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Winter can be almost as magical as the baby growing inside your belly.

And that makes it the perfect time for a maternity photoshoot!

Whether you live in feet of snow or in 90-degree weather, there’s plenty of options to savor this moment.

In this post, we’re showing you 29 winter maternity photoshoot ideas you’ll love.

29 Winter Maternity Photoshoot Ideas
Before choosing which winter maternity photoshoot idea is right for you, there’s a few things to consider. Did you want it to take place indoors or out? Do you live in a cold climate with snow background readily available, or will you need to improvise?

Then, you need to plan who will take the photo. If your idea is relatively simple, you can set up a tripod and take it yourself. You can also get your partner or a friend to help. However, some photo ideas (particularly ones with low light and blurred backgrounds) will look best when taken by a professional.

#1 White Riding Hood


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Like the iconic photo of Red Riding Hood standing in a forest with her hood draped over her face, you can recreate something similar. If you want to make it holiday-themed, you can get a cozy red cape for the photo. Or, you can stick with a white cape, like in the photo above. Match it with a white see-through maternity dress to make it extra magical.

#2 Forest Chair Maternity Photoshoot

Many of these ideas include a walk through the forest, but maybe you’re not the walking type. You can still have a photoshoot amongst the trees though! Simply bring a chair and strike your pose.

#3 On a Bridge

Snowy bridges always look beautiful, so it’s a perfect spot for your maternity photoshoot.

#4 Indoor Mama Bear Mug Photoshoot

For a casual maternity photoshoot, put on a cute hat, scarf and something tighter that shows off your growing belly. Then, hold your mama bear mug in front of the camera to announce the good news to the world!

#5 Bed Belly Hold

If you’re looking for a simple winter maternity photoshoot idea, you don’t even need to leave home. Fill your bed with a bunch of cozy and wintry throw blankets and pillows. Dressed in warm sweaters, sit on the bed with your partner and have them hold your belly.

#6 Rich Velvet Green Dress Maternity Photoshoot

Taking an outdoor photo in a velvet green dress compliments the forest behind you and adds a layer of sophistication. There’s options on Amazon, from a flowy green velvet dress to an off-the-shoulder version. You can also pair it with a DIY flower crown.

#7 Streetlamp Sunset

There’s something magical about the way the street lamps look in the winter. As the sun is setting, lean against one in a bright-colored dress and make your baby belly pop out.

#8 Forest Kiss


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If you want your maternity photoshoot to be romantic, find a secluded opening in the forest where your photographer can peek through the branches. Have your partner sneak in a kiss from behind as they snap the shot.

#9 Walk Through Forest with Partner

Another winter maternity shoot idea is to stage it as if you’re taking a walk through a snowy forest with your partner. Although the couple above looks dressed for a dinner party, this would also work with warm coats and scarfs—as long as you can still see your baby belly! Have your photographer take the photo when you look back as if your partner is leading you.

#10 Baby By The Pond

Snowy branches draping over an unfrozen pond is a magical moment you’ll enjoy looking at all year round. Simply choose a colored dress that makes your belly pop and snap a photo!

#11 Leaning Against a Wreath

If you want an indoor winter maternity photoshoot idea, hold your belly as you lean against a holiday wreath on the wall.

#12 Belly Kiss

Belly kisses are a traditional maternity photoshoot idea. You can make it winter-themed by choosing a winter backdrop, like your Christmas tree or snow outdoors. Another option is to have a regular background, but choose a magical white opening maternity dress.

#13 In Front of The Spruce Tree

Even if you don’t live somewhere that gets cold and snowy in the winter, you can still take a photo that represents the season. Dress up in your best clothes and find a spruce tree near you. We like the pose this couple is striking too; a simple belly hold symbolizes his care for both her and their baby.

#14 Holiday Baby Flat Lay


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Another great holiday maternity photoshoot idea for those that want to stay inside or don’t want their faces in the picture. On a surface or cozy blanket, lay out items such as:
Baby sonogram photo
Board with your baby’s name and due date
Holiday baby onesie
Red shoes
Holiday baby bear
Christmas ornaments
Candy canes
Pine tree branch

#15 Christmas Street
Many towns and cities have streets that look gorgeous during the holiday season. Wear a green dress, hold your belly and snap a photo with the festive background.

