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Baby Gender Announcements Ideas: The Ultimate List of Awesome Ideas

The old-fashioned way of simply telling someone your baby’s gender is out of style.

There are so many creative and out-of-the-box reveal ideas that you shouldn’t even need to open your mouth.

This post outlines a plethora of unique yet fun gender reveal party and photoshoot ideas.

Gender Reveal Tips

Before we get into the ideas, there are a few general tips you should know.

If you’re having twins and one is a boy and one is a girl, surprise your friends and family with both blue and pink colors.

If you and your partner want to keep the gender a surprise until everyone else knows, that’s an option for most of these ideas. For example, have your doctor write the gender on a piece of paper. Hand this note to one friend. Instead of organizing the gender-revealing idea yourself, have her help out with this portion. This way, you’ll be as surprised as everyone else at the party. In addition, if you’re having a gender-reveal photoshoot, your photographer will be able to capture real moments of happiness and surprise.


Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Whether you’re revealing the gender at your baby shower or you’re having a separate gender reveal party, these tips will be awesome additions.

Pink or Blue Piñata

How long has it been since you’ve been to a party with a piñata? This fun party game can also double as a gender reveal. Stuff the piñata with blue or pink confetti that explodes when someone breaks it open. Another option is to only buy candy that’s packaged in blue or pink. Stuck on what colored candy to include? Below are some ideas.

Blue and pink candy ideas:

  • Pink or blue Laffy Taffy
  • Pink or blue jelly beans or loose candy packed in clear bags (you can find these candies at a wholesale bulk foods store)
  • Pink or blue lollipops
  • Pink or blue hard candies (like Jolly Ranchers)
  • Pink or blue cotton candy, packaged in clear bags
  • Dubble Bubble gum
  • Stock-up on pink candies available near Valentine’s Day
  • Blue Air Heads
  • Simply search Amazon for “pink candy” or “blue candy”

If buying candy in only one color seems like too much work, you can use whatever candies you’d like and simply package them in blue or pink drawstring bags.

If you’re using this piñata gender reveal idea, you can make the whole party fiesta-themed with tacos, salsa and tortilla chips and mocktail margaritas.

Paint Party

If you’re not one for a boring party, consider throwing a baby shower paint party.

Ask your friends and family to bring white clothes or clothes they don’t mind getting dirty (and a change of clothes!). Make sure to provide masks or safety goggles.

Fill squirt guns with washable blue or pink paint. When guests start the party, they’ll automatically know the gender.

Pillow Fight Party

Another out-of-the-box gender reveal party idea is to have a pillow fight. Fill a white pillow case with blue or pink feathers. Have a pillow for every person attending. When the pillow fight starts, guests will know the gender as the feathers start flying around.

Purchasing enough colored feathers for everyone can be expensive. If that’s an issue, put a regular pillow inside a loosely fitted pillowcase. Between the pillow and case, add some colored feathers. If you have a lot of people attending your party, you can ask them to bring their own pillows.

An extra fun and themed idea: Have everyone show up in their pajamas!

Grand Entrance

If you don’t mind the spotlight being on you, you’ll like this idea.

After all the guests have arrived, have your partner announce that you’ll be making your grand entrance and whatever color of dress you wear signifies the gender.

Hate dresses? No problem. You can sport a “It’s a girl/boy” t-shirt.

All eyes will be on you as everyone waits for the surprise. And why shouldn’t you be the center of attention? Today is about you and the baby in your belly.

Confetti Poppers

Gather everyone around and have them pop open some blue or pink confetti poppers. This will make for some pretty awesome photos, too!

Silly String

Buy blue or pink silly string and cover the can with white paper. Write “Boy or Girl?” on the paper. Have guests choose a can and spray to find out the gender.

Pop the Belly Game

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Have your friends and family line up to pop balloons with darts.

Fill about 8 balloons with a little white paint. Fill one balloon with blue or pink paint. Attach the balloons to a board with the title “Pop the belly!” The first guest to find and pop the gender revealing balloon wins! For more details, click here.

Gender Reveal Drinks

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If you’re stuck on what drinks to provide at your party or baby shower, here’s a great idea: Choose a gender-themed drink. There are two ways you can do this.

You can wait for everyone to arrive and then announce you’re passing around drinks. If the drinks are pink, you’re having a girl. If they’re blue, you’re having a boy. This way everyone can celebrate and cheers together.

