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Fetal dopplers allow you to hear your baby’s heartbeat from anywhere.

The small device can fit in your pocket or purse to take on the go.

Keep reading to learn 7 portable pocket fetal doppler uses.

What is a Fetal Doppler for Home?

A fetal doppler is a handheld device that lets you hear the fetal heartbeat. It works similar to an ultrasound and uses similar technology. But since fetal dopplers are much smaller than a big ultrasound machine, doctors use them routinely in office.

If you’ve had a prenatal appointment, you’ve probably already seen the device. Healthcare providers regularly use fetal dopplers in-office to make sure the baby is okay. After ultrasound gel is applied to your abdomen, the doctor uses a probe to detect the heartbeat. They can both hear the heartbeat rhythm and see the heart rate displayed on screen. This allows them to catch any possible heartbeat abnormalities.

Fetal dopplers for home have become popular because they allow parents to hear the heartbeat between appointments. The device isn’t a replacement for doctor’s appointments and can’t be used to diagnose issues unless you’re a trained medical professional. However, there’s many other benefits.

Benefits of Fetal Doppler Sonoline B

Using a fetal doppler at home during pregnancy has many benefits. Here’s just a few:

  • Bond with your baby by hearing her heartbeat before she’s even born! Taking time to listen to your bundle of joy can help you feel more connected. Since a lack of connection can cause postpartum depression, finding ways to bond during pregnancy is important.
  • Father/Partner Bonding.For the non-pregnant partner, it’s nearly impossible to experience the baby before they’re born. While mom can feel kicks and rolls, dad has to wait until after birth. The fetal doppler gives your partner a way to connect before delivery. This can make the experience feel more “real,” helping them feel prepared and ready.
  • Introduce Sibling.Depending on the age of your child, it may be difficult for them to understand they’re getting a sibling. Letting them hear a heartbeat through a pocket fetal doppler can help them understand that a baby is inside your belly. As you use the device throughout your pregnancy, it can help ease your child into the big change. This can help them feel more emotionally prepared for the big day. Read: 8 Fun Ways: How to Tell Your Kid You’re Pregnant
  • Many expecting mothers constantly worry if their baby is okay between appointments. If you’ve experienced prior miscarriages, your anxiety could be even worse. Without any indication of anything being wrong, your mind may circle wondering if you’ve missed something. Fetal dopplers can’t be used to diagnose issues unless you’re trained. However, if you’ve become familiar with identifying the correct heartbeat noise, you might know when everything is normal. If you’re randomly worried and you’re still having symptoms of pregnancy, hearing a heartbeat can act as another checkmark of reassurance.
  • Recordings for Doctor.If you have a question about something you’ve heard or you think you’ve detected an abnormality, you can record the heartbeat using the BabyDoppler app. Send the recording to your doctor or play it back over the phone to get immediate answers. They’ll let you know whether you’ve actually detected a problem and if you should come in.

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How to Use Fetal Doppler Sonoline B

Pocket fetal dopplers are easy to use. The trick is identifying the correct heartbeat noise.

Here’s how to use a fetal doppler Sonoline B:

  1. Apply a blob of ultrasound gel to your abdomen
  2. Place the probe into the ultrasound gel and turn the device on
  3. Slowly move the probe in a gentle, rocking motion, covering every area of your stomach
  4. Stop when you think you’ve detected the correct noise and evaluate it to see if it’s a fetal heartbeat
  5. For further directions, read the Full Fetal Doppler Sonoline Binstructions and How To Use a Fetal Doppler—The Proper Way

How do you discern whether you’ve detected the correct heartbeat noise? Read 10 Must-Know Secret Tips for Finding Fetal Heartbeat with Doppler

7 Portable Uses for Pocket Fetal Doppler

Pocket fetal dopplers are small and easy to take on the go. Below are a few uses for portable fetal heartbeat monitors.

