10 Must-Know Secret Tips for Finding Fetal Heartbeat with Doppler

Heartbeats are the sound of life—which is why it’s so exciting when you get to hear your baby’s at home. Fetal dopplers make it possible to hear a fetal heart rate inRead More…


Use-at-home Baby Heart Monitor: A Safe and Effective Device for Moms-to-be

There’s a being, live and kicking within you and it is natural for you to be curious to hear your baby’s heartbeat. Simply because it can be very reassuring and comforting forRead More…


8 Interesting Tech Products to Help New & Expecting Moms in 2019

Each year brings new advances in technology and some of those advances make life easier for pregnant women and new mothers. This year, new products range from wearable devices that connect toRead More…


Can Fetal Dopplers Detect Problems or Complications? The Honest Answer

If you’re just learning about what a fetal doppler is, you may be wondering if you can use it to detect whether something is wrong with your baby. Are the devices justRead More…

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9 Tips to Make Quitting Drinking Before Conception Easier

9 Tips to Make Quitting Drinking Before Conception Easier Almost everyone knows you should stop drinking during pregnancy—but not many talk about how hard it can be. Since alcohol can be fatalRead More…

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10 Need-To-Read Myths and Facts About Pregnancy Over Age 35

10 Need-To-Read Myths and Facts About Pregnancy Over Age 35 If you’re having your first child over age 35, you’re far from alone. Just 15 years ago, the average for a woman’sRead More…