#16 Mommy + Daddy Mug Focus

If you or your partner is a little camera-shy, this is a great alternative to maternity portraits. Simply get a mommy and daddy mug set and stand in front of your Christmas tree or a tree outside. Hold your mugs up together and get your photographer to focus on the mugs while blurring out the background.

#17 Window Christmas Lights

For an indoor holiday maternity shoot, choose a location to sit that highlights the Christmas lights outside the window. You can always rearrange the furniture in your home to include a bench so that it looks more woodsy.

#18 Red & White Holiday Kiss

If your baby will be born around Christmas or New Year’s, this is an appropriately-themed idea. Choose a red maternity dress and a red dress top for your partner. Choose a location that’s bright white and snowy to have your photoshoot.

#19 Beach Waves

If you live near a lake or ocean, go to the beach and stand on top of a rock. Have your photographer snap as the waves are smashing up against the rocks. To give it a more wintery feel, choose a day that’s darker and winy so that the waves look prominent.

#20 Baby Shoes


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Baby shoes are another traditional maternity photoshoot idea. Pick a pair that you’ll give to your baby (or perhaps boots, to make it winter-themed). Then choose a dress to wear that will look good when zoomed in on. We recommend searching “Christmas maternity dress” on Amazon to get ideas for which prints you like.

#21 Dark Winter


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This photo may be hard to pull off unless you have a professional photographer or a friend who’s skilled in that department. If that’s available, choose a dark forest location (preferably without snow on the ground) and wear a bright-colored maternity dress. If the background doesn’t come out as dark as you’d like, remember that you can always edit it later.

#22 Scarf Belly


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This one can be done indoors and out. It’s perfect for the couple who doesn’t necessarily want their face in their maternity photoshoot. Pick out 2 large scarves that you and your partner can wear. When the photographer is ready, have your partner hold you from behind as you hold your belly.

#23 Winter Night Sky


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Most winter maternity photoshoots are done during the day; however, taking them at night brings a new sparkle. Of course, you’ll still need some lighting and a photographer who can work with a dark sky.

#24 Sitting in Snow


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Lay a warm, cozy blanket on the snow and set up a sign with your baby’s name and due date. Sit down and look into your warm mug (or the camera) and take the picture!

#25 Sonogram Photo Maternity Shoot

This is another great option if you don’t want your face in your winter maternity photoshoot. Simply hold your sonogram photo up to your belly as your photographer takes the picture. To make it winter-themed, wear a red top and cozy knitted sweater as in the example above.

#26 Park Bench

Whether you live in a hot or cold climate, many park benches and street lamps around wintertime are adorned with holiday decorations. Find one and have your partner kiss you from behind as you lean back, making your belly pop.

#27 Indoor Botanical Garden

Let’s say you want a holiday maternity photoshoot, but there’s no snow or greenery where you live. Ask a local indoor botanical garden if you can snap some photos against their green plants. They’ll probably even have special setups for winter too!

#28 Candy Cane Heart

You can use this idea indoors or out! All you’ll need is a Christmas tree to stand beside and 2 candy canes. Have your partner hold you from behind as you hold both candy canes in a heart in front of your baby belly.

#29 Winter Fetal Doppler Photoshoot


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If you haven’t heard of fetal dopplers, they’re handheld devices that allow you to hear your baby’s heartbeat from home! Similar to an ultrasound, simply apply gel to your lower belly and glide the probe over until you detect a heartbeat.

While these are magical all year round, they’re a particularly good idea for maternity photoshoots. Lay on your bed or sofa and have your photographer take a picture as you place the probe against your belly. If you want, they can also zoom in on the screen displaying your baby’s fetal heart rate. To make it winter-themed, decorate your bed in cozy blankets and wear a red, green or white maternity dress or pajamas.

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