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From a sexy cow to an egg, there’s plenty of ways to show off your baby belly this Halloween season.

Whether you’re looking to spend days crafting your costume or just a few minutes, we have a pregnancy costume for you on this list. And if your partner wants to get involved, we’re sharing some pregnancy couple costumes too!

Keep reading to see 31 pregnant Halloween costume ideas.

21 Halloween Pregnant Costumes

These are the best Halloween Pregnant costumes to show off your baby belly and share the good news! Most of these ideas are easy to pull off and can be made at home.

Bump Ahead Construction Workers


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This clever construction worker costume doesn’t take a lot of work to put together. All you’ll need is:
• Jeans
• White shirt
• Construction vest
• Hardhat
• DIY sign

You can make your DIY sign by cutting a square out of a piece of cardboard and painting it with the words “Bump Ahead.” Tape it to a tennis racket and carry it around with your costume!

Bubble Gum Machine


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A post shared by Amber Elizabeth (@glamber007)

Make your round belly into a gumball machine! This is another Halloween pregnant costume idea that’s comfortable and easy to throw together. Simply glue small craft pom poms into a circle on a white shirt. Match it with a red skirt and a red hat.

Skeleton Baby Costume


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A post shared by BROOKE SCHEURN (@brookescheurn)

This tracksuit makes a comfortable pregnancy Halloween costume. It outlines your skeleton along with your baby’s! You can find this costume by searching “Skelton pregnancy shirt ” on Etsy. If you’re feeling creative, you can also use a black shirt and paint on the bones.

Painted Pumpkin

For an easy DIY pregnancy costume, paint a pumpkin on your belly. Make sure to use safe paint, such as face paint.

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball


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A post shared by Megan Anderson (@xmegantron)

For a mama with a sense of humor, this DIY pregnancy costume is sure to get a few laughs. To mimic the famous “Wrecking Ball” music video by Miley Cyrus, tape tin foil to your belly area. Glue a barbie to a chain necklace to hang over your “wrecking ball.”

Avocado Pit

Your baby is the pit to your avocado! You can make this DIY pregnancy costume by following these instructions.

Fortune Teller


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A post shared by die.kim (@die.kim)

Dress up like a mystic fortune teller with your baby belly as the focal point. When you rest your hand on your stomach, it will look like you’re rubbing your crystal ball!

Thing 1 and Thing 2


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A post shared by Kristi Griedl (@kristilynn531)

This easy Halloween costume only requires a blue wig, red shirt, and some DIY signs. Glue the “Thing 1” sign to your chest and the “Thing 2” sign to your belly.



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Turn your baby bump into a UFO! Use a metallic dress with a piece of cardboard at the front to create the UFO. Paint on your little alien.


This is the traditional mummy costume with a twist: There’s eyes on the stomach.


If you’re looking for a less elaborate pregnant Halloween costume, simply add a witch hat to a black outfit. Long black skirts are ideal because they’ll look witchy and show off your bump.

Mother Earth


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A post shared by Nathalia JMag (@nathaliajmag)

This earthy pregnancy Halloween costume only requires face paint, a bra, and a skirt. Using safe face paint, draw a circle over your baby belly and fill it in, making it into a world. For a natural touch, consider making a crown with fake plant leaves.


Make yourself into an egg! Use a white shirt and paint or glue on a yellow center.

Tennis Star


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A post shared by Aislin Kriukelis (@aislinkriukelis)

Sports lovers should consider this pregnancy Halloween costume idea! Cut a circle out of your tennis shirt and wear a lime green shirt underneath. Write “Wilson” on the lime green shirt and make it into a tennis ball.

Baby Breaking Through

If you’re looking for a truly creepy and disturbing pregnancy Halloween costume, this one is at the top of the list. Gluing doll arms and legs onto your shirt will give the appearance that your baby is breaking through, ready to trick-or-treat.

Earth Goddess


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A post shared by Carrie Seidman (@knit_freak_cosplay)

For another nature-inspired costume, dress up as an Earth Goddess. Get creative using fake plants and flowers glued to a shirt and headband. You can also use face paints to paint flowers onto your stomach, face, and chest.

Sexy Cow


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A post shared by BabyPrepping (@babyprepping)

If you want something skin-tight, find a white onesie and pair it with white leggings. Make the belly area pink and create cow utters by gluing on pink baby soothers. Complete it with cow ears.


Your baby belly can also be turned into a basketball! Wear gym clothes and cut out a circle around your baby belly. Wear an orange shirt underneath and draw on basketball lines. Your partner can also get involved by dressing as a gym coach.

Kitty & Yarn

Dress up as a kitten with cat ears and glue yarn onto your belly area.

Kinder Surprise


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A post shared by Maternitylover (@maternitylover_)

Are you a chocolate lover? This is a pregnancy Halloween costume to sink your teeth into. All you’ll need is a black bra and face paint.



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A post shared by Adi Bitton Hogeg (@adibittonhogeg)

With celestial designs on trend, turn your baby belly into a moon! Complete your outfit with a planetary crown and sparkly makeup.

10 Pregnant Costumes for Couples
Pregnancy is the perfect time to wear a pregnant couple costume. Consider the ideas below.

Winnie The Pooh


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A post shared by MELISSA WESTON (@melwest)

Your growing belly gives you the perfect opportunity to dress up as Winnie The Pooh! It’s also a great pregnant costume for couples and families. Your partner can dress up as Christopher Robin and your children can choose from the different characters.

50s Housewife and Milkman

If you don’t feel like dressing up as something elaborate, this is a great costume! You’ll just need a polka-dot dress, an apron, and a set of pearls. To match your 50s housewife costume, your partner can dress up as the milkman.

Chef and Oven


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A post shared by Dom (@regularodominic)

There’s a bun in the oven and your partner is the chef! Bonus points if the oven opens to reveal your baby belly!

Juno + Bleeker

Dress up as the characters in Juno, a famous movie about a teenage unplanned pregnancy. This is another couple pregnancy costume that’s easy to throw together using items you can find at the thrift store.



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A post shared by Cara (@caramurtaugh)

You can make this pregnancy Halloween costume by sewing a pouch to your shirt and inserting a kangaroo stuffed animal. Your partner can dress up as an explorer using a bucket hat and binoculars.

Peach and Mario


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A post shared by Taylor Lynne (@taylorlynne__)

If you have a pink dress, simply add a crown and you become Peach. Make it a pregnancy couple costume by having your partner dress up as Mario.

Pot of Gold


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A post shared by Courtney Frosto (@c_frosto)

For a lucky Halloween Costume, make your baby belly into a pot of gold and your partner into a leprechaun!

Pregnant Nun & Priest


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A post shared by Audrey Bisson (@auudreybisson)

If you’re looking for a head-turning pregnancy Halloween couple costume, dress up as a nun who’s expecting with a priest beside her.

Red Riding Hood and The Huntsman


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A post shared by Christina Hennessy (@kellytwin1)

Grab a white dress, a red cape, and braid your hair for a DIY red riding hood outfit. A plaid shirt and hat will make your partner the huntsman.

Disco Ball

Wear a silver dress and deck your belly out in anything metallic. You can attach metallic fabric or glue on rhinestones. Have your partner dress up 70s style to be a matching disco pair.

Summary: Pregnant Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is a fun time to be pregnant because you can show off and dress up your baby belly. Whether you’re looking for something sexy, funny, or sweet, there’s plenty of ideas on this list to consider. From simple shirts to full-out DIYS and belly painting, put as much or as little effort as you want into your pregnant Halloween costume.

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