter to your baby and other items to the time capsule. Make sure to include memories that are important to you and that you think your baby will value when they grow up. Aim to paint a story with your capsule and choose your items accordingly. Read the next section for ideas.

Step four

Keep your pregnancy time capsule in a safe place until you’re ready to gift it to your baby or show others. You can also continue adding to the time capsule over the years. If you want, include memories of their newborn days and every year as they grow.

20 Baby Time Capsule Ideas

Not sure what to include in your baby time capsule? Check out these heartfelt ideas below.

Baby Announcement Card or Screenshot

How did you announce your pregnancy to friends and family? If you can, include the announcement in your time capsule. That could be a copy of an announcement card or a screenshot of an Instagram post.

Sonogram Photos

Make a copy of a sonogram photo and include it in your baby keepsake box.

Baby Shower Photos

Let your baby keepsake box reflect all the people who celebrated their beginning. Print out a few photos from your baby shower, including ones of your most cherished friends and family.

Maternity Photos

Your baby time capsule wouldn’t be complete without your beautiful maternity photos!

Family Photos

What family is the baby being born into? Include a photo of you and your partner with your family.

Family Photos

Another idea involving family: Make a family tree and add it to your box! Make sure to include your baby!

Nursery Photos

If you’ve taken special care in decorating a nursery, include a photo of it in your keepsake box. When your child looks at it years from now, they’ll know exactly what their first days looked like.

Photos of Your Home

Along with nursery photos, where else did your baby’s life begin? Take a photo of the outside of your house. If you live in an apartment, you can make a collage of indoor photos.

Sibling Messages

If your children have drawn pictures of their sibling or have left messages for them, make sure to include those!

Messages from Friends and Family

If anyone has left you a heartfelt message during pregnancy, add it to your keepsake box. That could be a baby shower card or a screenshot of a Facebook message or text.

Collage of Social Media Congrats Comments

If you made a pregnancy post on social media and your friends commented heartfelt replies, take a screenshot. Combine those into a collage using a mobile app. Print out your collage and include it in your time capsule.

Name Meaning or Story

How did you choose your baby’s name? Include the story in your time capsule. This may be a written account of how you and your partner decided on a name. It could also be an online definition of their name’s meaning.

Story of Mom and Dad

Your baby’s life really began with mom and dad. Take a few minutes to write down the story of how and your partner met. Your child will cherish knowing how their family began.

Interview Your Partner

Interview your partner, write down their responses and add them to your baby keepsake box! Questions to get their perspective include:

  • What have been your favorite moments during the pregnancy?
  • What is something you want our baby to know?
  • How has life changed since I’ve been pregnant?
  • How have you been preparing for our baby?
  • What are your hopes for our baby?
  • What are you most excited about after birth?
  • What has been the most interesting thing about my pregnancy?

Interview the Grandparents

If the grandparents have been a part of the pregnancy, interview them for your baby keepsake box too! Questions to get their perspective include:

  • What have been your favorite moments during my pregnancy?
  • What are your hopes for your grandchild?
  • What personality do you think your grandchild will have?
  • What are you most excited about after birth?
  • What has been the most interesting thing about my pregnancy?
  • What is one thing you want your grandchild to know?

Pregnancy Journal

If you’re keeping a pregnancy journal, store it in your pregnancy keepsake box after you’re finished.

Newspaper Clippings

Include newspaper clippings from big stories while you were pregnant.

List of Top 40 Hits

What were the top hits during your pregnancy? Consider adding a list to your keepsake box. You could also download the songs onto a USB drive that can be listened to in years to come.

BabyDoppler USB Recording

How special would it be to listen to your baby’s heartbeat once she’s all grown up? That itself is a keepsake to cherish forever. With a fetal doppler, you can capture an audio recording to last a lifetime.

Fetal dopplers are handheld devices that allow you to hear your baby’s heartbeat. You’ve probably seen your doctor use one before in their office. An at home fetal doppler works similarly. You glide the probe to detect a heartbeat, which is amplified through speakers. You can also record your baby’s heartbeat and transfer it to a USB for your keepsake.

How to make a BabyDoppler recording:

  1. If you haven’t already, get a BabyDoppler device
  2. Download the BabyDoppler app
  3. Apply a blob of ultrasound gel to your lower belly
  4. Stick the probe in the gel and turn your device on
  5. Starting low, slowly move the probe in a rocking motion, covering every area of your belly.
  6. Stop when you hear the baby’s heartbeat (read: read: 8 Tips to Discern Fetal Doppler Noises)
  7. Record the heartbeat using the BabyDoppler app (read: Step-by-Step BabyDoppler App Guide)
  8. Save the recording to your device
  9. Email yourself the recording
  10. Download the recording file it on your desktop
  11. Save the recording onto a USB
  12. Place the USB inside your baby keepsake box

Summary: DIY Pregnancy Time Capsule

A DIY pregnancy time capsule is a great keepsake that the whole family will cherish for years to come. Consider saving your favorite memories and giving thrm to your baby on their 18th birthday! Before you make your keepsake, make sure you have it in the appropriate container. Time capsules stored in high-moisture areas can get moist and moldy, so an airtight plastic container is best. When you pick your items, try to tell the story of your pregnancy. Really paint a picture with the memories you choose!

P.S. Do You Have a Fetal Doppler Yet?

Fetal dopplers are handheld devices that you can use to hear your baby’s heartbeat—while they’re still in the womb! They’re easy to use and provide a bonding experience for the whole family.

Connect with Baby Through Heartbeat. Try a Fetal Doppler Today!

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