#1 Let Distant Family “Meet” Baby Before Birth

You can take a pocket fetal doppler on the go when you visit family. Grandparents love hearing the baby’s first heartbeats. Pocket fetal dopplers also give them an opportunity to bond before birth.

This is a great idea for people who live far away from their family. If you only visit once during pregnancy, make it as special as you can with a pocket fetal doppler. Since your family is unable to be involved in your pregnancy, they’ll appreciate the opportunity to fully experience it. And although they’ll miss meeting your baby on birth day, they’ll get to “meet” her beforehand.

#2 Show Co-Workers

If your co-workers double as your best friends, bring your pocket fetal doppler to work to show off during your lunch break. Simply bring along your sample of ultrasound gel and have some paper towels handy. Lean back in a chair and show your co-workers the magic.

#3 On-The-Go Concerns

If you’re someone who’s out of the house frequently, consider keeping your pocket fetal doppler in your purse. That way, if you suspect a problem, you can have a quick check-in.

For example, if you have a fall and are worried about the baby, you can record the heartbeat and send it to your doctor. Your doctor will be able to tell whether it sounds abnormal and if you should be checked out in person.

#4 Take On Vacations

Are you having a babymoon to celebrate your last moments alone as a couple? If so, take your pocket fetal doppler with you!

Especially when traveling, many pregnant women are anxious to be away from their doctor. While they don’t replace in-person appointments, a fetal heartbeat monitor can help if you suspect a problem. Use the BabyDoppler app to record the heartbeat and send to your doctor to listen. Alternatively, book a virtual appointment with your doctor and use your pocket fetal doppler on the call.

After your doctor listens, they’ll be able to tell you if you should visit a local doctor or hospital while you’re vacationing.

#5 Outdoor Photoshoot

Looking for a creative maternity photoshoot idea? Bring your pocket fetal doppler outdoors!

Whether it’s fall, winter, spring, or summer, choose a location that shows off the season. Lay down a blanket or select an outdoor furniture piece to recline on. Have your photographer snap a photo as you use your doppler. Make sure they take a few close-up shots of the pocket fetal doppler screen. This allows you to forever capture your baby’s heart rate.

Here’s a few fetal doppler Sonoline B photoshoot setup ideas:

  • Fall: Lay a blanket over fallen leaves and lean back as you use your pocket fetal doppler.
  • Fall: Bring a workbench to an area in the woods and lean back on it as you use your doppler.
  • Winter: Find a snowy park. Lay a blanket over a public bench and lean back to use your fetal heartbeat monitor.
  • Summer: Lean back on the beach with the water in the background as you use your fetal doppler.
  • Summer: Find a public bench in a beautiful park where you can recline and use the doppler.

#6 Announcement

Many women start hearing a heartbeat on their fetal doppler around week 12—also when many announce their pregnancies publicly. If you’re waiting until the second trimester to tell everyone, use a pocket fetal doppler as part of your announcement.

Have your partner distract your family/friends as you set up the fetal doppler in another room. When you’re ready, have your partner walk them into the room to hear the heartbeat and the big announcement.

Even if you don’t use a fetal doppler as part of your announcement, bring it to use during the announcement celebration. Allow your family and friends to experience the pregnancy alongside you.

#7 Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Party

Wherever you throw your gender reveal party or baby shower, a pocket fetal doppler is easy to bring with you. Share a special moment with family and friends by amplifying your baby’s heartbeat through the doppler’s built-in speaker.

Here’s another idea: Make it into a gender reveal or baby shower game. Have your guests listen to the heartbeat and guess whether you’re having a boy or girl. Everyone who guesses correctly receives a prize.

Summary: Portable Pocket Fetal Dopplers

Pocket fetal dopplers are easy to take on the go. Use your doppler to keep track of your baby while you leave the house or go on vacation. You can also elevate any pregnancy experience by using the device. Take a pocket fetal doppler with you for your pregnancy announcement, baby shower or maternity photoshoot.

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