You can also write on your invitation “We’ll be passing out mocktails as guests arrive (hint: the drink color represents the gender).”

You can try the Drink Pink Mocktail or the Blue Lagoon Mocktail.

Another option is to serve pink lemonade punch or a blue-colored punch.

How cool is it that your baby will have their own signature mocktail?

Colored Cupcakes

Baby shower treats can double as a way to reveal your baby’s gender. You can simply bake vanilla cupcakes and add pink or blue frosting. But if you wanted to take the reveal to the next level, you can make cupcakes with the color inside. This way, everyone can take a bite into a cupcake at the same time to find out.


  • Add colored frosting inside the cupcake (how-to)
  • Add pink or blue smarties inside the cupcake (how-to)
  • Dye the inside of the cupcake blue or pink (how-to)


Fortune Cookie Reveal

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Believe it or not, fortune cookies can actually tell the future—well, the ones you make anyway.

If you’re ambitious, you can make your own fortune cookies. However, we recommend the cheat method:

  1. Buy fortune cookies
  2. Use this method to remove the original fortune from the fortune cookie
  3. Create and print out “It’s a girl/boy” fortunes
  4. Place the new fortunes inside the fortune cookies


Surprise Package

If you’re revealing the gender at the party, you may have some friends or family that live too far out of town to attend. Instead of just telling them, send them a color-themed package that reveals the baby’s gender. You can make the box customizable to who you’re sending it to. Make sure to include a note like, “We’re tickled pink to be having a baby girl,” or “We were a little blue that you couldn’t make it to the baby shower. But we’re thrilled to be having a baby boy.”

Ideas for what to include:

  • Pink or blue tissue paper
  • Pink or blue candy
  • Pink or blue gum packages
  • Pink or blue mini-lotion or shower gels
  • Pink or blue nail polish


Social Media Reveal & Photoshoot Ideas

Want to share your baby’s gender with the whole world? Or simply want a photo to capture the memory? Below are some creative ideas.

Colored Ultrasound Photo

It’s time to put your photo editing skills to work! First, scan or take a photo of your ultrasound photo. Next, add a pink or blue filter. You can also add emojis or symbols that represent girls/boys.

Post it on social media, email it or even send it as a postcard to relatives who aren’t active online.

Smoke Bomb Photos

Smoke bombs are fireworks that emit a large amount of colored smoke. When it goes off, your photographer will capture the beautiful blue or pink smoke surrounding you and your partner. To do this, you’ll need a colored smoke bomb, a lighter and an outdoor space.

Before you start, read these smoke bomb photography and safety tips.

Paint Party Photos

Similar to the party idea above, fill squirt guns with blue or pink washable paint. Have you and your family dress in white clothes. The photographer should capture the moment when someone first squirts your white dress with colored paint.

Balloon Confetti Photos

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Fill a balloon with pink or blue confetti and attach it to the ceiling. Have your partner or family stand under the balloon with you. Have someone pop the balloon. The photographer will capture the confetti raining down as you marvel at the gender of your new baby. You can buy the products separately or purchase an all-in-one kit.

Gender-revealing Pillow Fight

If you and your partner consider yourselves a fun and playful couple, this idea is totally up your alley. Fill two white pillow cases with blue or pink feathers. When the photoshoot starts, have a pillow fight until the colored feathers start flying out.

Camera Shy Ideas

If you’re a little camera shy but still want to share the news on social media, you can still have a gender reveal photoshoot. These ideas share the gender without sharing your face.

  • Use your index and thumb to make half of a heart. Have your partner complete the heart with his fingers. Where your thumbs meet, hang baby shoes: pink for a girl or blue for a boy. Have your photographer capture the moment with a beautiful background or setting.
  • Sit cross-legged with your partner sitting and hugging you from behind. Have your partner dangle colored baby shoes on top of your baby belly. Have the photo taken from below the chest.
  • Hold hands with your partner while dangling baby shoes from your hands. Have the photo taken from the neck down.
  • Take a photo of your shoes, your partner’s shoes and your baby’s blue or pink shoes.
  • Wear a black or white t-shirt. Use scrabble letters to write “boy” or “girl” on your baby belly. Have the photographer take a close up.


How are you announcing the gender of your baby? Comment below. If you have any pregnant friends, be sure to share this post to help them, too!

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