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If you haven’t heard about fetal dopplers yet, they’re handheld devices used to listen to your baby’s heartbeat—similar to an ultrasound.

Although these devices are typically used by doctors and midwives, they’re now available to use at-home for expecting parents. At Baby Doppler, we offer affordable and safe devices, but there are many more perks of buying from us.

In this post, we’re sharing 9 reasons you’ll love getting your fetal doppler from BabyDoppler.com.

#1 Our Business Was Inspired By Our Own Needs

“We didn’t start this as a business. We didn’t care about making money. All we wanted was to get this amazing product to women who needed it,” recalls Baby Doppler’s founder, Maria Gorobets.

After trying to conceive in 2010, Maria and her husband experienced a devastating miscarriage. Her second time pregnant, Maria felt something was wrong despite doctors telling her everything was normal. Following her motherly instinct, Maria demanded an ultrasound and found out she was right: Her baby’s heartbeat kept dropping because the umbilical cord stopped transferring nutrients. This discovery birthed not only a healthy baby boy but a new passion to promote the home use of fetal dopplers. Fetal dopplers are a safe way for parents-to-be to feel secure and stress-free.

*These devices are not used to diagnose any medical problems during pregnancy. Please consult your doctor about any medical questions.

#2 FREE & Super Quick Shipping

For our U.S. customers, all our fetal dopplers come with free shipping that arrives within 4-8 business days. If you choose express shipping at checkout, you’ll get your order even quicker within 1-4 days.

If you live in Canada, you also can enjoy free shipping that arrives within 5-8 days. If you’re in a rush, choose express shipping to receive your fetal doppler within 2-5 days.

We’re able to ship to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada with our multi-platform shipping capabilities. Our state-of-the-art warehouse and shipping facility allows us to process orders in a speedy manner and keep products in stock. As soon as your order is processed, you’ll receive an email containing your tracking number. Our fully insured shipping takes the stress away so you can kick back your feet until it arrives.

You can read more about our shipping policies here.

#3 FREE Ultrasound Gel

We know the excitement of receiving a doppler and that you’ll want to test it out right away. We won’t make you make an extra trip when you find out you need additional supplies.

Unlike other brands, when you receive your Baby Doppler fetal doppler, you have everything you need to get started. That’s because we make sure to pack in batteries and an ultrasound gel sample. The sample should be enough for you to get started and learn how to use the device. However, you’ll want a bottle of ultrasound gel that you can continue using throughout your pregnancy. Luckily, we also sell full bottles for a few extra dollars, so it’s a good idea to add one on to your order:

  • 60ml sound enhancing gel for $3.95
  • 250ml sound enhancing gel for $6.95
  • 3-pack of 250ml sound enhancing gel for $19.95 

#4 Money Back Guarantee & Hassle-Free Returns

We know you’re going to love your fetal doppler. But, if for any reason you don’t, you can easily return it within 90 days of the purchase date.

If you receive a defective product, we’ll simply send you a return shipping label you can print and attach to the box. Once we receive it, we’ll send out your replacement. If you accidentally order the wrong model, we will exchange it for free

#5 Affordable Price & Coverage

All our fetal dopplers are sold at reasonable and affordable prices. For example, our Sololine B model provides an accurate read while still being easy enough to use at home for $39.95. If you’re looking for a higher-end, professional model, our Ultraline 1000 Baby Activity and Heartbeat Monitor is still affordable at $59.95.

Since we sell high-quality devices, you can expect them to last through multiple pregnancies (or gift it to a pregnant friend if you’re finished having babies).

We also accept FSA and HSA coverage. After you add your selected fetal doppler to your cart, use your FSA/HSA card at check out. To learn more, read How to Use FSA and HSA Card.

#6 Customer Service and Support

From the decision making process to understanding how your new doppler works, we’re here for you!

Our customer service line can help you decide which baby monitor is best for your needs. If you have any questions about using it or how to get an accurate heartbeat, we want to help you through that too. Call 1-800-590-2767, email support@babydoppler.com or fill out our contact form.

#7 Fetal Doppler Education & Resources

We sell fetal dopplers, but we’re also passionate about educating people on the correct home use of them. Without learning to properly use your baby monitor, you may mistake placenta or your own heartbeat for a baby heartbeat. This can lead to false reassurance and an incorrect reading. To prevent this, we provide a ton of resources to educate moms and dads-to-be.

You can start by reading the Baby Doppler instructions here.

Then, head over to our video section to hear what a baby heartbeat sounds like. Getting used to this sound can help you differentiate between the actual heartbeat and other noises when you’re using your own device.

After that, you can find even more tips on our blog:

#8 The NEW Ultraline 1000 Monitor

Our new and unique Ultraline 1000 Monitor was made and patented by BabyDoppler. Compared to other models, its design is sleeker and it produces louder heartbeats, making it easy for the whole family to listen in and bond.

Whereas most models come with a 3MHz probe, the Ultraline probe is 2.5MHz, which makes it easier for plus sized women to detect a heartbeat, too.

The simple and advanced mode makes it suitable for both parents-to-be and professionals. Our easy-to-understand user manual explains the advanced features, such as the heart rate curve, and shows you how to operate it within minutes of receiving it.

Of course, as with all our fetal dopplers, the Ultraline comes with a free 60ml sample of sound enhancing gel and batteries.

 #9 We Get Amazing Reviews

We’ve talked enough about why we think we’re the best choice, but don’t just take our word for it. We have a 5-star rating on Trustpilot with almost 4,500 reviews.

Here’s what our customers have to say:

Our daughter had a miscarriage previous to this pregnancy and was having anxiety about this pregnancy, so having this machine has put an anxious mommy to at ease. Which we know helps make for a healthier more viable pregnancy. So thank you for having a wonderful and reliable product.” – B. Russell

You really helped me to figure out that the pregnancy that I had was not a viable one. It softened the blow when I finally miscarried. Thanks.” – Monica J.

I ordered my Doppler on a Friday at lunch time and received it by lunch time the following day! Really pleased with it – works really well (only started using at 16 weeks) and love being able to hear my little one in between appointments.” – Gina T.

“I was so nervous about having to wait to see a doctor to ensure my baby’s heartbeat was still there. This Doppler soothes my worries and my husband loves hearing the baby’s heartbeat.” –Adriana S.

I bought this to listen to baby at home, primarily to listen with my family when I went to visit because my mom was in her final moments and could not leave the house. There was no other way for her to have that experience. I was so thankful for the quick shipping and the high quality and low price of the machine. It was a memorable experience and I will cherish it always.” – Jessica L.

Our baby doppler was delivered quickly and OMG exceeded our expectations! Took a minute to find where our baby’s heart was but once found we could hear, it loud and clear! It was amazing.” – Rene L.

Have any questions about baby heartbeat monitors? If so, comment them below! Be sure to share this with any other moms-to-be!

 P.S. Before buying, you may also want to check out our new prenatal vitamins. The unique and curated blend delivers 25 vitamins and minerals and DHA so you can have a wholesome and healthy pregnancy. Get a pack of 60 soft gels for $29.95.

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